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I am Cat
salvatour: life need not be a competition run your own race at your own pace occupy your own space and God will give your own grace
August 31, 2015 at 7:22AM

salvatour: ISAIAH 46
1 Bel has bowed; Nebo stoops; their
idols are for the beast, and for the
cattle; your things carried are loads; a
burden for the weary.
2 They stoop; they bow together;
they are not able to deliver the burden;
and their soul has gone into captivity.
3 Listen to me, O house of Jacob,
and all the remnant of the house of
Israel; who are borne from the belly,
who are lifted from the womb:
4 Even to old age I am He; and I will
bear to gray hair; I made, and I will
carry; and I will bear and deliver.
5 To whom will you compare and
make Me equal; yea, compare Me, that
we may be alike?
6 Those who lavish gold out of the
bag, and weigh silver on the measuring
rod; they hire a refiner and he makes it
a El. They fall down; yea, they
7 They carry it on the shoulder; they
bear it and set it in its place, and it
stands; it shall not move from its
place. Yes, he cries to it, but it does not
answer, it does not save him from his
8 Remember this and be a man;
return it on your heart, transgressors.
9 Remember former things from
forever, for I am El, and no other
Elohim exist, even none like Me3,
10 declaring the end from the
beginning, and from the past those
things which were not done, saying,
My counsel shall rise; and, I will do all
My desire;
11 calling a bird of prey from the
east, the man of My counsel from a far
off land4. Yes, I have spoken; yes, I will
cause it to come; I have formed; yes, I
will do it.
12 Listen to Me, mighty ones of heart
who are far from righteousness:
13 I bring near My righteousness; it
shall not be far off, and My salvation
shall not wait; I will place salvation
(Y'shua*) in Zion, My glory for Israel.

July 9, 2015 at 6:39AM

salvatour: been away for sometime but am back writing is my passion
June 19, 2015 at 3:20AM
    mrsmajor: Yes indeed, it is the best way to express one's self, and be just who you are..through one's words...glad you're back.
    June 19, 2015 at 7:12AM

salvatour: lets continue writing writing is the only legitimate and more understandable way to communicate with most people even those who are not near
June 10, 2015 at 9:59AM

salvatour: i consider writing as the best way to showcase art and feelings writing is my passion
May 20, 2015 at 5:52PM
    Curly Girly: Congratulations on your contest win: Twitter Glitter!
    Well done!
    June 1, 2015 at 12:44AM
    salvatour: thenx so much curly girly i appreciate it so much
    June 11, 2015 at 2:57AM


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Twitter quick user guide finished first in the member created contest "Twitter Glitter"
June 1 at 12:13AM

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