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Lava Flow Magazine

If you enjoy reading you won't want to miss's online magazine. It includes interviews with authors, detailed reviews and recommended reading on

In addition to your subscription to the magazine we will upgrade your membership on the site to "Premier Reader". This opens up additional features of the site.

This subscription includes a quarterly subscription to the magazine and other benefits:

  • Read anything including novels, stories and books of poems for sale with the ten gold member dollars you'll receive right now!
  • You can make a personal statement in everything you post on fanStory with a custom title that displays below your name (shown in blue).
  • Make a statement. Select a story, poem or book chapter to promote from your signature when using the exclusive reader weekly certificate. It shows a promo on all the main pages and rewards bonus member dollars and points to those that comment.

The magazine subscription is only $15.95 per/year. The ten gold member dollars will be added to your account immediately.

Note: This subscription is not designed for authors. Click here for author upgrade options that includes a subscription to the magazine and also unlocks the site publishing feature.

To activate your instant upgrade just click the button below for a secure transaction through PayPal.

When you click the button PayPal will prompt you for your credit card information on a secure screen. If you do not want to pay by credit card you can open a paypal account and pay by other means including electronic check. When the account is opened return to this page and click the button to purchase the membership for writers by other means.

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