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Miriam Collins
Gender: Female
Interests: Reading, writing, kayaking
Member: Standard
Joined: April 2018
My Mother used to sit with my brother and I for hours and teach us to read. At first I would become greatly frustrated with her strictness, as if I misread any line on a page she would make me re-read the entire page! But oh how thankful I am to her that she taught me such a magical gift! She even would make a special treat for us if we read well and did not complain; buttered toast sprinkled with sugar.
Reading soon led to my love of writing. As Stephen King once said, "If you want to be a writer you must do two things above all else; read a lot and write a lot." and I absolutely believe that with all my heart. My room is overflowing with books, and must build more shelves to hold them all! Books are my source of travel, they are the cheapest airline you can ever purchase. I am so excited I joined FanStory, as I am so excited to read all your stories! What an amazing tool we have been given to be able to encourage each other and enhance our own writing skills! I am honored to be apart of such a vibrant writing community and cant wait for all the adventures your writing will take me!
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Kerry Robinson
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Susan B. Lamphier
FanStory wrote to Miriam Collins: Learning to Fly finished first in the contest "Tyburn Poetry"
April 29, 2018 at 2:10AM
    Kerry Robinson: Congratulation on this terrific Tyburn!
    April 29, 2018 at 2:00PM

FanStory wrote to Miriam Collins: Dandy Pods finished third in the contest "20 Syllables"
April 26, 2018 at 2:10AM
    michaelcahill: Most cool poem and nickname. Congrats. :))
    April 26, 2018 at 2:33AM


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The Signature reached "Recognized" status.
April 29 at 10:08AM
Learning to Fly finished first in the contest "Tyburn Poetry"
April 29 at 2:10AM
Dandy Pods finished third in the contest "20 Syllables"
April 26 at 2:10AM

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