You Keep Your Copyright

At FanStory, you keep full rights to your writing. You are free, and encouraged, to sell your work to others, publish it with others or do whatever you wish.

FanStory offers a free register copyright feature. With one click you can register your copyright. You will receive a certificate identifying you as the copyright owner of the work. This is not a US Copyright which can be applied for separately.

You Can Keep Your Writing Private

Looking to publish and want to keep your writing private? No problem! You can make your account private which will limit the visibility of your work to only registered members of the site. We will not list your work on Google or any other search engine. Only registered site members will have the ability to view it. Also, you retain full control of your work. You can disable (place it in a private place in your portfolio that only you can access) or delete a work at anytime.

To make your profile private edit your profile. Answer "Private" for the account type question. That is all you need to do to make FanStory a private writing community for your writing.

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