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Aaron Milavec
Gender: Male
Member: Premier Author
Joined: January 2020
Aaron Milavec is a free lance writer who came to Shanghai in February 2017 in pursuit of Elena, a woman he met online three months earlier. Their love story, published as THE RED STRING CHRONICLES, pioneers a whole new form of daring transparency for online daters.

The RED STRING CHRONICLES offers a very personal story, filled with laughter and tears, with pitfalls, and moments of unexpected grace, as the red string--the mysterious cord linking Aaron and Elena--sometimes gets stretched and tangled due to cultural and linguistic barriers but never actually breaks. This eBook ( and 96-page paperback ( demonstrate that it is never too late for true love and that barriers of distance and culture can be overcome at any time and at any age.
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FanStory wrote to Aaron Milavec: She Bounds Upward Like a Dolpin finished second in the contest "Beautiful Creatures"
June 9, 2020 at 2:10AM

Aaron Milavec: Hi,

MY ANGEL OF GOD has received book reviews from over twenty self-chosen professional and amateur writers registered with The overall rating received is five-stars = Excellent.

For the next three days, you can obtain MY ANGEL OF GOD free here =

MY ANGEL OF GOD: Chronicles of her fierce compassion and grace-filled healing love -- This is a dangerous love story that I have tried to tell with honesty and insight. I have relied upon my journal entries and upon our love letters carefully preserved for thirty years. Now that I am facing my own death, I want to share with family, friends, and guests those mind-bending and heart-rending experiences that shaped my life. This is also a story of faith and hope in the face of events brimming with small miracles and baffling tragedies. I am designing an open forum that will enable readers (a) to share their own personal "stories of love gained and love lost" and (b) to comment upon and wrestle with grace-filled healing love found at the boundaries. See ~~Aaron Milavec
April 16, 2020 at 5:17AM

FanStory wrote to Aaron Milavec: Sleepy Interlude on the Lawn finished third in the contest "50 Word Story"
March 29, 2020 at 6:10PM

Aaron Milavec: Aaron Milavec has been an innovative teacher and software developer for thirty-five years. His greatest achievement (2007-2015) has been the creation and expansion of Catherine of Siena Virtual College--an international, innovative center offering women and supportive men the opportunity to do engaged gender studies. [More biographical details =]

Milavec earned his S.T.B., summa cum laude, from the University of Fribourg in 1968 and, in 1973, he received his Th.D. from the Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley).

Milavec has published fifteen books, seven chapters in collected works, and over fifty journal articles. Following his retirement, Milavec has been a writer on fire. In the last three years, he has self-published a new book every three months. His current project is to prepare a series of autobiographical love stories that serve to promote self-reflection and exploration of love at the boundaries. MY ANGEL OF GOD represents the first of a series.
February 7, 2020 at 6:33AM

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She Bounds Upward Like a Dolpin finished second in the contest "Beautiful Creatures"
June 9 at 2:10AM
Sleepy Interlude on the Lawn finished third in the contest "50 Word Story"
March 29 at 6:10PM

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