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Michael McCottry Bell Jr
Location: USA
Gender: Male
Born: Leo
Interests: Poetry, Collecting Sport Cards
Member: Premier Author
Joined: November 2018
Idealist and Revolutionist Michael suffers from a rare genetic connective disease called MARFAN SYNDROME which has caused him to have many heart, ocular and skeletal defects(you can google MARFAN SYNDROME if you are interested) He has had many surgical procedures has been on a ventilator twice on a respirator come back from sepsis and been pronounced dead once only to come back from his own demise with the power of is mind and sheer resilience.

He does tend to write about his disorder been rather than heckle and complain he realized through all his trials he is not the worst and just is humbled that poetry has really given the best way to express himself.

Its not to say he doesn't write on more personal matters that affect him the most, he doesn't like sympathy or pity(that discourages him most) He takes after John Keats and views on death at young age and the sheer Romantic belief in the imagination and that Love and Beauty shall live and overcome death rather than the hope of a judgement day by another greater power. Which is why most of his poems deal with that subject. On romance he writes what he has lacked for most of his life and is working on self-publishing a book of sonnets and poems called IN ABSCENCE OF ROMANCE.

A street smart and savvy survivor he only can offer one to make them feel merit when they feel nothing in his own words

"To taste victory you must first taste defeat, then you shall dine at tables where royalty feast, don't just reach for the stars reach for what's beyond them. If you can imagine doing the impossible, the possibilities are more than you can imagine"


Thank you to everyone at FanStory. Many have helped graciously helped improve my writing

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