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chiversmisha: Thank you all for reading the beginning chapters of The Adventures Of Hunter And Libby - Let's Go Shopping and the latest story Sondra The Spider! It means so very much. Chapter 4 for Let's Go Shopping and chapter 2 of Sondra the Spider will be out soon. Please take a peek and let me know what you think. I have been listening to the corrections and are applying them in future chapters. Thanks all

October 18, 2016 at 6:34PM

chiversmisha: Fan story community;
My name is Misha Chivers, I would like to submit my first publication The Adventures of Hunter and Libby-"Let's Go Shopping" the first in a series of books of the same title. Into your writer's community.

Each book of The Adventures of Hunter and Libby series will have a subtitle. The next in the series will be called the adventures of Hunter and Libby-"Sandra the Spider".

This is a self-published book - copyright 2015 it is also catalogued Library of Congress and is available on Amazon/Kindle for purchase and review. This publication was printed in the United States; my library of Congress control number is 201-591-6776.

One can get more information on my website at: or your questions can be answered at my email:

A bit about myself - I hold a Master?s degree in psychology and counseling and I am retired from a 35 year career in healthcare. With more time on my hands I find myself enjoying my vocation of writing and illustrating children's books.

The first of my stories and illustrations for - The Adventures of Hunter and Libby - ?Let's Go Shopping" began 26 years ago when my children and I were much younger. All of my stories are generated from wonderful memories and kid-hood experiences and adventures. Each story is based in diversity and difference, physically, economically and culturally. This then allows life lessons at the end. While these stories engage children ages three through twelve. Each story is designed to help children and adults alike to realize that they are not alone in particular situations and that they are truly gifts to be treasured. All of my stories intend to educate children big and small and give adults time to relive a time of easy pleasure and childhood experiences. These stories are also meant to enlighten and to appreciate the graciousness and wonderful path diversity can bring.

My personal mission statement for these books is:
To create and illustrate children's books that capture the essence and commonalities of childhood among all kids both big and small-no matter what walk of life. I will write with purpose and sincerity. I will remain committed to the integrity of my characters while providing an experiential journey into the indigenous world of children. I will be respectful of how they perceive real time and the time of imagination. My mission is to illuminate readers of all ages and re-engage for a moment or two, those of us who may set aside our childhood indulgences for daily responsibilities. My mission is to provide an introduction and re-introduction into the wonderful world of dreams of day, wonders that wander and ponders that pop. My mission is to introduce all readers to a world that is imaginary, fun, beautiful, with an easeful transition into life lessons.
Thank you for the opportunity to submit my work and I look forward to a hopeful place in your esteemed community. I also look forward to taking part of the community of authors and receiving feedback for my work, as well is just communing with other artists and creative people. I look forward to being a part of these contests and community driven activities.
Please see attached two excerpts from the stories aforementioned the first is from The Adventures Of Hunter and Libby- ?Let?s Go Shopping?. The second is an excerpt from the upcoming book do summer 2016 The Adventures Of Hunter And Libby- ?Sandra The Spider?
Misha Chivers
Author & Illustrator

Please see attached two excerpts, the first from, The Adventures of Hunter and Libby-Let's Go Shopping. The second from the Adventures of Hunter and Libby-"Sondra the Spider".

Chapter 10, (Let's Go Shopping)

And with that one word our posse slumped, our prince sighed, our princess?s curls drooped, ears flopped and horns wilted. However, all was not lost as the mommy placed her hand under each lowered chin and raised them gently as to see each pair of eyes.
As she did she spoke, ?I am not unhappy?, she explained. ?I am not lonely, we had a Daddy once upon a time, we love each other very much and we love the both of you with all our hearts. But as things do, our lives changed, and our Daddy was called home. He is kept in our hearts now and for always. You may have been too small to remember our Daddy ? but as you grow and grow your memories of him will too. He will always be with us in our hearts and in our adventures. He has not forgotten us and we will never forget him.?
?As things go we cannot buy a Daddy because Daddies and Mommies are made of love and promises for keeps.? She went on, ?you must know and always remember that children are made of love and starlight. They are gifts to those who are lucky enough to bring them up and lucky to guide them through life?s adventures. There are many families in this world, some have one Mommy, and some have one Daddy. Some families have one, two or three gram mi mi?s and grand pa pa?s. Some have two Mommies or two Daddies too! But no matter what, every family is very lucky to have one another and to love and be loved as I am with you.
The End

Chapter 10 (Sondra The Spider)

Without another word the Mommy with her head slightly tilted began to explain, ?Everything must go home. Everything must end. You see we all are placed here on this earth for a reason. We all have work to do, we all have adventures to advent, we all grow up and once our life lessons are learned and we have done the very best we can to teach others and to be kind and respectful then it is time to rest. You see Sandra our beautiful spider friend with her body of red and orange gave us all a great gift of art and companionship. She taught us to respect those creatures unlike you and me and Bow Wrinkle and Green Bunny. She taught us the art of sitting still and watching while she spun her web into magical sparkling pictures. And in return she learned that you all loved her, you respected her and her place in this world. This is one of the finest gifts we can give to one another and to all creatures and people too.?
?Sondra?s work is done and now it is time to move on to her next adventure as you shall too. I promise she will not forget you, neither will you forget her. The one thing we can do is keep her in our hearts and always remember the lessons we learned and the blessings we gave. Because one day you will use them to help others in their journey.? As the Mommy spoke in a soft voice of concern that only mommies can, the posse understood. They realized that even though they will miss Sandra the spider with her body of red and orange and her legs at black they know that they loved her and learned from her.

They knew that Sondra was truly a blessing.

The End
May 11, 2016 at 5:16PM


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