"Remembering Brooke (adewpearl)"

Chapter 1
The Announcement

By robyn corum

This is the kind of news we hate in life but can’t avoid.  Our beloved adewpearl, Brooke Baldwin, has passed away. 
For those lucky enough to know her, read her, learn from her—we understand this is the end of an era.  To think that this particular pen will never share another brilliant, breath-taking poem is rather painful. 
I suppose there’s some ‘good’ news.  Miranda, Brooke’s daughter, understands a bit about FanStory and how things work.  I’m hoping this multi-author book will reach everyone here and as many folks as possible will consider adding their own chapter to offer the family in tribute to our lost friend.  When we all post our items individually, we risk the chance of family members being unable to find them.  It’s so important—I think—to give them just a glimpse into our world and what their loved one meant to us.  I hope you’ll agree.  Share what you remember, what you miss, and even what you’ve heard, perhaps… if you didn’t know Brooke personally.
May I refresh your memory?
Brooke joined FanStory in 2008, I believe.  Though we knew her primarily as a poet, before her arrival here, she spent decades writing essays and teaching writing from the seventh-grade level through advanced college courses (which is what made her such an amazing all-round reviewer.)


Could Beams of Sun Be Used …
quatrains in 8/6/8/6
March 10, 2015

Could beams of sun be used for thread,
I'd sew a golden shawl
to place upon each elm and oak
to ready them for fall.

Could waves from sea be used for thread,
I'd sew a cloak of blue,
so those who live on driest land
could share such brilliant hue.

But since no thread is made from waves
and none is made from sun,
I'm glad that what I cannot do
are things already done.

She was a hugely popular and highly successful writer here.  As far as I know, she’s the only poet who consistently received about 125-150 reviews on each post.  She also had more fans than anyone else. Her profile records over 1400, even now!  
If you peruse her portfolio, you’ll see subject matter that is not only imaginative but wide-ranging, though a spiritual thread and deep love of nature (*Watch especially for dandelion poems!) should be super easy to spot!   When her beloved grandson, Sawyer, was born her portfolio was suddenly populated with enchanting work meant to charm and mesmerize the smallest ones among us.  (Along with their parents and grandparents!)  [*Watch especially for children’s counting poems.]

The Stars are Falling
March 5, 2015

The stars are falling, falling down,
but never do they reach the ground.
I see them shooting through the sky,
but why not land, I wonder why.

They never make a single sound
although they're falling, falling down.
I guess they love forever flight,
a wild, wild ride that lasts all night.

I've tried to find where they might land,
but still they're there, where they began.
The stars are falling, falling down
to places that cannot be found.

I don't know how, I don't know why
they stay forever in the sky,
but there's no place to which they're bound
as stars keep falling, falling down.

Brooke was often recognized for her talent.  She seldom entered blind contests, because she knew her fans would be terribly disappointed if they missed a post, but she often entered and won site contests.  (We all know how difficult that can be!)  Her pieces were frequently voted Poem of the Month and she earned Poet of the Year 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  In 2015, the year of flagging health, she still managed to snag that coveted 5th place trophy.
She was the #1 Reviewer for years.  Would you believe, in her seven years on-site, she earned THIRTY-EIGHT blue reviewing stars?  (If you'd interested, check out the reviewing comments in her portfolio.)
Of course, Tom recognized a good thing and asked her to become a FanStory instructor.  *smile*  She was a smashing success, and it was not uncommon for her to teach four classes a month:
    Meter and Rhyme – an introductory writing class
    Advanced Poetry – sonnets and other more complex forms
    Poetry Appreciation – required no actual writing
    Grammar Tips/SPAG class – for the prose writers
And if you read much of her work, one thing you’ll quickly notice is the inclusion of each poem’s style/format in the description.  (She was still ‘passively’ teaching even when her classes weren’t in session!)

Mine Eyes Have Seen
quatrains in 8/7/8/7
August 9, 2013
 ‘Write About This’ Poetry Contest Winner

Mine eyes have seen a thousand sights
since first the ocean claimed me,
since first the waves rushed o'er my soul
and no one came to save me.

I've heard the crash of sailing ships,
great vessels turned to splinters,
the dying prayers of drowning men,
their wails reduced to whimpers.

I've known the hopelessness of years
that promise naught but sorrow,
of nothingness devoid of light
with more to come tomorrow.

There was a time I set to sea,
and loved the path I'd taken,
but now I mourn the life I left,
and all that I've forsaken.

I once believed I could not pay
too much for daring's purchase,
but now I mourn the day I slipped
beneath the sea's dark surface.

Now, if you want to revisit Brooke’s portfolio—or become a brand new fan--here’s how you can do that:  [NOTE: Gloria's tip in the Author's Notes is MUCH faster!]
1.)  Go to the ‘Community’ option in the FanStory toolbar.  Select ‘Find a Member’.
2.)  Brooke’s pen name was adewpearl.  Check under the A’s, but it’s likely, due to inactivity, you’ll have to do a search.
3.)  There’s a small ‘search’ bar across from the ‘Find a Member’ headline on that page.  Type in adewpearl and click enter.   A world of wonder and delight will open up for your enjoyment!  (Now, if you like, bookmark Brooke’s profile page so you can easily jump over anytime in the future you wish to be inspired or entranced!)
RIP, dear friend.  You will be missed.  There will certainly never, ever be another Brooke Baldwin.


Author Notes Author's Notes:
Since St. Patrick's Day is just two days away I thought the above image was a perfect choice!


All of the poems are Brooke's.


Dear friends,
PLEASE consider adding your tribute to Brooke to this multi-author book so that her friends and family can find and read all the kind things we have to say and not have to go searching... or just give up and not see what's being said.

Here's how:

1.) Create your own post using a Word doc/whatever
2.) When you are ready to post: RETURN TO THIS BOOK -- either this 'chapter one' OR someone else's post -- and click on the button at the bottom that says: 'Add Chapter'
3.) That's it! If you don't mind - use the next chapter number (in order.)


PLEASE let me know if you see issues or nits with this piece. I want it to makes sense and look good. This one really matters.

Thank you SO much!


From Gloria (to help me explain all this):
Just a couple of points, Brooke on average, posted about once every two days although occasionally more or less, but that would shake out reasonably accurate. She also earned the Writer of the Year Award in 2012 and the first Reviewer of the Year Award in 2015.

Another important feature is the eternal flame. So when you go into Community and drag down the Find a Member you will see on the immediate left, Buddies and next to it Eternal. Click on Eternal and there are a few names of members and Brooke's name is there.


From kiwijenny:
If you go to 'read' and select stand out writing and click on the children category very soon you find her poetry.



Chapter 2
You Beat me Brooke

By robyn corum

I was saddened to hear the news today
A wonderful friend and writer has gone away
She always gave such kind help and love
It made me think of the love from above

To think she is resting in love and peace
With no more pain and lots of relief
She is with the One that loves her so
I am thankful His love she did always show

You'll be missed so much my friend
You will live now where there is no end
This is not really good bye you know
Just look for each one of us when we go

Author Notes I was so sad to hear about Brooke. I had dealings with her from a long time ago on here. She was a great person and friend. When the MS flared up in me we kind of lost contact. I wondered what happened to her. She will be truly missed. She was a loving and kind person. Rest in peace my dear friend!

Chapter 4
Dandelions In Heaven

By robyn corum

How do you say goodbye to someone
you didn't want to leave?

I missed Brooke from the first day she left.
Always hoping and praying she would return.

She was an amazing and brilliant lady.
So talented in her love for writing poetry, and stories.

I would wait after posting a poem
for Brooke to come and correct my mistakes.
And she was never too far behind.
She would make me smile.

I always teased her about her dandelions being weeds.
But she and my granddaughter loved them.

And oh the love she had for her grandson (Sawyer).
I missed not watching him grow up.
He was the apple of her eye.
She wrote many poems about him, and for him.
How he loved nature.
Things that crawled on the ground.
His pictures were precious.

Brooke was a true friend to everyone on FanStory.
Along with being a very talented teacher.
She was, and still is, so very loved.

So I'll put my prayers for her return to rest.
And know that she is now at peace in Heaven.
She will never be forgotten.

May You Rest In Peace Sweet girl.

Know you are now on the FanStory Hall of Fame
with the Best of the Best.
Love You, Linda xxoo





Author Notes I don't know why this is showing this way.It looks perfect on my posting very sorry...

Chapter 5
Keeping All The Memories

By robyn corum

Today the world got a little darker,
the sun refusing to shine.

A friend, teacher, mother, and grandmother,
slipped through this Earthly grasp,
into a world of no world of no suffering.

She battled her health issues,
showing us all how to fight.

Wanting to share her wisdom,
she inspired many of us,

Someone you could look up to,
not many like her exist.
A rarity that you can only treasure.

A person who loved her family,
still her grandson was her greatest gift.

Leaving behind not only a family mourning,
but also this writing community with a new hole;
a hole that cannot be filled by anyone else.

Yes, we gained an angel today,
while keeping all the memories.

Author Notes I'm just sad. There are no words

Chapter 6
A Dear and Talented Friend

By robyn corum

The first communication between Brooke Baldwin and me was a compliment she gave me on my silly Rambles. Not only was she an awesome poet, she was a dear friend that enjoyed teasing me about my poor grammar and even worse spelling. She had a way of making me laugh and it became a game with us. I would find a way to make a comment to her in my posts and she got a real kick out of it too.

She is gone and will be dearly missed by everyone fortunate to have known her. Her love for her grandson showed in so many poems she wrote about him. She left us so abruptly and left a giant hole in our daily reading. Fortunately I bookcased many of my favorites and often reread them.

She was FanStory's number one poet for more than four years, an accomplishment unlikely anyone else will attain. I once asked her if she kept all her trophies on a giant shelf. She told me most were still in their boxes but one day she would buy a special bookcase to show them off.

She didn't write for the trophies, she wrote for the love of poetry. She signed me up for one of her classes but I failed miserably. She insists I didn't but I know I failed.

Dearest Brooke, I will miss you forever.

Sincerely your worst Student,

Sasha AKA Smurhpgirl

Author Notes I doubt I will ever stop crying. I will miss Brooke forever. Those of you that missed reading her poems should go too to my members at the top of the page. Can then click eternal and all the poems of those members that have passed on will show up. Her screen name was Adewpearl. It will be well worth it and you can see why she was so highly regarded.

Chapter 8
On the Wind

By robyn corum

               Another slips by

as passed friends pause here briefly

              before departing


Author Notes Image from ArtistCharles

Copy from another post for this collection.

Chapter 9
A Tribute

By robyn corum

I joined Fanstory between Christmas and New year 2014, so I can't say I knew Brooke.

I never did.

But, I soon heard a lot about her as a person and as a formidable poem writer. I read a few, and to my regret, I never gave her a single review nor commented on her poems. The regrets are purely mine.

I'm so sorry to learn about her passing, and my thoughts reach out to the family. Rest In Peace, Brooke. Ulla:)))

Author Notes Thanks to awmurrey for the use of the artwork.

Chapter 10
I Will Not Mourn

By robyn corum

I will not mourn or cry or sob
or speak of how the reaper robbed.
I won’t lie down and go to sleep
or toss myself in weeping heap.

I’ll celebrate I knew her.

No shouts to skies with screams of why;
no puffy face and swollen eye.
The sun will rise and give off heat.
My world won’t stop, I’ll have to eat.

I’ll celebrate I knew her.

It won’t seem fair; how can this be?
When birds still fly … and bumblebees…
    She meant so much to you and me
    and leaves an endless legacy.
So, I won’t mourn or fall apart;
I'll keep her here, inside my heart.

...And thank the Lord I knew her.


Author Notes Author's Notes:
The image is of Brooke and her grandson, Sawyer. What a cool one - and sooo perfect.

Chapter 11
In the Presence of Sunshine

By robyn corum

Across golden fields
you spread eternal sunshine
shimmering in verse
FanStory has lost a magical presence in adewpearl (Brooke Baldwin.)

I loved reading Brooke's poetry.  Her poems were whimsical, always cheerful, and beautifully composed.  No wonder she was Poet of the Year so many times!  I remember how excited she was about the birth of her grandson, Sawyer.  She kept us up-to-date on what he was doing and frequently included pictures that marked some event in his life.  FanStory felt a great loss when she became ill and could no longer write.  

It was always a thrill to receive a review from Brooke, too.  If I expressed an opinion she disagreed with in an essay, she let me know--in her ladylike way.  Her comments were always positive and helpful.  

What a wonderful legacy she left, and I hope this remarkable poet's daughter Miranda, Sawyer and the rest of her family find joy in many happy memories.  The words of her poems will speak to all of us forever.  She always saw life's flowers--not the weeds.  

Chapter 12
Adieu Adewpearl

By robyn corum

It is sad to read of Brooke Baldwin's, or as we knew her on Fanstory, Adewpearl's passing.

Taking my first tentative steps here on the site six years ago, I was fortunate to 'meet' Brooke.

Brooke was a writer's friend. Highlighting the positive, in even the most mundane writing attempts, Brooke had the capacity to help you believe in your own ability. Hallmark of a true teacher. Her comments kept the budding wannabee writer afloat on a perilous writing sea.

Her love of Nature and especially the humble dandelion was legendary.

Brooke, alias, Adewpearl, it was a privilege to have 'met' you. Rest in peace.

Dandelions yellow
florets sway sadly in breeze.
Brooke bids adieu.

Chapter 14
Adewpearl Brooke

By robyn corum

I see the four-leafed clovers turn their faces to the sun,
I'm sure they search the universe and Heavens for the one
Whose smile delights to see them and they wonder where you've gone
Are you the brightest star tonight that we'll all wish upon?

I see the dandelions sway in fields like ocean waves
As breezes gently blow them in the sunshine's warming rays
They smile to see the clouds of white float in the sky of blue
How can we look upon them all and not remember you?

I see the rainbow in the sky lead to the pots of gold
That are the gates of Heaven and the love inside they hold
As they swing open and the sound of music filters through
The angels play their harps and smile a welcome just for you.

Adewpearl, Brooke, now that you're well again you can be sure,
We'll miss you here on Earth--until we all meet up once more.


Author Notes Brooke was everyone's friend on Fanstory. We will all miss her.

Chapter 16
Remembering A Lady

By robyn corum

Like a flower
that fights to live,
yet dies and
blossoms yet again,
we remember
a fine lady
who rebirths
in our hearts
and our

I still remember my first day
upon this site ... oh what to say.
I posted one, but no reply.
Was I that bad? Wanted to cry.

I tried again and read it through;
still no reply, oh, what to do.
I started reading other posts
of fantasy and scary ghosts,

of love and hate, of nature's play,
of praise of night and sunlit days.
I changed my rhyme and changed my flow,
then words appeared, reviewers know.

I had four people start to read
and they critiqued what I would need
to be the writer they could see
was trying to become in me.

I never will forget their time
and patience getting me to rhyme
and count the flow to make me feel
my words - to make them seem so real.

This lady was one of the four,
that took the time to make me more
the writer that I strove to be.
She showed me how to set words free.

Author Notes cleo85 thank you for permission to use your picture.

Brooke was one of the four writers here on fanstory that took the time to really critique my pieces and help me understand how to make people feel my words. I cherish the time she gave to me as I fought her kicking and screaming into a wonderful friendship through words.

Chapter 18
To Brooke, our Adewpearl

By robyn corum

She shared her world, a world she knew,
with gentle spirit through and through.
She wrote with such compelling grace
that put a smile on every face.
A jewel that shined in morning dew.

Her words would always speak to you,
within her verse, or in review,
she always shared a welcome place.
She shared her world.

She'd dazzled with her technique too.
No format that she couldn't do
She shared her lovely garden space --
the dandelions, and Sawyer's pace.
We cherished every breath she drew.
She shared OUR world,


Author Notes Adewpearl - I miss her dearly. She was my mentor, as she was to so many others on the site. She was the type of poet that would light up your spirit when you saw that name listed in the messages, or ever more so, on a review. I first encountered her when I joined in 2011. She maintained the No 1 spot on the site every year I knew her, since, until she got sick. That was an impressive feat. Anyone who posts the two poems per day, and associated reviewing necessary to stay in the top ten, knows what a grind that is. She had hundreds of avid fans, like myself. She wrote in many poetic formats, always in a positive, upbeat manner. Many were humorous, most were beautiful. When she reviewed you, it was always with a gentle touch. It was always a unique response, never a pasted generality. She would listen to your responses to the review, always ready with a welcome heart and helpful encouragement. She is the one who taught me the beauty of both the structured formats, as well as the unstructured ones, from Free Verse to the Sonnets. She introduced me to the Triolet, the Rondeau, and the Rondeau Redouble. It sparked in me the desire to find out as many formats as possible. A never ending journey, I'm still on today. I miss her dearly!

Farewell my friend, my mentor, my inspiration. Your place is among the Angels.

Chapter 20
To our Brooke! Memories

By robyn corum

I could have sworn I had just seen Brooke look down at me
From high above the clouds she could be watching me.
She has been such a friend in many ways a pure jewel like a pearl
She will be missed by one and all and I just had to say a parting word
To my dear friend and hope she hears all our prayers and sees our tears
As we say so long, be safe, we love, and appreciate all you have done
For all of us over the years as we've all become family and friends
She was so bright and friendly in knowledge and made us all feel at home.

To her dear family and many friends please know this, she maybe gone, but she will
never, ever be forgotten for she has made so many memories for all of us along the
Way. Please remember this she fought one heck of a battle right up to the end! I for one
Will miss her each and every day! She is up there now with all the greats!

Author Notes Love and God Bless from ----country ranch writer---

May you live on in our hearts forever my dear Adapearl!

Chapter 21
Remembering Brooke

By robyn corum

When Brooke (adewpearl) was here, her work was the first I read and reviewed every day. I not only loved her poetry, but I loved her warm, humorous attitude toward life. She and I disagreed on some things (Santa Claus and dandelions), but I counted her as a friend, for Brooke had a way of connecting with everyone.

The day she left for health reasons, I thought it was temporary, and she would come back to us. It never happened. All these years later, hoping and waiting have come to an end with her passing.

I’m grateful for the “Eternal” portfolio* of her work we may still access. If you didn’t know her work, take time to look through it. She lives on in her words.

Brooke’s children’s poems were so outstanding I urged (more like nagged) her to find a publisher for them. Hopefully, Miranda will do that. Those masterpieces must be shared with the world!

Surprisingly, Brooke loved dandelions and often used them in her poems. Here’s one of my favorites:

When Dandelions’ Summer Gold…

When dandelions’ summer gold has morphed to winter white 
and wishes made on wisps of silk have traveled far from sight – 
When possibility has lost the luster of the new, 
I’ll gather up a sweet bouquet of memories of you, 
for nothing that eclipses light eclipses it for long – 
a dandelion soon returns, and love, my dear, is strong. 
A dandelion wish might float to places we can’t see, 
but never will it dissipate, nor does love’s memory. 

How would Brooke want us to remember her? I think the answer is in this outstanding poem.

Make Life Your Prayer

When time arrives to take my leave, 
make life your prayer –
let no one use their time to grieve 
that I’m not there. 
If I can choose what it will be, 
your one memorial to me, 
I only have one wish to share –
make life your prayer. 
I've lived my life, and I believe 
It’s only fair, 
you hear me out and then receive 
my words with care. 
Embrace your passion, then proceed 
to live the life you’re meant to lead. 
Accept my challenge if you dare – 
make life your prayer. 

Thank you, Brooke, for all you have given us. Keep writing. Describe Heaven for us. We’ll be watching Amazon for the book. 

Author Notes * To find Brooke's portfolio, go to "Find a Member" and click on "Eternal" to the left of the abc grid.

Chapter 22
Adieu, Dear Brooke

By robyn corum

 “Do you smile through the shadows? Keep faith in the sun?
There’s much goodness here–so much it may stun!” 
       From “Wide-Open Eyes” by Robyn Corum

Goodness shines today through twilight’s shadows.
As Faith finds its way, smiles bloom like a rose.
We look into our hearts with love that’s pure,
And knowing that with Him, you are secure.
We miss you so, but with our words we write
To keep the candle lit and burning bright.
Though your latest journey begins anew,  
You’ll be with us till we have said “Adieu.”
To our delight, your poetry you shared;
Using the Whitney style, we knew you cared.
Examples of this form are seen below;
One from you, one from me, we’ll gladly show.


My Father’s Garden
by adewpearl (Brooke)

He gardened
from his hammock—
there was no
need for weeding.

bedecked our lawn,
while breezes did the seeding.

Blue Heron Takes a Stroll

by Pam (respa)

Blue Heron
ambles across
my backyard:
long, graceful legs,
gallant strides,
stately posture—
 a peaceful, lithe, wading bird.

“Faith moves mountains; love binds hearts.”
                                Pam (respa)


Author Notes - Author notes from adewpearl (Brooke) for her Whitney poem "My Father's Garden":

"When I was growing up, our lawn was always filled with the glorious color of dandelions, buttercups, clover and wild violets. And smack dab in the middle of the front lawn sat my father's hammock, a place he loved to rest after a hard day of construction work. He worked hard all day; why come home to the chores of gardening when he could lie back and admire all the flowers nature grew for us? A smart man with good taste was my dad.
The Whitney is a 7 line poem with a syllable count of 3-4-3-4-3-4-7, and rhyming is optional."

-My condolences, thoughts, and prayers go out to Brooke's family. Brooke was a one of a kind person and talent. Like many on Fan Story, she meant a lot to me.

-Ironically, I adopted her style of reviewing; I liked it and found it worked well for me.

-The second irony, because I didn't know her until 2015, when I joined FS, is we learned more about each other from the messages we would share. I am one year older than she is, our birthdays are close together, and we lived across the Delaware River from each other; she was in PA; I was in NJ.

-We would reminisce about a wonderful concert venue that eventually became a parking lot. It was called The Valley Forge Music Fair. Some great talents performed there; I think my favorite was Harry Chapin.

-We are all feeling the loss of a very special person who loved her family and her friends on Fan Story. Rest in Peace, my dear friend

Chapter 24
For Brooke

By robyn corum

Just as spring’s fresh breath gives rise to daffodils
and dandelions adorning verdant lawns,
I’ll think of Brooke and all the wondrous things
of which she’d write this special time of year.
In summer when the butterflies are full
aflutter as they go from flower to flower
on sunny days when azure skies are calm,
I’ll sip red wine and read Brooke’s poetry.
I swear I think the fairies are at work
when mountains change from green to hues of reds
and golds and browns as autumn coolness clears
the air and chills the rustling mountain streams.
At Christmastide I think of loved ones lost
throughout the year. I shed some tears.  I smile.
Adewpearl always topped my poet’s Christmas tree,
and there she yet remains as I read her verse tonight.
Brooke’s legacy extends beyond her years—
as with the Bard, her poetry endures.


Author Notes Robyn, thank you for initiating this tribute book for Brooke.
It seems like everything I used to know about formatting a post in Fs has been forgotten. :-(
Thank you for reading my poetry.

Chapter 25
The Golden Ratio

By robyn corum

How does one go about determining a woman's influence through her writing? My choice, was to consider Brooke's body of work as a map of her lifetime, revealing richer detail than perhaps would an autobiography. As I recall, my first encounter with her poetry was in what I referred to as, the black and white series--a comparative study of aesthetics and human preference for the Golden Ratio. The poems endeavoured to show that only by gaining greater distance can we see nature's flawless design. But, it is up close and personal, in places teeming with life and its inherent imperfections, where poetry thrives.

The poem was a ballad about a frail wolf making its way in a snow storm across an ice-covered river--walking carefully so as not to perish through misfortune. However, despite the possibility of breaking through the ice the animal had no choice but to move forward if it was to survive. The work crafted with such skill, it could have been interpreted on different levels. On a cursory reading, I might've merely seen a wolf hunting for food and completely missed it as an archetype for the human condition.

These varying interpretations are what Brooke, the teacher, referred to as elemental layers; undercoats of meaning that usher in allusions enabling readers to see their own reflection in the writing. Importantly, it is this subtle layering, in combination with a lifetime of experience that shapes the chalice from which poetry draws its colour and depth. Consequently, she drew inspiration from all things and we shared mutual admiration for artists including Sylvia Plath, Margaret Atwood, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. To me, it was a deep and abiding intellectual curiosity that gave her poetry an intimate, yet expansive tone. A passion for life empowered her, if even for a moment, to overlay order on a world filled with injustice.

The changing moods of the seasons captivated Brooke and in the beginning were the hallmarks of her verse. She filled her poems with the warm countryside, breathtaking summits, wildlife, flowers and twirling silver leaves. She charmed us with songbirds, pools of Koi and four leaf clovers sprouting under rainbow umbrellas. In fact, one of her poems so inspired me, I planted clover in my newly sodded lawn. It still grows there. Her children's poems were a quest for perfection through the eyes of a child and meant to find innocence in imagination's freedom. So, in the first place, nature inspired much of her poetry until she wrote steadfastly to her ultimate muses, her family and grandson.

In writing this tribute I asked myself how to assimilate a lifetime of experience that influenced Brooke's writing. The answer was clear, I couldn't. As much as I would like to believe I am familiar with another person, I can only reminisce with the sound of one voice--my own.

A Four Leaf Clover

I search for words among the stones
awash in emerald water where,
the lakes with deep poetic tones
inspire the hearts of those who care.

Angelically the song of spring
resounds with bashful flower trills.
Light headed, drunk on words ... I sing
intrigues with dancing daffodils.

The summer's passion soon will come
to fill my eyes with radiance.
Each four-leaf clover sure to thrum
your rare and lasting excellence.

I owe a grateful debt to Brooke Baldwin, friend, mentor and outstanding woman and poet. Rest in Peace. You have made all the difference in the world.


Author Notes Thank you for reading.

Chapter 26

By robyn corum

Now shall we mourn. The time has come
to bid adieu, our pearl is gone;
her home is now Taraxacum.

The clock's been blown, new suns have shone
throughout the fields, Elysian,
not asphodels, but dent-de-lion.

It seems that she's been called upon
to write the world a brighter poem.

For all of us this time will come.
The wheel must turn. Be not forlorn.

Chapter 28
More Tributes

By robyn corum

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From kiwijenny:

Farewell Dear Friend
To our dear friend and poet, Brooke
farewell and adew

From RGStar:         -with audio reading

Pathway to Love
With fresh allure meanders a brackish breeze through hollows of my heart
Within its murmur, soft whisperings and forebodings, with aim to tear me apart
But oh, to remember bright days in September when, she, a late season sought
Awaiting grey, with rhyme she'd belay such words of beauty to every thought

...on her pathway to love


When heard of clouds in haste, ample at her door, pinning purpose to the floor
Time, brash through her gate, clothed in lace, slight of face--yet, she stayed sure
For lonely that walk before, on some desolate shore--sleet and hail at her back
Now, so quiet a river found, still of sound, saffron heady off that beaten track

...on her pathway to love


No more that chill and erosion of will that would breaths of uncertainty endorse
That stilling of hearts with amiable ambiguity, whence dread and hope converse
Peaceful now the view, for still waters and green grass shall no rotten fruit yield
Neither shall her feet stumble, nor unopened eyes stray that blinding light afield

...on her pathway to love


So on through sweet petrichor stride, where wet leaves reside, 'neath branches low
Among geraniums and rose, a wish or suppose: a brief touch of pink violets that flow
Asleep in dreams of bygone days and grandson's ways; visions of a place high above
There, share a cup of sweet freedom with 'One'...smiling, softly, on her pathway to love

RIP, my friend (RGstar 17-03-2019)

From mrsmajor:

I Remember Brooke
Our hands have never clasped in friendship's grasp
We've never shared a cup of lukewarm tea
Her favorite song she never told to me,
yet, sadness touched me with a sudden gasp

I knew dear Brooke oh yes I knew her well,
we shared some time together through her muse,
and did allow my head to sometimes swell
as 5 stars she would give me with her views

(but only if)

Each 't' was crossed, and 'I's were dotted too
She also taught to take that second read,
so errors that I made were just a few
To all those tips, I've certainly took heed

But now a broken heart is what I feel,
I know there's none that even could replace,
and surely even sadness it will heal,
yet memories...they'll stay...I can't erase

Each poem that she penned was like fine wine
the words were typed exactly in their space,
so all together we would love each line,
And I would see the smile on her own face

I'll miss dear Brooke,
for now,
but this I know,
for sure,
we'll meet again,
I know where she did go.



From LIJ Red:

       The dew is pearls upon the grass
       in heat of morning's rising sun.
       The songbirds say the night is done.
       The flowers spread their petals wide
       their glory will not be denied   
       as spring begins her breathless run
       the dew is pearls.

       I never met that gentle lass
       but loved the things she had to say
       so swiftly steams the dew away
       as all good things are born to pass,
       the dew is pearls.

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Chapter 29
Pearls of Wisdom

By robyn corum

Pearls of wisdom, brilliant as morning dew
Scattered over the firmament of Fanstory.
Whimsical notions embellished by a few
Rare discernment of life transitory.

Dandelions, daffodils, shadows and sand grain,
Her muse never failed in measure or in rhyme.
Sawyer's wonder about falling stars and rain,
Fireflies and rising bubbles made her life sublime.

Every being for her glowed with divinity,
Ladybugs or caterpillar were no less entities.
Aliens with twenty warts too had credibility,
Octopus and pachyderms strut with same serenity.

A joyful spirit, she wrote with rhythmic phrasing,
Of moon or worm they were equally amazing.

Author Notes Apart from the technical perfection of her poems what amazed me was that she could write about anything, be it an ant or skipping stones.I once asked if she ever write a poem without rhyming, she said it was difficult for to write free worse!
I hoped she would become alright and be back here. Now and then I used to check 'community' page to see if there was any information.
Now she is with Him, sitting by His side.
Thank you very much avmurray for this artwork.

Chapter 30
When the wild west wind...

By robyn corum


When the wild West wind speaks no more, the East wind's laid its bed.
Creation's song is past's refrain, when epitaphs are read.
Those books of life by ears are heard, your name's declared and said.
Your earthbound deeds and kindly ways forever fills your stead.

When scribes have had their final say that fill a million scripts.
Yet one small tear from hearts you've touched fills tomes of manuscripts.
Though saints and prophets speak wise words she'll stand with out a stain.
For I believe eternal deeds forever will remain.

When love is weighed with grace and truth in letters bright and bold --
on scrolls of parchment burn these words...Earth's time can't tarnish gold.

Yet dust produces pearls.
RIP Brooke.

R.Owen 21/03/2019


Author Notes I knew Brooke from late 2013 till her illness suddenly claimed her in May 2015 She was ever the perfect lady, helpful, kind, just ever warm and, and I learnt what perfect rhymed metered was. God's Angels have taken her to her reward and joy. Ever with the Father and His Son and Spirit. RIP in the everlasting arms. Till we meet again Roy
Revelation 21:4 "He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, death will be no more; mourning and crying and pain will be no more; for the first things have past away."

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