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Mark Howitt
Location: UK
Gender: Male
Born: I was...
Interests: Science, technology, faith etc
Member: Premier Author
Joined: November 2018
Mark Howitt has recently returned to writing poetry after a long fallow period. He started writing in his teens and through university years, then wrote very little for about 30 years; recently the dam burst again and the poetry has flowed ever since.

Nearly all of Mark?s poetry is carefully crafted, in a variety of classical forms of metre, structure and style. Although maintaining such forms, he is never satisfied unless the poem flows in both words and sense: in words, so the reading or recital is smooth and un-laboured; in sense, so that the structure supports the development of the poem in its exploration of the subject. In this way he seeks to make his poems objects of beauty, walking in the shadows of the great classical poets.

For subject matter Mark mainly chooses the world around him, and his deep faith. Some poems dwell on surface beauty, but most delve into the soul and spirit of the subject, or into reflections on how things of nature can be allegories of profound realities.

Unusually for a poet, Mark has no literary background: he is a scientist, technologist and entrepreneur. Most weekends he loves to walk in the hills and mountains, and usually composes his poetry on such walks. His love of nature shines through many of his poems, and his love of people through most of the rest as he seeks to understand their motivations and compassionately lay bare their souls.

While a number of his poems have been published in newspapers and magazines of limited circulation, this is his first published selection.
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