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shelley kaye
Location: so oc ca
Gender: Female
Born: a 1970 scorpio
Interests: writing, reading, eating, sleeping, laughing, gaming, breathing, more writing.... & poking dead things w/ a stick ;-)
Member: Eternal Premier Author
Joined: November 2004
"shelley kaye" is a pseudonym....
she's the muse of a born&raised cali-gyrl named michelle ~ shy, quiet, soft-spoken ~ who uses her pen to speak the words she cannot voice....

if you want to know this sweet shy girl
who is usually in her own little world
if you want to know what is in her heart
then it is her writing where you must start

she has poems about many things
and some may even seem to sing
some are like the tears of a hot summer rain
and trying to get past all the heartache and pain

some may make you cry
and some may make you ask why
some are fun and may make you smile
while some may remind you of when you were a child

some are like sitting alone in the dark
and some are like a spring walk in the park
some are like a glowing orange sunset at the beach
and some are her dreams she wishes to somehow reach

so if you really want to know this sweet shy girl
who is usually in her own little world
if you really want to know what is in her heart
then it is her writing where you must start....

shelley's learned so much since joining fanstory nov'04 and would like to thank all her writer friends who've helped her to grow in her writing ~ and computer knowledge too lol (you know who you are)

she has many writings *recognized* and over 100 on the *all time best* list (how you ask? well, she doesn't really know cause she rarely promotes her postings lol) she's even had a poem nominated for a poem of the month contest

shelley has hopes her writings may help to open the mind, heart, and soul of at least one person ~ it's then she'll know she's truly succeeded....

shelley was the #13 poet of '05 (her absolute fave number!)
she was the #6 poet of '06 (*was #5 from june until december ~ six months! :-)
and she was the #9 poet of '07

and now for a special announcement....
in the 2007 rankings ~ shelley placed 9th in the poetry rankings ~ easyeverett placed 5th .... and gave her his trophy! he is a wonderfully awesome man

shelley has also (finally! lol!) won a FanStory site-sponsored contest....

august 2008
haiku poetry
haiku (sunset whispers)

november 2008
halloween poetry
//He Waits//

september 2010
cinquain poetry

she has many books, poems, and stories scattered throughout her portfolio and she would love to know what you think of them so do please leave her your two cents ~ please be honest and give thorough detailed reviews ~ don't worry, she can take it - she's a survivor....

* shelley also has a book where you can *CHALLENGE* her....
think you can stump her?
go ahead ~ give it a try ~
she dares you ;-)

*PLUS! she has also published a book with nine other fanstorians! it is called tapestries ~ poetic threads of life, and is available at amazon. do please check it out when you have time :-)

if you'd like to know more she's also had the honor of being interviewed in fanstory's lava flow online magazine issue 31 november 2005


so.... now that the fanstory announcer has finished telling you a little about me ~ i would like to let you know a little about how i review

i believe there are five different plains to a good reading: mental, emotional, verbal, nonverbal, and visual ~

please consider the following breakdown for reviewing:

* mental (thought-provoking):
can you visualize the story? (descriptive scheme)
what was the first word that came into your mind after reading and why?

* emotional (feeling):
how did this writing make you feel?
can you place yourself into the story? (imagery)

* verbal (word choices):
was it easy and understandable, yet still make you think?

* nonverbal (flow/format):
was it a smooth read throughout?
if not, where did it trip?

* visual (presentation and first impressions):
how was it presented?
was there any spag errors or typos?

get it ~
got it ~
good ~
~ have a nice day :)


p.s. you can also find me on....

"you think the only people who are people
are the people who look and think like you
but if you walk the footsteps of another
you'll learn things you never knew you never knew"

shelley kaye is....

"....Unleashing verse to keep our minds agog
The queen of pose receives from us our cheers.
She fills the pages of FanStory's log
Twice daily and would more if rules permit
And we find more to keep her in our thought
Not just poems but sharp and glowing wit.
Don't dally when reflecting what she's wrought
It might expand and grow to something new
Not satisfied to leave one meaning true
Going to give us metaphors to chew...."
- norbanus

"....well camouflaged intelligence that breaks through the veil in sophisticated witticisms.... shelley's soul is a poem....She amazes...."
- easyeverett

"....a shining star looking down so bright
shelley's here writing alright
she is always wise and so much fun
then again she is the talented one...."
- angel of the quill

"....a pleasure to read and review...."
- kingsland

"....descriptive ~ professional....telling things very plainly and comprehensibly...."
- oatmeal

"....absolutely sweet....and always searching with hands that are blind-folded....[with hope]...."
- swtdreamz

- resha-caner

- vanillate

"....sensational with true emotion, creativity and good flow.... always fresh, new, unique and invigorating...."
- beatlegirl

"....a joy to read and to review...."
- teri

"....Powerful and Passionate...."
- mrs kt

"....very soft, very loving and very picturesque...."
- hollydee

"....the image of one's soul coloring the heart. Vivid...."
- a l horan

"....Who is this person hiding behind the face we see....the mask of mystery she likes to wear........flowing with words of wisdom, tribute and mysterious...."
- red heart

"....solid and well constructed.... pleasant and easy to read...."
- balladeer

"....wistful introspections that cast a spell.... very provocative...."
- mercuryseven

"....artfully crafted....soft and peaceful....a feeling that everyone hears whispering...."
- fastdigits

"....really candid in views of the mind and heart....revealing confusion, introversion, and distrust to the world in its complexities....[yet still holding on to hope]...."
- rick_k

"....simply stated and presented well...."
- bellastales

"....a smile-producer for sure...."
- focused true north

"....excellent in expert in experiments....courageous in expressions...."
- sengwriter

"....the greatest in presentation...."
- luna

"....straight forward and beautifully written...."
- aiden connors

"....always in a mood, wants to be noticed, flirty...."
- c jean

"....powerful words, moving me to tears as it takes me back to my childhood...."
- inmatez Wife

"....a rare opportunity to see our collective world through the eyes of another....Poetic and original...."
- killer headache

" the beauty of great poetry, giving not only the understanding of what you want to come across, but also allowing them to place themselves into the position of the narrator...."
- lynne

" beautiful spectacular....[having the reader] lost in the words without really knowing where one thought started and the other ended...."
- cheyennewy

"....consistently revealing and mysterious at the same time. Refreshing images from what I've come across today . . . she rocks...."
- zenbud

"....a stream-of-consciousness....a touching and rather sad picture of a muse using every effort to be heard...."
- sallyo

"....Full of emotions so very precious...."
- diny

"....The girl behind the poem...."
- chrystalmoonbeem

"....wonderful with raw emotion begging for compassion and understanding from the reader...."
- lainee

"....just the right dose of tension and hope...."
- balance

"....words painting a picture....bright and wonderful....thoughts, clear and crisp...."
- lynnace

"....our inner feelings that seem trapped inside and cannot be freed except throught the written word....shelley kaye's poetry is the form the muse escapes...."
- housemaid

"....very sweet...."
- mjesecina

"....a jewel of a person that sparkles out against the others...."
- Sensuosity4u

"....soft and talking to a lover....relaxing, calm and pleasant....An inspiring woman and thoughtful mother...."
- jaie35

" innate music which comes through with great clarity...."
- joyshri

" true to life...."
- AlvinTEthington

"....has a way with words and making the reader see and feel her poetry...."
- carolinasangel

"....Provocitve, passionate, and stimulating...."
- charmedone66

" emotion that draws the reader in and doesn't let go....something really powerful making an impact on those who read...."
- ashkent

"....creative juices overflowing into unknown regions of the mind....taking the ordinary and adding her own special touches which give them a brand new look....a muse with a funny bone...."
- helvi

"....pretty and delicate...mysterious silent understanding...."
- polly pisces

"....simple statements that say so much...."
- Sandisan

"....always her visual approach easily steals the scene amplifying the effect of the work, giving the reader that extra push into the efforts of the mood...."
- king slaton

"....telling of lessons to learn and yet when i read it, i find it to be playful and mocking. She has an amazing skill...."
- jerry-leeh

"....The author who captures what it takes, I think, to be a good poet. It's not in the mind that a sonnet is born but in the heart and the soul. To show this part of ones self is sometimes uncomfortable - but courage is another ingredient and shelley kaye has it all...."
- paul_k

" of the most creative women I know. her writing speaks for itself, as does her ingenuity! a leader, a fighter, and a writer all rolled into one pretty amazing gal...."
- JaCherie32

"....into the world she was in. I can feel what she is writing about. Her descriptive words are vivid in my head...."
- lilpislaan

"....original, creative and reflective. The kind of work that lets the reader compare originality, personal style of writing and imagination...."
- aguluciana

"....intoxicating....presenting the imagery needed for the reader to get lost within the words and feel...."
- mizz.tracey

"....good at getting people to sit back and think...."
- chris curley

"....has an amazing gift....her gentle and loving soul floats over us as we read her poetry...."
- johnelv

"....she has such a unique and creative approach to everything she writes...."
- daisyfly

"....she has a way of captivating her readers with the words she writes. She is a very gifted writer. I thoroughly enjoy reading. She paints such a vivid picture in my mind. May God bless her always...."
- sherrymccall

"....her words are as beautiful as a long-lost masterpiece...."
- johnny carwash

"....enjoyable and true....grabbing the reader's soul and making them understand...."
- wierdgrace

" a fine painting one never tires of looking at and seeing something new each time viewed!"
- jdrhye

"....a plethora of unspoken words .... playing and dancing to her own silent music...."
- starkat

" exuberant, vivacious, vital, energetic poet. She must eat, drink and breathe it, it is so imbued in her. Her writing is so free and almost wild. It is untamed yet educated...."
- msrefusenik

"....why 'pure' poetry (from your heart) is the BEST poetry .... able to take a rigid boundary of words to include and make it fresh .... causing me to read the piece again and again, as each time the impact is deeper, like new and deeper layers unveiled.... "
- cleapatrick

"....has a wonderful ability to set her thoughts into poetry that compels the reader to want more...."
- rogerpolly

"....breaks all kinds of imagery in my mind, and that's just the mark of rich prose...."
~ jsway

" a writer with a vivid imagination...."
~ angel 123

"....shows a great deal of imagination and a talent for verbally creating a strong image that can be seen by the mind...."....has an outstanding ability to make your words come alive on paper...."
~ nomi338

"....transports the
reader to a mysterious place...."
~ black_oxygen

" brilliance masquerading as ease...."
~ john langfeld

"....helps each of your readers to understand that life in its most simple form is a poetic dance filled with virtues and unexplored surprises encapsulated in the mundane. Her keen eye and perceptive heart have enhanced her readers routine experiences of life...."
- dr. nad

"....a crafty vixen...."
- anonymous comment from a contest voting booth

"....thinking about her audience and speaking to all writers from her own heart on lots of levels...."
- anonymous comment from a contest voting booth

"....encouragimg of all of us who never win to stay determined and keep playing the game...."
- anonymous comment from a contest voting booth

"....composed with inspiration in the wind of time...."
- anonymous comment from a contest voting booth

"....with her pen in her hand, her thoughts just seem to flow out with ease...."
- anonymous comment from the poem of the month contest voting booth

*thanx for dropping by*

single and accepting applications ;-)
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Brett Matthew West
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Domino 2
FanStory wrote to shelley kaye: write. finished third in the contest "1-9-1 Poem"
December 9, 2018 at 11:10AM
    Kitbok Nongkhlaw: Wow!!! What you are writing is too good to be true. I like the idea that your pen/ writing speaks louder to the world than what you tell yourself by words of mouth. Carry on. be the person you are. Wonderful to be able to write your thoughts so beautifully.
    January 26, 2021 at 10:06AM

FanStory wrote to shelley kaye: my life raft finished second in the contest "I Believe"
January 10, 2018 at 5:10AM
    Dean Kuch: Congrats, Shelley.
    January 10, 2018 at 5:50AM
    Meryl1: Well done Shelley :)
    July 28, 2020 at 9:29AM
    Laedee1: congrats!
    December 24, 2020 at 4:36PM

FanStory wrote to shelley kaye: just.... exhausted.... finished first in the contest "1-6-1 poem"
January 9, 2018 at 5:10PM
    Raul1: Awesome. Congratulations!
    May 7, 2018 at 9:28PM
    jsholmeg: Shiety is no fun. I was that way long ago 'til I burst from my caccoon into an obnoxious, insufferable person. It's much more fun; one would hate to rue being that way at 60 or so. Break out, be free, enjoy annoying all the sheep of the world. Oh, just want you to know I'm really a very introverted person.
    May 13, 2019 at 1:32PM

FanStory wrote to shelley kaye: if found, please notify me asap finished first in the contest "5-7-5 Poetry Lost"
August 19, 2017 at 2:10AM
    Irish Rain: Congratulations!!!
    August 19, 2017 at 3:18PM
    Laedee1: Congratulations!
    December 24, 2020 at 4:36PM

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