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Flash Fiction
Deadline: Tomorrow!

Children's Poetry Contest
Deadline: In 5 Days

True Story Flash
Deadline: May 27th

Rhyming Poetry Contest
Deadline: May 30th

Dribble Flash Fiction
Deadline: Jun 3rd

Writing Classes

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Professional level authors have the ability to sell stories, poems and books on the site for standard member dollars or gold member dollars. Their signature is updated to help promote their publications. To become professional you must earn one Quality Seal.

To request a seal you should:

  • Post a story. Post a script. Or create a book of poems. Instructions on converting stand alone poems into a book.
  • Use the seal request certificate to request a review by the committee.

Authors that have earned a seal have the quill in their signature showing that they have reached the professional level.

An author with an upgraded account can set the price to charge for a story or book. If a reader purchases the book or story the authors account will contain 80% of the funds made. The reader will have a copy of the story/book in his/her bookcase.

For every additional seal you earn your level will be upgraded. For example, if one book contains a seal you will be a "Level 1" professional level author.

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