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Cuz Roye
Location: Lynchburg, Va.
Gender: Male
Born: 6-18-62
Interests: writing poems, stories +songs
Member: Premier Author
Joined: August 2020
I jogging, aerobics, water-skiing and swimming but am eager to try new physical things. I also have a really creative mind so it's fun to write poems, stories and songs. Memorizing things also comes naturally to me. I taught myself to type at age 11 using an original way to learn the keyboard. I also love animals, especially dogs and ferrets. I've had several of each. They've all been some great companions for me. I also love act-ing and going to alive Churches. It's also fun to be in my alive Churches. I love to tape the upbeat songs to hear them and learn the words. I also play my guitar by ear. I play all kinds of music, especially Gospel songs. I've written several of them which have complicated rhyming words, each verse has 6 lines like the choruses. Cleaning my hose is fun when it gets dirty since it makes me feel like I'm really accomplishing things.
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