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Siana Tejada
Location: Lawrence, MA
Gender: Female
Born: January 21, 2004
Member: Standard
Joined: November 2016
I'm in seventh grade and I was born in the Dominican Republic but came here when I was five years old. I started school at a very young age and when I moved here, I was supposed to go to second grade but I got put back to kindergarten because I was too young. I've had straight A's the last term of fourth grade, I've been a Honor Roll student most of the time since I started scool at one years old, I've had several Effort Rolls, but the first term of third grade I got two D's because my teacher said I get distracted easily. When I was younger, I didn't really like to write. I also had a hard time with it and understanding the concept of it. But my writing prompt of my fourth grade MCAS was so good that they had to send a copy of it to my teacher, and since then, I've not only learned that I really can write, I learned that I love to write as well. I also love to read, but I really hate reading non-fiction writing. I already know Spanish and English but I'm learning other languages (mostly French). In fourth grade, I also won the Schoolastic Award (which basically meant that I was the second best student in elementary at my school). I was extremly good at math but now middle-school has made it a little bit harder. I'm also 2013's Hispanic Week Princess and 2nd place ( out of all divisions) talent winner. I want to go to many different colleges and not even because I want to get a certain degree. My main dream for when I grow up is that I can be a mother (and a really good one), and be a very successful person in life.
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