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Miss Cookie Atkinson
Gender: Female
Born: Brooklyn New York
Interests: Writing sewing,dancing
Member: Premier Author
Joined: April 2019
I'm a young eighty two years young lady, raise four children they had ten children which increased the family with great grand children last count fifth teen. so there is never a dull movement in my family. I don't remember the date of my first stroke in 2019 I had two in two day
I was sent home only to return the next day. Plus a heart attack was in the hospital for over five month they found a blood clot in my leg, to top it off due to a high blood pressure during the stroke I lost my vision in my right eye all I see is people in different colors or just black and white colors. Yet God has been good to me I'm still here. With out my faith I would be lost. it keeps me in a good place. So I keep trying to get my confused mixed up mind together to write. I write about my true feeling thing in my life, I have live and seen the good and the bad. that the reason for so many mistakes. People say I'm strong with my disability I respond saying "I don't see my self as being disable ... I see myself as a person with prenatal That's enough about me I'm a happy persons, fool until I'm free'
God bless everyone and stay on praying ground
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