Take Your Burdens to Jesus
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Daphne Molson
Location: Peterborough, ON
Gender: Female
Born: December 16, 1947
Interests: Poetry Contests, Poets, Poems
Member: Standard
Joined: August 2017
I am a Canadian, but a March 2002, American graduated. International Library of Poetry Poetry Laureate Programme Diploma poet laureate. Howard Ely, a former Maryland, USA, multibillionaire press owner of Watermark Press, has published me since 1997 in his luxury anthologies he still sells. He awarded me many Editor Prizes and any International Who's Who medallion and pin and allowed anyone publish me anywhere. He published me to 120 countries and more most prestigious institutions. His International Society of Poets Conventions and Symposiums let me speak to many other countries poets in Washington and Orlando and Las Vegas. I am getting old and still I like to write any thoughts anyone enjoys and anyone prizes. That you have new poets that have new ideas I would like to enjoy you for two years. I had an abusive accident that broke my right leg severely so I have to stay home more often. It is fun I think to have you FanStory to submit anything to and to have poems to read, stories and books. Thank you for having me FanStory. If any poet wishes to contact me I have a phone number by dialing area codes: Canada,Ontario,Peterborough, 1-705-8743520. My son sometimes needs my Internet so I am not always prompt at answering people but always anyone may try to get me.
Thanks again, Daphne Jane Rogers Molson of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
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