"Get Well, Brooke!"

Chapter -2
A Dew and A Pearl

By Sanku

She sketches the world around her
with the clarity of dawn's dew
birds,beetles and weeds that wither
find themselves drawn in golden hue.

Daffodils basking in warbler's notes
April roses and autumn leaves
puddles just right for paper boats
icicles leaning from the eaves.

She spies falling stars through the trees
dreams of spinning sunshine to shawls
snowflakes drifting down with breeze
dandelion in the wilderness sprawls.

Brooke, you still have to unravel
more mysteries of this universe
take us with you as you travel
to gather pearls for your every verse.

Author Notes My prayers for her speedy recovery .I am sure thoughts of Sawyer would help her recover fast.The images in the poem are all from Brooke's poems. I remember in one of her poem she had written that if she could she would spin sunshine to make shawls to cover the trees in the winter! I have read every poem she has posted ever since I joined here.I don't come here regularly ,so i would go to her profile and check if I had missed any thing.Since this is for her, I have done my best to write more or less even lines and tried to rhyme.I hope to write a free verse to express what I feel.Thank you very muchMiss sunshine for this lovely photo.

haiku(dandelions in fields)

By Sanku

dandelions in fields

are drops of golden sunshine

Heaven's gift


Author Notes Google advanced image

haiku (dandelions fill)

By Sanku

dandelions fill
your sickroom with essence
heads bent in prayer


Author Notes For Brooke. May the curative power of dandelions, as well as our collective prayer, bring the healing...

Photo courtesy of Google images.

For My Teacher

By Sanku

thank you my teacher
now my heart aches knowing
of your suffering
you taught us with love
know that we care and love you


Author Notes Thank you MoonWillow for the beautiful artwork.

I wrote this tanka for Brooke.
May the Lord be with her in her recovery from illness.

We long for your presence amongst us again, Brooke.
May the love of friends and family keep you strong.


By Sanku

Her poems, like a bird's sweet song,
give saddened hearts a lift.
We pray she won't be gone too long.
Her poems, like a bird's sweet song
are missing, and it just seems wrong
that Brooke can't share her special gift.
Her poems, like a bird's sweet song,
give saddened hearts a lift.

Author Notes Missing you, Brooke, and wishing you well.
I miss your poetry, your gracious reviews and the darling pictures of Sawyer.
You are in my prayers.

A Tear and a Prayer

By Sanku

Tear and a Prayer

One little tear rolled out of an eye.
Bad news caused someone to cry.

Two little tears slipped down a cheek.
One of our sisters is feeling weak.

Three little tears fall from a sad face.
We wish that her pain we could erase.

Four little tears shed for fate unfair.
Let's turn all these tears into a prayer.

Hundreds of prayers open up like a book,
and all of them prayed for our friend Brooke.

Author Notes My prayers and positive thought are with you Brook.

Our Brooke

By Sanku

I hear that our very own, Brooke
is not feeling all that swell
I hope it's not too severe
or complicated
I'm praying that soon she gets well

She's a lover of the yellow
infamous, invading weed
The dandy-lion, you guessed it
and this I know
Can grow six feet tall from one seed

She can reach out to children
with colorful chosen words
Creating wonderful pictures
of her wisdom
Through all animals and birds

I know there are fanstorians
and multitudes, becoming a fan
That hold our Brooke, endearingly
in their hearts
All throughout this glorious land

Get well, our BROOKE

Author Notes This poem is in response to Joy Grahams poem for Brooke, who is in the hospital

dandy-lion is spelt this way for Brooke's benefit because I don't feel the same way as Brooke does about them. I have gardened for others and pulled out thousands upon thousands of dandelions.
I tell her they are okay, as well as buttercups and morning glory, if they are all together and half way up a mountain in some meadow.

Wee thoughts of a fairy.

By Sanku

Author Note:For Brooke and family

I like to send you wee thoughts
of fairies, dandelions, and
everything you like.
I hope Miranda comes soon,
maybe Sawyer too.

You wrote so many poems
about the wee fellow,
some maybe yellow,
and he is not blue.

In these dark days,
like in a locked cupboard,
I so wish you to get well
soon, as soon as possible,

Try and stay positive
as that tends to help.
We will all welcome you back.
Most of us pray every night
Mainly for you at the moment.

Author Notes Many thank s to Angelheart for the beautiful artwork.

A heart-felt wish

By Sanku

The Heart-felt Wish

When my body's sick,
and not feeling well,
it helps to hear,
my friends are near.

With reassurance,
thoughts, and prayers,
I know well,
how much they care!

So today, this poem arrives,
Fulfilling its mission, humble and sublime.
With a joyful greeting and a heart-felt wish,
My body will heal, in plenty of time!

My earnest hope, is that very soon,
My body will be, as good as new,
With God's healing, my strength improved,
my zest returns, my body's health too!!

Author Notes I am on the card ministry at church to uplift those who are ill or need encouragement!

Fiercely Love the Sunlight

By Sanku

Just yesterday, the losses of old age
seemed merciful, with gradual decline—
to be expected, dignified, by sage
and leisured contemplation.  Time’s design
looked logical, compassionate, benign
with boundless heaven here on earth, and there ...
a future comfortably warm; divine
with poetry of dandelions, prayer
to celebrate each day of love.  But then
by random whim - a quirk - caprice of fate,
a life of rainbows turns to shade. And when
I hear of this, I weep; for knowing date
and time of shadow's end are ruled by chance,
I'll fiercely love the sunlight ... and just dance …


Author Notes Thank you Brooke, for inspiring us all to appreciate life by the moment.

Your presence here means so much to us. Know that you are loved.

Note: 'dandelions' and 'comfortably' are both read with all 4 syllables pronounced.

Brooke, Our Muse

By Sanku

To our dear Muse, for Muse you be,
sweet sister of Calliope.
You nourish us with words as dew
that gleam with pearlescent hue.

These dewdrops flow upon the page
in verses gracious, gentle, sage.
You guide us with a knowing hand
and give us tools to understand:

Just like a dandelion seed,
our inspiration, once it's freed,
will float and fly upon the air.
It's ours to form and then to share.

You pull us close like family,
and set a standard all can see.
With loving kindness you bestow
the power to learn and then to grow.

We call you poet, mentor, friend.
And now good vibes and prayers we send
to our dear Muse, for Muse you be,
sweet sister of Calliope.


Author Notes Words are so inadequate to express how much your poetry and instruction mean to me, Brooke. Thank you for the encouragement and knowledge you so graciously share.

Muse--the goddess or power that inspires a poet, artist, or thinker. (I believe the definition aptly applies to Brooke)

Calliope--the ninth and chief Muse in ancient Greek mythology. She presides over eloquence and epic poetry. The name means "beautiful-voiced."

Thank you to cleo85 for the use of the artwork "Blue Dreams"

Ten Bards a-bawling

By Sanku

Ten Fanstory poets
rhyming mighty fine
one hashed a metaphor
then there were nine.

Nine FS poets
sounding really great
one claimed he had a muse
then there were eight

Eight hopeful bards
here in poet's heaven
one reversed syntax
then there were seven

Seven poets writing
in meter that clicks
one had to insert "did"
then there were six.

Six eager poets
starting to jive
one got really trite
then there were five.

Five poets working
with iambic roar
one called his dad a brute
then there were four

Four poets writing
with religious glee
one was filled with lust
then there were three

Three poets giving it
the best that they could do
one harped on his diseases
then there were two

Two determined poets
under the gun
one wrote about a sunset
then there was one.

One haggard poet
his race nearly run
started writing free verse
then there were none.


Author Notes Oh, chill. Just playing.
Sorta thinking about Brooke and her counting poems...

Darkness Before Sunrise

By Sanku

the darkness before the sunrise
hides the beauty that will unfold
as the light reflects to your eyes

the darkness before the sunrise
                                     hides treasures that will mesmerize                                           
 so take that first step and be bold

the darkness before the sunrise
hides the beauty that will unfold

Author Notes Google advanced image. A triolet for Brooke to encourage her to be strong.

Ten Tiny Dandelion Seeds

By Sanku

Author Note:For a dear and cherished friend.

Ten tiny dandelion seeds
blown by gusts of wind,
one flew off amongst the weeds —
began to grow again.


Nine fluffy tufts of white
were scattered, to and fro.
One sought out life giving light

where it could thrive and grow.


Eight puffy wisps so pale
wafting on the breeze,
one touched down in shaded dale
'neath whispering willow trees.

 photo giphy1_zpsb0dppbg4.gif

Seven now were still afloat,
yet one soon fell to earth.
A poet saw, wrote a note
of beauty and its worth.


Six seeds sailed silently
along a country road,
one tiny single seed
bathed a countryside in gold.


Five now gently held aloft
by gentle summer wind,
one much lighter, very soft —
soon spiraled down again.

 photo giphy3_zpslpft5q91.gif


Four sailed softly in the air
as light as driven snow,

the fourth one spied a sunny lair
where it was meant to go.


Three tiny dandelion seeds
were all that now remained
one fell into marshy reeds,
where it is still detained.


Two tufted spores now tossed
upon a lavish lawn,

one still wished to travel more,
the other stayed to spawn.


One last seed, a lighter fellow
I'm sending to our friend,
aglow in vivid sunshine yellow,
to bring Brooke home again.


 photo 75640-dandelion_zpsdidwucyt.jpg


Author Notes **A nod to our own I am Cat for her most gracious assistance with the last line...** Thanks, Cat!

Brooke's absence has been widely felt from nearly everyone in this wonderful community of like-minded people. All share a deep love and admiration for her. Not just as FanStory's own Poet Laureate, but as a dear and cherished friend. I send my prayers and hopes to Brooke for a speedy recovery, and hope she will return to us again very soon.

Brooke...this one's just for you.


Ten Tiny Fleas

By Sanku

once there were ten tiny fleas
.     who laughed and jumped freely        .
jumping so high one touched the sky
now nine tiny fleas cry       .
one said, "Wait, to dinner I am late"  .
.  off it jumped--now they number eight
.              .
jumping out of control one reached Heaven

.    hopping and playing the fleas were seven     .
one jumped on a pile of sticks
as their number dwindled to six
a bee from a hive said "Come, let's jive"
.               one danced off--leaving five    .        .
.                  .
spying a sleeping cat on the floor
one jumped to it--now there were four
laughing and squealing with glee
.    one went shopping, now there were three    . 
while playing late at the park
one went to sleep in the dark
 .      .                 .
leaving two who were feeling down
so, one joined the circus in town
now one tiny flea is left
who's feeling lonesome and bereft
.     what will it chew? what will it do?    .
why, jump to you--off it flew
.          .
in the end all ten tiny fleas
have done what they please
     .                  .


Author Notes Google advanced image. Thank you Brooke for writing so many great counting poems. Please read this for fun. It is not metered. Please do not be put off by the length. It is a story counting poem. It requires the length to tell the story of the ten tiny fleas. [the black dots here & there are fleas]

ONLY A BOY (she said) Adewpearl

By Sanku

(she said)

She spoke, yesterday, of dandelion seeds
He laughed, today, pit-pattering in weeds
The rain, she said, would come a day
Little known, it would come to stay
The tears, she said, from onions nearby
''I'll wipe them,'' he said, unable to pry

She remembered, April, dressed in frilly clothes
He wondered just much she knows
She spoke of stars that didn't live far
He thought of those he'd collect in a jar
She said, she loved him, all over again
He asked if love was a count back from ten

Her summers, bold, predominantly gold
Now winters scold; so callously cold
Her autumn, she said, would soon bear fruit
Once bitten must follow the piper's flute
Whose spring, refined, with peppermint and thyme
Awaits her gently with verses and rhyme

She'll sleep today in the arms of hope
Sighing in fields where antelopes lope
Then silent a voice; innocent of ploy
''I'm here by your side, though only a boy''
Balderdash and Gobbledygook, one of a kind
His heart speaks gently to creations of her mind

She waits at crossroads where eagles soar high
Goodbyes are wingless without reasons to fly
And sentinels of love will not let pass
In this case, a boy, with questions to ask
The way home murky with inclement sky
His tears represent her reasons to try

Whisper then, wishes, in contexts of Joy
His arms are able, though only a boy

Author Notes -And he will bring her back to us.

She was one of the first to say she loved my voice, used to turn the TV down and speakers on, but this voice will not be used this day, I will save it for the joyous day she returns to us - and may that be soon.

Get well, my friend- for you and Sawyer.

-A poem to be added to the book for, Brooke.

Ten Terrific Crayons

By Sanku

ten crayons stacked inside a box
placed in my mother's shopping cart.
one helping scratch my chicken pox--
then quarantined just to be smart.

nine crayons dance around a page
spread color on brother's left hand.
one trying hard to jump onstage
it missed the mark--where will it land?

eight crayons playing hide and seek
one hiding in the living room,
then scared stiff--unable to speak.
now seven swept up by the broom.

seven crayons seek a new home
wondering where they all will go.
one playing with a garden gnome.
six crayons run to see a show.

six crayons ride bikes to the park 
they played on the merry-go-round.
one was left alone in the dark
waiting, it was not to be found.

five crayons drenched by the cold rain, 
quickly they find a place to hide.
one thought it was just too much pain.
now four make a mad dash inside.

four crayons rush the open door,
they tumble inside onto the mat.
one is stuck on the sticky floor.
the others see a sleeping cat.

three crayons will color it bright.
zigzags and stripes make it look fine
while coloring it left to right.
one helping colored past the line.

two crayons step up to a well, 
desiring friends to all live free.
making a wish, one slipped and fell.
one color left for all to see.

while its dreaming under the sun
of colors all living in peace.
it was melting and had to run--
hoping all hatred would soon cease.

the ten crayons' story is done.
their lives were changed in many ways.
they learned about more than just one
to exist with Earth's numbered days.


Author Notes Google advanced image. PEACE to ALL

Chapter 1
Faery Mother

By Sanku

See you amongst the trees
One stained glass wing
Miranda tends your care
Her love ever there.

My thoughts are for you
My love takes wings
Faery wings to hold you
Bring you home well.

Faery Mother loves us all
Know that we are caring
We surround you now
Come home - fly free.

Author Notes Friend, teacher, lover of words. Fair and loving in your ways. Come home to us, we wait for your recovery.

Chapter 2
Dear Adewpearl - Brooke

By Sanku

Remember when
I’d print your poems and read them to my aunt?
You chuckled when I told you my aunt said,
“No wonder Brooke’s so intelligent –
She’s a teacher.” My aunt was a teacher too.
Remember when
You wrote a poem “Forever Young” and
I was so inspired by your four leaf clovers
I bought clover seed and sowed handfulls
in my garden? The lawns fill with purple clover.

Remember when
You reviewed my post for two cents and spent
a lot of time showing me I was out of commas?
I’m sorry to say that has not improved. I think
it’s a permanent condition. If commas were clover
seed that might've turned out better.
I fondly recall your black and white series, your
poems about flowers, rainbows, and animals the
lines filled with layer upon layer of so much more
than what the surface revealed.
Then your newest family member arrived
and your muse kicked in overtime.
We loved every minute of it.

From you, I learned integrity, generosity, reciprocal
reviewing, don’t jump on the bandwagoning,
and a whole bunch more.

In the process I did a little copyca … erm
imitating you. Remember imitation is the sincerest
form of flattery. I dug this poem out of my

You might remember your poem that inspired
my fun little imitation.

Bumblebee - Written 01/04/2012

A bumblebee flew by
Attracted by a bluebell
She bolted from the sky
And barely missed the hotel
She bolted from the sky
To fill her purse with honey
The flower caught her eye
Out by the plastic bunny
The flower caught her eye
It brought her to my garden
Sweet liqueurs that she tried
Were sipped without my pardon
 A bumblebee flew by
She flit from bell to flower
She bolted from the sky
Back home for happy hour 

Haaaaaaaa. That’s quite a laugh reading this.
I’d like to end with another little bit of imitation:

The cupcakes started out as twelve
I ate ten then there were two
And I ate them too!
I didn’t want them to be lonely like we’ll be
If you don’t hurry back.

Thinking oh so fondly about you, dear Brooke.
Get well and get back.


Author Notes Brooke's daughter, Miranda, has reported in the forums that Brooke has a very aggressive form of MS. Without wanting to overstep my bounds, maybe check the forums for the full posting. If you have a poem or well wishes for Brooke and her family please post a chapter in the book, so they can read them all in one place.

Chapter 4
A Dandelion

By Sanku

A Dandelion

A dandelion does not ask for much
It does not need a garden
Nor does it ask for mulch
It does not ask for soil and such

A tiny bit of rain,
a couple rays of sun
And one small drop of dew
That glistens like a pearl

In spring it asks for wind
to spread its joyful seeds
when all is said and done
that's really all it needs

And if there is no wind
a smiling child will do
to blow the seeds upon their way
With zip and zest and laughter

and a single drop of love...

that's really all it needs

A poem: with a bit of rhyme, a bit of alliteration,
and a bit of enjambment, for a special Brooke.

You told me once your favorite flower is the dandelion :)

Chapter 5
I Miss You Brooke!

By Sanku

I'd like to say a word or two
on how much I've been missing you.
I was dismayed to see a space
that you had left without a trace.
I'd grown so used to your sweet verse
your absence was for me a curse.

It's hard to make it through a day
without the kindness you display.
Your feedback was a boon to me
and always taken happily.
I miss the strong and guiding hand
that keeps my verse from being bland.

I pray that you will soon be well
and back at top from which you fell.
I don't think I will sleep night
unless you're number one on site.
A thousand blessings I do send
for Brooke to be quite well again.

Author Notes cmyers sends her lovely artwork to brighten your day Brooke!

Chapter 7

By Sanku

Well wishes are carried on breezes
As soft whispers flowing through trees
Each loving thought hoping to find
A lady so sweet; one of a kind
A teacher, writer, and mother
With inspiration like no other
Brooke, listen for our messages
And may you hurry back to us


Author Notes Google advanced image

Chapter 8
Sharing Thoughts

By Sanku

For Brooke

How do you say how much
A person means to you
When words aren't nearly enough.
You look into your heart and
Try to do the best you can.

We don't really know each other
In the traditional sense, you
Might say, but relate
By thoughts reflected.

In poetry we write to
Share with those who choose
To care about ideas
So lovingly composed,
Random topics we
Write with heart and soul.

I never really did that
For all these years, but
Learned on Fan Story
That I could write
Both poetry and prose.

From past experience
I knew requisites of review
But, from you, Adew,
I learned more than I knew.

You always returned a
A critique of your own
Were specific about the
Things that you liked
Even enjambment, a
Term I didn't understand
But learned to figure out.

Now I will close, but not for long
My wish for you is to get
Strong, be back on Fan Story
Where your heart belongs.

* You may remember through some messages back and forth, we learned we had some things in common, like having seen shows at the old Forge Music Fair. I feel I came to know you in such a short time, but we will leave what we know in the form of rhyme. Thinking of you and your family. respa

*I know you like nature, so the picture I chose is from Avalanche Gorge, Glacier National Park, Montana.This is a description I thought you would like: With a luscious green canopy of moss and brilliant red rocks, some days when the light is right, you can view rays of sunlight as they reach down into the gorge where the creek pours over small punch bowl style waterfalls.

Chapter 9
best wishes and love

By Sanku

The sun has slipped
behind a cloud.
Flowers fade,
petals bowed.

Tiny critters
love the fame,
they need you
to give them names.

Bugs become friends,
what a surprise!
You show us the world,
through a child's eyes.

Best wishes and love
mixed in a swirl,
hope you feel better,
sweet adewpearl.

Author Notes wishing you well Brooke.

Chapter 10
Your Dandelions, Brooke

By Sanku

You love your dandelions, Brooke
and so do I, they steal the show ~
Though labeled weeds in garden's book,
they spread a sunny golden glow.

A little girl, I made their leis
to proudly wear upon my head;
I watched the verdant fields ablaze
with yellow flame on grassy bed.

Your poems glorified their flair,
your genius matched their sparked appeal.
Your metered verse distilled the air,
Those lucky flowers - what a deal.

I'd like to bring their gold bouquet
to your sick room, they'll get you well --
Their light will keep disease at bay,
Your rhyme-ordained, they'll fetch their spell.


Author Notes You love your dandelions, don't you, dear Brooke? They love you too! In fact, hundreds of them gathered together to form a huge bouquet, and they asked me to bring them to your hospital room, to get you well.

We miss you so much here, dearest friend! Please come back to us soon...

Chapter 13
Lady Bug

By Sanku

Dear lady bug where is it that you fly?
Neath fragrant blooms I search for your sweet face.
Oh lady bug your absence makes me cry
for I am quite bereft without your grace.
What gift to you can I with love impart
to compensate for all the joy you bring?
I can but give the secrets of my heart
mere words in verse which make this lone heart sing.
Yet even though I miss your tender touch
and crave the kind assurance of your praise;
it’s not my loss that matters half as much
as all the voices now as one we raise.
If healing comes through wishes which persist
You could not hope for more support than this.

Author Notes Many thanks to Amy Jean for the lovely artwork.

Chapter 15
Is It Possible?

By Sanku

Is it possible to give money to a millionaire?
Is it possible to give icicles to a polar bear?
Is it possible to give scratch to a flea?
Is it possible to give honey to a bee?
How do you write poetry for Brooke?
She already wrote a fat book!
Well, this is my little letter,
Wishing she'll hurry and get better.
God bless Adewpearl.
Love from
Curly Girl.

Author Notes The photo was taken, one morning, close to where I live in Southland, New Zealand.

Chapter 31
My Heart is Broken

By Sanku

Dearest Brooke,

You know all too well that I am not a poet. You tried your best to teach me and even signed me up for one of your classes but, alas, I flunked the course. You insisted I passed, but we both know I failed miserably.

I miss your humorous comments on my reviews on your poems. You got me to laugh when I was feeling down. You did not mind me teasing you about how confusing I found the all too many rules to the all too many poetic styles. While I could never get two words to rhyme, you continued to encourage me to try. How you found time to respond to all your reviews amazes me. Knowing that you also took time to review so many prose submissions with detailed suggestions and repeatedly reminding me of the rule, 'comma for direct address' became a personal joke between us.

I know you are a very private person and I respect that. However, I want to thank you for introducing me to Sawyer with your fun and delightful poems and Miranda's stunning photos. You allowed all of us into that part of your life and I can say with complete honesty, that I love them both.

We both love Dandelions and refuse to call them weeds. I loved every poem you wrote about them. As you know, they reminded me of my childhood watching my mother in the front yard on her hands and knees digging them up only for me to follow behind her and replant each one. Eventually she gave up and let them fill the yard. She even joined me when I would spend hours every day blowing the seeds to insure next year's crop of sunshine would bloom.

I know Miranda loves fairies and Sawyer is the joy of your life. You are and always will be the joy of mine. As you know, I am not particularly religious but please know that I have lit a candle for you every day and say a prayer of thanks every morning for the joy you have brought me with your beautiful poems, generous heart, and continued encouragement.

I will accept whatever God has planned for you and please know the tears I am shedding are both from sadness and joy for having known you as a friend and mentor. I pray you come back to us, but if you do not, know you are loved and will never be forgotten. You are in my heart and as the Dandelion reminds me of my sister Diane; it represents my love for you.

Bless you and your family my dear friend. I know you will not want us to be sad, but sadness has its place and is sometimes the best expression of love we have to give when our heart is broken. And, my heart IS broken.

Love forever and always,


Author Notes I am not a poet so I decided to just write a letter to my dear friend Brooke. However, I actually won a few free verse contests and Brooke was so proud of me.

Chapter 93
Rainbows awaiting.

By Sanku

Beautiful rainbows in words sublime

Animal countdown ten through one

Lady birds and buzzy bees

And a much loved grandson

We feel we all know.

We miss your rhymes

And send love

To you,



Of us.

A fellow


Having a struggle.

We are thinking of you

Candles are glowing for you

Dandelion seeds are waiting

Another appearance in your rhymes.

Author Notes I can't rhyme like you Brooke, so I didn't try, but I'm wishing you well and thinking of you.
Many thanks to Wendy G for the lovely artwork.

Chapter 1000
Come Back To Us

By Sanku


You have a quiet way about you, Brooke

That inspires, explains, respects

You handled fledglings differently

But always did connect


For those of us who started

A route we did not know

The intricacies of literacy

You selflessly would show


And now we sit in silence

The news so hard to take

You’re here no longer listening

And we need you to awake


You represent so many

Age can make us disappear

But I for one must urge you

Come back to us… you hear?


Chapter 10001
The Dandelion Fairy

By Sanku

She maybe yellow
and so small
she shines her
magic dust

Poof! Arise
oh beams of
earth's sunshine!

The dandelion fairy
is here to bring
treasures of the heart

Popping up again
covering a wide
human domain

Her yellowness
expands and greets
the happy blue sky

She flies away
to where her
magic is needed

she is the dandelion
fairy of good wishes
and light dreams
gifts of sunshine
nature's gold

Author Notes Hope you are feeling better, Brooke.

Chapter 10001
Along The Fields To Run With Care

By Sanku

Along the fields to run with care
The poet lies now in her bed
Dreams of the days of yesteryear
When the dandelions were so fair

The running over the fields with love
While the yellow flowers are in bloom
Soon to turn to snowy white
Ready to seed the wind in flight

There the barn calls for the chores
The house smells with new pie in window
Here the dreams of long ago
Are part of the dream the poet knows

Get well Brooke we pray each day
Longing to read your poems of play
With the fairies in the fields
dancing among the daffodils

Best wishes and God's grace,

Chapter 10001
The Harbor

By Sanku

she graces us with her words
such beauty all around,
writes fondly of dandelions . . .
. . .to me just a weed
but she turns ugly into fabulous
and a bad day into a loving smile;
she's our Statue of Liberty
always welcomes us into her harbor;
Brooke shares her family,
beloved daughter and grandson
with pictures to delight
even our darkest days;

God be with you through your trials
and we will pray for your safe return
in the harbor

Author Notes God bless you and keep you, God make his light to shine upon you, heal you and return you to your family. Amen

Chapter 10001
Sending Fairies Your Way

By Sanku

If only there were fairy dust
to sprinkle and to make you well,
I'd call on fairies everywhere
to shower you with a healing spell.

The sparkles from their dust would cling
and add some brightness to your day.
They'd dance for you and each would sing
of how you're missed while you're away.

They'd do their best to make you smile.
With pastel wings, they'd flit about,
land on your nose, your cheeks, your hands.
To you, they would be most devout.

You see, my friend, they know of you
and how you've honored them at times
with whimsy in your poetry,
with color, and with lovely rhymes.

Author Notes When I think of Brooke and her wonderful poetry, I think of dandelions, Sawyer, and fairies, three of her favorite topics about which to write. Here's hoping she will write again. This one's for you, Brooke.

Chapter 10001
To Brooke

By Sanku

Warm well wishes to you
my dear Brooke --
my teacher, mentor
and number one reviewer.

Through your eyes
I've watched
sweet Sawyer grow,
seen his smiles,
heard of his antics too.

I've felt the warmth
in your heart
for all of your family
so dear.

Nary a bad thing
slipped from your pen-lips
as you filled our hearts
with your ever
sweet-penned verse.

I've picked a bouquet
special for you,
your favorite it seems,
golden-yellow orbs
fresh from my lawn --
here's a handful
for you.

In my thoughts
and prayers,
please get well soon.


Author Notes Not very poetic but from the heart.

Chapter 10001
Ten Pirates

By Sanku

Ten pirates sailed the Spanish main,
They braved the foamy brine;
On jagged rocks one ship was wrecked -
Now there were only nine.

The skull and crossbones nine did fly
In search of treasure great,
But in a typhoon one was lost -
And that left merely eight.

Eight pirates sailed the ocean deep;
"Oh, Yo Ho Ho!" they'd cry,
But one was cast adrift and so
Just seven waved goodbye.

For seven pirates life was grand,
Each wore a captain's coat;
Till one was made to walk the plank -
Now six were left afloat.

Six pirates left - one found a map,
Towards the gold he steered.
Alas, his map was upside-down -
He simply disappeared.

I hope you're counting - that leaves five,
A parrot on each shoulder,
Till one retired (and Polly too)
Before he grew much older.

Four pirates all drank too much rum,
Now here's the mystery...
Just how did one fall overboard?
For that left only three.

Three pirates fought a battle
With the forces of the Queen,
Where one was captured, two were left
Who fled that war-like scene.

Two pirates now - one raised his 'scope
Up to his black-patched eye;
He didn't see the rocks ahead
His ship ran high and dry.

One pirate sailed the seven seas;
Just one, there were no others.
He sang a lonely pirate song
To mourn his nine lost brothers.


Author Notes I loved Brooke's counting poems - always lots of fun. On several occasions I told her I would like to try one and she suggested pirates as a suitable theme.

I didn't know this would be so hard - not easy finding fresh and original ways to bump off nine pirates and keep it appropriate for young kids.

Here it is at last, Brooke.

PS There can't really be 10,000 poems in her book, can there?

Chapter 10001
The Sea and Thee.

By Sanku

Let us walk along the sand
We both love the sea
We will walk hand in hand
When our spirits run free.

We have looked at creatures' lee
Where beautiful creatures hide
Rock pools shelter from the sea
Collecting shells from the tide.

My love for you will take wings
We will fly over the sea
Your heart is true; writing sings
Your words have inspired me.

Sending love and get well soon
Teacher, friend, always there
Brooke, you will see the moon
Shining always because you care.

Author Notes For our dear Brooke whom we miss so much. Brooke loves the sea and we have had many discussions over the years. I can't walk on the sand, dive into the waves; one day we will both fly free.

Chapter 10001
So damn Beautiful

By Sanku

dandelion green
yellow unseen
so damn beautiful

ugly duckling turns swan
sporadic as fairness
has feathered rare

full view head-on collides
careful as every man's crashing
concedes human frailty

invisible shields faith
spirit placed invincible...
smashed mirrored glass

unless flowers do manage life from weed
do you believe...
in Peter Pan's integrity against a mountain of fantasy

Cinderella's sudden slipper inheritance
Sleeping Beauty's trust in a Prince's kiss
resurrected breath...

Christ blessed Jesus guest
welcomed home supping happiness hereafter
then your mind keep you...

dandelion green
yellow never seen
so damn beautiful

Author Notes To....No. One.....Brooke.....-smile-

Chapter 10001
If A Dandelion Could Talk

By Sanku

I lost my color
Now I'm losing my hair

Just once, I would love
To give back with some flair

A great big puff of dandelion air!

Author Notes I hope this makes you smile Brooke. Keep positive and hurry home to us here in FanStory, you are sorely missed!

Chapter 10001
We Miss You

By Sanku

Glitter Words
[ - *Glitter Words*]

would write a poem, and wait for you.
it didn't take you long
waited for my teacher, to tell me what was wrong

my writing not so perfect, you helped me all you could
corrected all my silly mistakes
the way I knew you would

you made me laugh
you took a weed
you posted on Fanstory

and through your words, made me see
a Dandelion
and all its beautiful glory

and then one day
that special day
a grandmother came to be

a beautiful baby
stole your heart
posted Sawyer for all to see

we watched him grow
a baby no more
a toddler into a boy

Miranda's pictures
Brooke your poems
showed many so much joy

so take your time
please just heal
your always on my mind

forgotten you're not
by loved ones and friends
by memories you left behind


Author Notes So many wonderful memories. Hope and pray she will be home soon. FanStory. Wouldn't let me capitalize Brooke. sigh

Chapter 10001
A Triolet For Brooke

By Sanku

Your verses celebrate the sun,
the ladybugs, the ocean whales;
the Sawyer poems are such fun,
your verses celebrate the sun.
Your metered gold is finely spun
with sparkling threads of dream-like tales;
your verses celebrate the sun,
the ladybugs, the ocean whales.


Author Notes A Triolet is one of Brooke's favorite forms. The spun gold of her poetry exuded and celebrated life. We miss you, dear friend. I wish each of our poems for you turns into a prayer for your speediest recovery. Come back to us soon to delight us with your poetry and your uplifting presence.

A Triolet is a poem of only eight lines with a rhyme scheme abaaabab. The fourth and seventh lines are the same exact line as the first. The eighth line is the same exact line as the second.

Chapter 10001

By Sanku

Beyond the confines of the keys
Real life happens for you and me
On this earth, we have never met
Only heard whispers of a much-loved poet
Keep moving forward my yet to meet friend
Earnest well wishes from your new fan


Author Notes I haven't gotten a chance to meet you but so many fanstorians love you, Brooke. You must get well soon so we can make that happen :)

Chapter 10002
Just For Brooke

By Sanku


A field of dandelions, I will bring
To fill a range of vases just for you
And as their faces radiate with spring
You'll look and smile to see the sun shine through.

A field of four leaf clover, I will bring
To give you one each day to wish upon
I'll send you blackbirds so you'll hear them sing
Their warbling song that says winter has gone

A rainbow I will pluck out from the sky
And with it I will bring the pot of gold
Their colours will delight, you'll not deny
For everyone to have and to behold

With all these things that I have said I'll do
I'll add a hug and so much love for you


Author Notes I would send a field of everything you love, Brooke. But most of all, I wish you back to health.

Chapter 10003
Of Dandelions and Fairies

By Sanku

Of Dandelions and Fairies

This week, I’ve read your verse in search of light
that will defeat these longest and most dark
of nights since learning why your quill’s not inked
the parchment stacked upon your writing desk.
       Oh, dear Brooke, how I miss your dandeli’ns
       that bloom so brightly ‘gainst  Spring’s verdant grass,
       and fairies who leap from the wood’s domain
       to cast their glitt'ring dust upon my eyes.
Despite your absence these past weeks, I know
you’ll heal and soon reclaim your pen and share
poetic art so eloquently wrought
with most inspiring and enchanting verse.
        And thus the challenge one of age must face,
       but with His grace one always perseveres.
27 March 2015

Author Notes Poetic Form:
Blank Verse Shakespearean Sonnet. This form follows the Shakespearean form except for the end-line rhyme pattern. In blank verse, there is neither end-line nor internal-line rhyme Blank verse is generally written in iambic pentameter, which this one is except for several areas of metrical substitution in line 5 (trochee and spondee for first two feet). Blank verse was popularized by Marlowe and perfected by Shakespeare during the 16th and early 17th centuries.

I am most grateful to Brooke for teaching me how to write Shakespearean sonnets.

Thank you for reading my poetry.

Chapter 10005
Ten Rugged Rocks

By Sanku

there were ten rugged rocks on a hill
one slid down leaving nine so still
while cooling in the dirt
one went tumbling and got hurt

now eight rocks huddled together
being pummeled by weather
 they are rain polished and bright
but one ran away in the night

rocks now number seven
sleeping on the hill next to Heaven
one crumbled while doing tricks
playing leap-frog among the six

then one took a nose-dive
now there are just five
as a rock slide shook their core
the rocks on that hill are only four

having fun skipping in a stream
one left to follow a dream
now there are only three
singing and happy as can be

but one was stuffed in the hiker's sack
leaving two hiding, but only one came back
one lonely rock shivering with cold
until being mistaken for gold

only fool's gold which could not be sold
shattered into shards; it now grows old
sadly sitting in pieces in the backyard
and wondering why its life is so hard


Author Notes Google advanced image. This is for Brooke. Please do not be put off by the length. It is required to tell the story of the rocks in counting form. [this is a fun counting poem not to be compared to Brooke's life].

Chapter 10007
Ten Hectic Hailstones

By Sanku

high in the thunderstorm cloud
live ten hailstones so proud
tumbling and rumbling; it's very loud
one was forgotten in the crowd

nine hailstones waiting to fall
what an uncertain time for all
saying their goodbyes; cannot stall
but one stayed; it was too small

eight hailstones begin their flight
no do over--must be done right
the cloud opens up--what a sight
one could not handle the height

seven hailstones falling fast
all are shouting, "What a blast!"
nothing like this in their past
one who stayed behind was the last

there are six hailstones falling free
zooming through clouds like fish in a sea
each excitedly yelling, "Whee!"
one so scared--afraid of the spree

five hailstones now halfway down
wondering when they'll hit the town
no time to be silly or act like a clown
one hailstone cowering with a frown

four hailstones blowing with the wind
looking everywhere for a friend
hoping a helping hand it will lend
one had to stop--a leak to mend

three hailstones see the lightning bolt
each shedding layers of ice as they molt
bouncing and jiggling like riding a colt
one was struck--oh, what a jolt

two hailstones hit the ground
springing up, down, and all around
looking for each other--could not be found
one was left to melt on a grassy mound

one hailstone survived the ordeal
unsure of how it should feel
while thinking it got a good deal
it was smashed by a car wheel


Author Notes Google advanced image. This is a fun poem for Brooke. It is not a commentary on her life. The length is required (many of Brooke's counting poems were lengthy). Please do not review on meter.

Chapter 10009
Ten Shy Smiles

By Sanku

ten smiles shy as can be
wanting so much to break free
one for the sad little boy
ballgame called--it was rainy

nine smiles now less afraid
seeing happiness that can be made
one for the runner in the shade
race completed; healthy dues paid

eight smiles now see the light
knowing that they will be alright
one for the homeless man in sight
unsure where he will spend the night

seven smiles know their course
surely they are a powerful force
one freely given no need to coerce
they are a great resource

six smiles now cheerfully see
gladly sharing with you and me
one for the mom with her baby
that made her day they agree

five smiles gifts from Heaven
believing their worth is a given
one for those that hide within
without love or a friend

four smiles on a journey
hoping they are found worthy
one for the young girl so lonely
when others act like a bully

three smiles floating around
wondering where they're bound
one for the animals with no sound
praying they avoid the pound

two smiles landing on the beach
looking for those they wish to reach
one for the man who does preach
learning of the love he plans to teach

one smile--a special mission it undertook
searching for the one named Brooke
hoping to find her; everywhere it did look
found forever in this living memory book


Author Notes This is a happy counting poem for Brooke. It is not metered. Google advanced image. Thank you sweetwoodjax for the inspiration for this poem.

Chapter 10011
A Rivulet's Charm

By Sanku

A rivulet etches right through his back lot;
lazily meandering or with
a stirring gush, depending
on the mood of the day
But regardless, it is always enchanting
Spectators anticipate
this stream's morning presence
For on its vigorous, fluent journey,
it carries splendor acquired the day before
and deposits wonderment with finesse
along its welcoming banks
This watercourse has a gift of wisdom
which can be heard when the mind stills
A great teacher imbued with skill
Constantly reminding-
life is beautiful
This rill's serenity begs one
to come and sit
Listen to its effervescence
The intimate orchestration
of the graceful life which surrounds
Flora and fauna long to recline
next to its soothing whispers
Hoping to be enveloped
as subjects of the creek's song
Children eagerly skip
 to the streamlet's magical charm,
as a natural fluidity
mutters assonance and consonance
through its journey
Bedazzled and entertained
by chameleon visions, ever-changing
Grown-ups love to return
and stroll along the banks
A cornucopia of inspiration
A peaceful and spiritual
embodiment of natural talent
Certainly God’s unforced chisel
which carves out beauty, like a versifier’s pen
Just as the transcendent poet,
its muse must flutter through
the air like gossamer fairy wings
or float like the dancing brush
of a dandelion’s scatterings
Yes, I do love the rivulet
which sunders through
my Son’s yard
Each time I sit at its banks,
I am reminded of Brooke


Author Notes For you Brooke
Oh, and I do believe in "The Wizard of Oz" ask my sweet Sarah

Chapter 10015
Anyone Color 4 ?

By Sanku

“Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you
and ALL the things you do
They are yellow too”

Coldplay’s brilliance
Their song
mingled with a dandelion’s
roadside theatrics
is you
Potent, energizing, emotive
is saffron in its dazzle;
while the lemon tree
tantalizes with zest
Salivating for its ripe fruit
Dressed like a fashionista
with dripping yellow ochre jewels
A stark presence;
signaling the gathering
of children, boarding
Taking them to destinations
to learn the colors
of our world
Golden molten hues
A burning globe,
furious and hot from afar...
emanating light and warmth
Hanging from the bluest skies,
its fairy wand of photosynthesis
Blessing all things living
The shiny rubber coat
and sunshine umbrella
donned by fun-loving tiny beings
dancing ‘neath the rain
The stunning beauty and wonder
of yellow canaries
Whether trilling from the branch
or being mined for its clarity and illustriousness
Both priceless entities
of creation
A ribbon of hope
lovingly tied 'round
the old oak tree
Return to us safe
from warring across the sea
Daisies and daffodils,
mums and more
The yellow brick road
leading to wishes' door
A Texas Rose which proudly blooms;
while Big Bird of Sesame
reclines in baby’s room
My dingy car from pollen fallout
or the cross skull bones
pasted on the bright radiation plaque
Buoys and triangular signs
Caution of danger, or slippery when wet
A crime scene's banner
Unmistakable presence
of something gone awry
Japan’s banner of courage
Egypt’s mourn for their dead
For many it symbolizes peace
but often,  it’s the Beatle’s song in my head
However, today
with the song of Coldplay
I think of you
Dandelions and fairy dust
in all yellow hues
Yes, " Look at the stars
LOOK how they shine for you"
Our brilliant Brooke
and your family too.


Author Notes Enjoy, and you get well... ya hear?

Chapter 10016
Bring back the sun.

By Sanku

A dew glistens
In the mansion
Morrow's horizon;

Poised in preparation
Light our path
Whispered Pearls of wisdom;

In astute anticipation
We scan the silence-
Posting our prayers
The balmy breeze
Carries her positive perceptions
In an envelope of poems
That opens
Dismal days
Quenching our thirst.

Hurry back, Brooke. I need some sunshine

Author Notes Thanks to lynnkah for the artwork.

Chapter 10017
Dandelions Wild and Free

By Sanku

dandelions grow wild and free
 flowering the fields everywhere
  pick a bouquet and you will see  
  dandelions grow wild and free
  spreading joy feathery wisps flee     
  drifting with breezes without care
  dandelions grow wild and free
 flowering the fields everywhere

Author Notes Google advanced image

Chapter 10018
Ten Playful Pennies

By Sanku

ten pennies rolling off the mint
for a penny stamp one was spent
nine pennies lying in the curb
one disappeared without a word

eight pennies stuffed in a pocket
one lovingly placed in a locket
seven pennies spinning around
one became dizzy on the ground

six pennies playing hide-and-seek
one became lost unable to speak
five pennies waiting on Heaven
one was delivered to Steven

four pennies hiding in a jar
one was thrown to a speeding car
three pennies lounging by a stream
one left for vanilla ice cream

two pennies vying for first place
one unable to finish the race
one penny taken to auction
it sold for more than two million

ten pennies adventures are done

By REUTERS April 12, 2015
A Beverly Hills rare coin dealer purchased a 1791 American penny for nearly $2.9 million, the most ever paid for a one-cent piece at auction.

Chapter 10019
Whispering Winds

By Sanku

the wind was whispering your name
as it was swirling through the trees
telling me I was not the blame
the wind was whispering your name
as it carried away my shame
now from your mem'ry I am free
the wind was whispering your name
as it was swirling through the trees


Author Notes This in NO way is to be taken as a commentary on/about/for/to Brooke. It is me simply using a format she REALLY liked to write poetry. DO NOT think I am wishing bad things for her. I want her to see that I have embraced a form she liked and wished to share the results. Google image.

Chapter 10021
Number Please/Ten Phone Calls

By Sanku

ten phone calls waiting on the line
one answered leaving only nine
a collect call made out of state
blinking switchboard lights now are eight

another call made to Heaven
operator now deals with seven
lines become jumbled--I must fix
calls untangled leaving just six

one call concerns a home bee hive
no emergency--now just five
one wants directions to a store
cheerfully given now only four

one is personal just for me
cannot take--still waiting are three
which one to select none are new
calls almost handled except two
one hangs up before I am done

blinking lights dwindled to this one
with a blank dial tone--off for fun


Author Notes Google advanced image. Does anyone remember switchboards like those that handled calls in WW2 ? I have seen pictures and those on tv. This is a counting poem dedicated to Brooke. It is not metered.

Chapter 10022
The Laughing Brooke

By Sanku

I went for a walk, early morning
and saw in the pearls of dew
a glistening gleam of sunlight,
reminding my heart of you...
Your radiant love for Sawyer
and pride in Miranda too,
shine warm in your words of poetry
and the generous things you do.

As I wandered along the pathway,
at the edge of a verdant glade,
a golden array of flowers grew,
where the fairies forever played,
so I sat near an elegant elm
enjoying its sheltering shade,
and there, in the magical silence,
I lifted my eyes and prayed.

The sweet sounds of tumbling waters --
the joy of a laughing brook,
filled my senses until, at last
compelled to go take a look,
I crept through the dandelions,
taking care with each step I took,
and there, by a stream, was an eagle.
In his beak was a giant book.

I read, as I ventured nearer,
the title, now plain to see--
"Our Get-well Wishes for Brooke,"
(Loving prayers and poetry.)
At that moment the Balding eagle
spread his wings and rose over the tree
to carry the book, I was certain,
to the place he must know you would be.

Returning once more to the pathway,
I saw on a flower, by chance,
a miniature twinkling fairy
now spinning in intricate dance.
The dew was alight in the meadow.
The sky, in its azure expanse,
was agleam with the pure light of heaven,
and I suddenly knew in advance,

our Brooke will again fill with laughter
as the strength of the bald eagle's wings
fills her up. She will rise from this ailment
with the energy loving life brings.
May the prayers and wishes we send you
give your spirit new reasons to sing,
as you dream of warm hugs from your grandson
and the touch of your Heavenly King.


Much love, and endless prayers...
from all your FS friends.


Author Notes The reason I capitalized "Balding" was in reference to Brooke's last name, Baldwin. Other references to her life and poetry are perhaps more obvious and need no explanation. Thank you for reading.

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