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Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
Gender: Male
Born: 1955
Member: Standard
Joined: October 2016
I am a writer (I usually write as M.D. Hall) whose day job happens to be the law (criminal trial lawyer).
My writing falls into three categories: Ghost and supernatural, science fiction, and historical fiction.
I love the short story format where there's no room for fat or flannel, but I am excited about the idea of a story arc encompassing collections of short works ... seemingly unconnected threads spanning the gap between collections.
In my case, I introduced an old man: Samuel Prite. He is no more than five feet in height, smartly turned out in: a predominantly yellow, tweed jacket, with leather elbow patches; a light brown waistcoat; and chestnut moleskin trousers; his shoes are heavy-soled brown brogues. Samuel's walking stick is fashioned from gnarled, but shiny-black wood, topped with a curved goat horn handle.
He has driven a pristine Morris Minor since 1948.
Those two possessions have a mind of their own.
I started the collection with a seven story set called 'Mystery and Misadventure'. It opens with Samuel conversing with us, the readers, before leading into the stories. He closes with some reflection on what unfolded within.
The book started as an aside following the completion of volume one of a science fiction trilogy, but I became hooked on Samuel and launched into a second collection - this time, thirteen stories - which I called 'Mystery and Misadventure - An Old Acquaintance'.
In answer to some questions concerning Samuel's identity, I settled, once and for all whether he was the Devil ... the old acquaintance.
Soon, Samuel and his machinations had assumed a life of their own, and in January 2017, I'll publish, on Amazon, the third collection 'Mystery and Misadventure - A Reunion.'
Now, I have returned to the trilogy and am a third of the way through the second volume, but something else has risen up to torment me: during the writing of one of Reunion stories, set in AD 217 outside of York (Eboracum), where Samuel rides a small two-seater cart - a third century Morris Minor, perhaps - the idea for an historical novel took seed, and I can't get it out of my head.
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The Moor finished second in the contest "Your best Halloween or Scary Story!"
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