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Location: Katy, Texas USA
Gender: Male
Born: Orange, California
Interests: Poetry, erotica, D/s, Words, People and so much more!
Member: Standard
Joined: May 2016
Born in 1969, a self proclaimed poet and writer, resides in the glorious state of Texas. Life, to this point, has brought him through one hell of a journey.

Opening scene: At birth we find that our protagonist of this life story was very sick and doctors were not confident if he would win this battle. However, the nuns waged a war for his life with the constant prayers and their presence at his crib-side victory was sealed.

Death would return some 13 years later when it claimed his beloved mother with cancer. Our protagonist kept walking his path as enumerable times Fear attacked him with threats of horrific death. Anxiety joined in taunting him and much of life had become a swirl of emotions.

Back in the early chapters of life when his mother fought a long battle with cancer, he could do nothing but watch as she was slowly tortured by that monster and villain of all mans stories Death; he appears and steals her life away. It was at that young age, and in pits of despair, turmoil and confusion, that our vulnerable protagonist found inspiration and perhaps an answer to why his mother of 13 years had to die...

The Answer, came in the form of a poem called, ?Natures First Green? by Frost. Why did she have to die? ?Because Nothing Gold Can Stay.? Thus inspiration was born inside of our protagonist to become a poet and writer. Perhaps a story teller of sorts, hoping one day to touch the heart and mind of someone and to inspire them to take flight, even though he himself is still grounded, He dreams of flying.
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FanStory wrote to TDWriter: Sweet Sorrow finished third in the contest "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not"
June 20, 2016 at 5:10AM
    Dean Kuch: Congrats, TDWriter.
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    June 20, 2016 at 7:28PM


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Sweet Sorrow reached "All Time Best" status.
June 20 at 5:25AM
Sweet Sorrow finished third in the contest "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not"
June 20 at 5:10AM
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June 20 at 2:08AM

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