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Children's Poetry Contest
Deadline: Tomorrow!

True Story Flash
Deadline: In 6 Days

Love Poem Poetry Contest
Deadline: Feb 14th

Write A Script
Deadline: Feb 17th

ABC Poetry Contest
Deadline: Feb 24th

Writing Classes

0 classes available. Click here locate a class and to learn more.


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What Is XML RSS?
RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" -- it's a format for distributing and gathering content from sources across the Web, including newspapers and magazines.

Why Should I Care About RSS?
RSS delivers continual updates of posts, with links back to for the full text.

How Do I Use RSS?
To use RSS, you will need special RSS feed reader software. There are many different newsreaders available, many for free. See our list below. Most newsreaders are applications that you download and install. Others are Web-based services that you sign up for and that work inside your browser.

If I post my writing on the site. Will it be a part of the feed?
It's possible. The site is designed to "push" writing that has done well with reviewers.

What is shown in the feed?
By default we only display the title, author name, and a description of the work in the feed. If a person viewing the feed is interested in reading the work they will click on a link provided to view it on the site. Authors always retain control of their work. If a work is disabled it will not be shown on the site or distributed again in the feeds.

RSS Feed Readers

RSS Feeds

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