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Location: Canada
Gender: Female
Member: Standard
Joined: May 2020
Like everyone here, I think, writing is my outlet for my feelings, my way of processing life, my art, my craft. Always has been, since I was old enough. But the trouble is, I am dyslexic and suffer from various issues. I had a hard life growing up. Not as hard as some. But hard enough to make me hard for a long time. I spent allot of time unhappy and just doing the bare minimum in life so everyone was satisfied and I could then go do what i wanted to do, which was self destruct.
So of course, I dropped out of University to get married, three quarters of the way to graduating. Now I am single mother, and Damned Grateful for it! I am proud of the woman I am becoming. And I am grateful to God for being there for me when I was broken, and helping me to heal. And in the process of helping me to heal and grow, I came across this site. FanStory. The things I write, I always kept to myself. But I always thought that one day I would cross that barrier and share my writing. But I want to be able to share my writing without having to self edit, to protect my family and friends from the things I might have to say. The things I think that they have no idea. The things I've been through that they have no idea. The things I want to tell people but can't.
I can do it here. And I can get feedback on my writing and keep getting better every day. And I can learn from other people and get even more practice by reviewing.
Every time I go on here and see review for my I get excited. I bet everyone does.
I thank you for reading my info...And I look forward to growing and honing my craft with all the talented people that are on here!
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Y. M. Roger
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Y. M. Roger
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