"Creative Collections"

Chapter 1
Creative Collections

By dovemarie

Collections created from feelings and reflections
Reflections on my past, present and future paths
Paths narrow or wide, some smooth, some with rocks
Rocks rising out of bubbling brooks and mountain streams
Streams of verse and rhythm in harmonic creation
Creation filled with reality mixed with fantasy
Fantasy and dreams blending with plans and goals
Goals I've reached with help or alone, wonderful achievements
Achievements built on hard work and hopes
Hopes born out of my creative collections

Author Notes This is the first poem in my book of poems, "Creative Collections," for the Na-Po-Wri-Mo contest. Started kind of late, but I'll catch up.

Chapter 2
Opening Door

By dovemarie

Feeling good
Never thought I could
A time for healing
Good feeling

Opening door
Rich, no longer poor
People listening
Door opening

Author Notes I just got a new job working with children at a local school. I'd been praying about it for a long time. Also am working at the outdoor restaurant job that I've had since 2015. Thanks to Annalinda from Fan Art Review.

Chapter 3

By dovemarie

Fledgling seagull cries

Spreads her wings

Soaring over dunes

Author Notes I love seagulls, they come in to my city and are crying, crooning and soaring through the skies. Thanks to rhianjane from Pixabay.

Chapter 4
Triduum Theme

By dovemarie

Thursday I partake in the Passover feast
"Whoever would be greatest, must be least"
We look at each other in dismay...
Which of us will betray?

Friday I abstain from meat
Honoring Christ's butchered flesh so sweet
I walk the Way of the Cross
Suffering from bitter loss

Saturday I mark His time in the grave
Keeping vigil in silence
Kneeling in repentance
In the City of Peace, a Savior is reborn to redeem and save

Author Notes The Triduum is the three days before Easter Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. Jerusalem means "City of Peace." Thanks to Bradiporap from Pixabay.

Chapter 5
Under the Table

By dovemarie

Sitting on the bar stool
Mixing drinks like a fool
Watching the sharks playing pool
Thinking I'm so cool

Picking up drink after drink
Such a headache, I can barely think
Under the table, I start to sink
Should I tell all this to my shrink?

Author Notes Inspired by a woman who visited me tonight and was drinking her pain and emptiness away. Thanks to pics kartub from Pixabay

Chapter 6
Winter Wolverine

By dovemarie

A clear April morn
Turned into clouds and rain
A lamb followed by a winter wolverine
Sinking its fangs into a blossoming scene

Steady rain beat upon the ground
Gusty winds blew a shrieking sound
Wet snowflakes fell onto greenery
Slushy puddles invaded spring scenery

A freak snowstorm had been sent
Daffodils and tulips shivered and bent
The next day it was all gone
With rosy-pink sunrise painting a new dawn

Author Notes Yesterday, April 16, spring rain turned into a freak snowstorm, here in New England. Thanks to Bethany Wallace from Pixabay

Chapter 7
Patriotic Victory

By dovemarie


Produce patriots

Bloody victories

Painful remembrance of bravery

Author Notes I chose to write a short poem about Patriots Day this year because I am sick of all the wars where so many innocent men, women and even children have to fight, hide, and shed their blood, or become homeless, orphans, disabled vets, etc. I hope the battles between blacks and whites, the terrorist attacks, and other wars end soon! Thanks to Keturah Moller from Pixabay

Chapter 8
Spring Vacation

By dovemarie

Children at play on spring vacation

Tumbling, skipping, jumping, running

A week of relaxation

Foretaste of summer fun

School work forgotten

Fresh air, light breeze




Author Notes I just started a job as a lunch monitor with elementary school children, and I watch them play at recess. Their play inspired this poem. They are now out on spring vacation until April 26. Thanks to VMarguarite from Fan Art Review.

Chapter 9
Nightfall, Daybreak

By dovemarie

As the night falls, the shadows loom,
Slanting through curtains in my room
Crackling leaves whisper fairy tales,
Dusky clouds drift as moonlight pales
I hear night birds cooing melodious love calls
Stealthy soft steps on dark-green grass as the night falls

Day-breaking light fills my blurred eyes
I hear faint hoots of owls so wise
Newspaper tossed onto front porch
With fading glow of street lamp torch
Avian concert caroling over the height
Of mountains and hills worshipping day-breaking light

Author Notes Thanks to Van Long Bui from Pixabay

Chapter 10

By dovemarie

within massive bloom

lies a small bud covered up

missing fresh rainfall

Author Notes Thanks to Please support me! Thank you! from Pixabay

Chapter 11
Living, Dying, Rising

By dovemarie

Living in sin, living in hope

Dying to self, dying, in efforts to cope

Rising in rebirth, rising star over a new earth

Author Notes I have created this new form of a tercet. Double word means the same word is used twice in each line. Rhyming can be anywhere - at the end of the first two lines, or at the end of each line, or rhyming words within the same line. The actions of "living, dying, and rising" remind me of the Easter season, what Christ did for all of us. Thanks to AD Images from Pixabay

Chapter 12
Gifts and Graces of the Spirit

By dovemarie

The Holy Spirit keeps a balance
In the use of our gifts and talents
A little boy shares his meager fare,
Inspiring all to share and care
A miraculous meal from five loaves and two fish
Where everyone received as much as he could wish
With the Lord's glorious ascent
Comes His Spirit's loving descent

Author Notes Inspired by a homily I heard at church the other day, about the Holy Spirit and the feeding of the five thousand. Thanks to Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Chapter 13
Easter Message

By dovemarie

On the feast of our resurrected King
Fell the anniversary of Martin Luther King

In a time of racial insurrection
We celebrate the Resurrection

In these days of white supremacy
Minorities beg for clemency

Today the scales of justice tipped
In favor of black men who once were whipped

Blacks and whites in vicious hate burning
Today I see the tide turning

Who could predict
A just verdict?

Punishment inflicted
Guilt of many depicted

A man who used excessive force...
Today history plots a new course

African or Hebrew
Negro or Jew
With changing history
We must learn to live in commonality

Author Notes Thoughts about how Easter fell on April 4, the 53rd anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination. and the justice that was rendered in the Chauvin trial, proving that black lives do matter. The jury was made up of blacks, whites, and racially mixed, so several cultures had a hand in making the decision. Thanks to Arek Socha from Pixabay


Chapter 14
Stormy Seas

By dovemarie

Waves crashing, wind-swept waters
Raging around whirlpools

When all is ended, peace reigns

Author Notes Thanks to William Runcie from Fan Art Review. Poems like this one make me feel as though I am getting all my raging thoughts and feelings out.

Chapter 15
Shifting Winds of April

By dovemarie

April winds are like a baby's breath,
Breath so soft, sweet and warm
Warm fingers running through your hair
Hair blowing through sweet-scented air
Air that becomes sudden chills
Chills mixed with bleak rainfall
Rainfall splattering as wind ruffles lakes
Lakes and rivers churning faster
Faster with windy gusts so powerful
Powerful hands conduct the shifting winds of April

Author Notes Today in Massachusetts we had 40 degree weather, high winds, some sun, some rainfall, all kinds of changes. Image by Brigitte from Pixabay

Chapter 16
The Unemployment Line

By dovemarie

Years ago I lived in poverty
On other people's charity
"Beggar" marked me with stark clarity

I used to leaf through ads and apply,
More often than not, I got no reply
I'd sit in my room and cry,
"Why, why, why?"

Interviewing face to face,
Business indicated, "Here, you have no place."

Their attitude was curt,
I felt so hurt
Treated like a piece of dirt

In time I went into treatment
Everything started making sense
I pounded the pavement,
Building up self-confidence

I overcame a mental block,
Standing proudly on high-self-esteem's rock

There was no more fear
That invaded me year after year
I now work every day,
With no obstacles in my way!

Author Notes Nine years of unemployment after high school graduation, three of those years in backward, low-level workshops. Developed a spotty work history after those nine years of unemployment. Lived on general relief for seven years. Thanks to Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Chapter 17
Final Farewell

By dovemarie

We gathered on a peaceful afternoon to say "Goodbye"
To a friend soon to die

Glad, in a way, this death we expect,
While still alive, he heard words of final respect

We all shared laughter and tears
Talking about our experiences throughout the years
He looked very weak, but to us he's strong
He had a friendly word, to help us along

Long ago he recovered from drink,
With the help of his wife, a faithful link

We sang "Amazing Grace,"
Joy and grief on every face
This was a day of friendship and love
Blessed by angels from above

Author Notes A fellow club member at the day program I attend is dying of pancreatic cancer, stage 4. We celebrated his life the other day at a luncheon in his honor. Thanks to VMarguarite from Fan Art Review.

Chapter 18
Three-Legged Stool

By dovemarie

Pray for all, pray you won't fall

Fast and abstain, fast and you will gain

Give to those in need, give with a good deed

Author Notes double tercet form - three words in the title, each word in title repeated twice in each line, rhyme or not, as you prefer. A three legged stool in Catholicism signifies "prayer," "fasting," and "almsgiving." Thanks to VMarguarite from Fan Art Review.

Chapter 19

By dovemarie


Dressing poorly

Scruffy look




Author Notes Thanks to Jerzy Gorecki from Pixabay

Chapter 20
Seagulls Return

By dovemarie

From shell-laden rocks

Far out on windy bays

Scavenger gulls return

Author Notes I always love to see the seagulls hovering overhead when I'm lying on a beach.

Chapter 21
Mournful Memories

By dovemarie

Weeping every morning
Keeping memories alive
Sleeping and waking from bad dreams
Creeping along-don't know how I survive

Making fantasies into realities
Taking out pictures of a child gone astray
Waking up crying from painful thoughts
Faking happy moments with my life in disarray

Author Notes Memories of my son who is now 35 years old and told me through an agency that he doesn't want any more correspondence from me. Thanks to cleo85 from Fan Art Review.

Chapter 22
Ordinary Afternoon

By dovemarie

Today I went window shopping
(Not bar hopping!)
Taking a look
Forgot checkbook

Sunbathing on a sandy beach
Hearing seagulls screech
Flaming sunset
Striking inlet

Sitting down in my friend's new car
Couldn't go far
I must admit
With no permit!

Author Notes These are activities that I do by myself or with my friends. Just ordinary, everyday activities. Thanks to Nashrulloh Huda from Pixabay

Chapter 23
Winter White - Spring Green

By dovemarie

Trees decked in winter white
Snow-covered mountain height
Waning sunlight
Picture post-card delight

Sparkling dew flashing on emerald lawn
Pink clouds hide behind approaching dawn
Shrubs dressed in glorious green
Winter evolving into spring scene

Countryside fresh with waving grass
Visible due to winter's pass
Gardens full of vari-colored mass

With this spring's arrival
Marks the courage of winter's survival

Author Notes I think of a line in The Crucible by Arthur Miller: one of the characters, Proctor, says to his wife: "Massachusetts is a beauty in the spring!" It certainly is. Thanks to Christophe Schindler from Pixabay

Chapter 24
The Judas In Him

By dovemarie

To him I was an object to get laid
Never thought I'd be betrayed
Years of mixed message after message
Tearing my feelings into disastrous wreckage

His "Hey, I do love you" in conversation
Gave me a wild, glowing sensation
This was his loving portrayal
Soon to blossom into withering betrayal

He left me for another
I was getting too old to suffer
Leading me on into a darkened forest
With my heart hammering 'neath my breast

A lover's fantasy
Turned to harsh reality
Never should I have given my heart
He broke it right from the very start

Author Notes A man named Stephen led me on for years, then went off and had good times with a girlfriend. He had asked me to be his girlfriend, then a couple of weeks later he started hanging around with her. He was with her for 8 or 9 years, until she died.
Thanks to Stanislav Velek from Pixabay

Chapter 25
Recess Time

By dovemarie

Little girls in pink and green dresses,
Wind blowing through curly tresses
Little boys tripping over a tree stump,
Chasing friends behind a flowering clump

Running, racing, rolling hoops,
I love watching these young troops
Hopping, skipping, leaping,
For awhile they are in my keeping

Taking turns playing with toys,
Making excited, happy noise
They are sweet and loving joys

Author Notes I watch the kids I work with at recess, and it's great to see them playing so well and happily together. Thanks to Pixabay for photo

Chapter 26
My Call to Motherhood

By dovemarie

What is a mother made of?
A little girl, holding her doll
Awaiting motherhood's call

What is a mother made of?
The fruit of her tree
Strong, healthy and sturdy

What is a mother made of?
Instinct and perception
The joy and pain of conception

What is a mother made of?
The sweet expectations of a young girl
Someday to hold in her womb a precious pearl

Author Notes This poem is about myself, but I chose to write it in the third person, feeling as though I were standing aside, looking back at myself in my earlier years, long before my child was taken away from me Thanks to egor105 from Pixabay

Chapter 27
Sunlight On The Roof

By dovemarie

Shining beams dart about the roof, clouds combining
Combining with reddish-pink images shining

Slanting rays, so enchanting
Enchanting figures on rooftop's slanting

Flashing flames on top of traffic
Traffic whizzing through morning stars flashing

Author Notes I was standing on the roof of my friend's apartment building at early morning sunlight. These are the pictures that came to mind Thanks to William Runcie from Fan Art Review

Chapter 28
Conversation With Calliope

By dovemarie

Speaking with my muse

In a midnight enchantment

Carving out verses

Greek goddess in my nature

New poetic creations

Author Notes As a lot of you might already know, Calliope is the Muse of Poetry. I am half-Greek, And I feel as though I've been conversing with her a lot at this time. Thanks to greentop from Fan Art Review.

Chapter 29
Raindrop Melodies

By dovemarie

When I see fire and rain,
I know loss and pain;
In the pattering of drops on my window pane,
I hear the rhythm of the rain;
Raindrops keep falling on my head
As I catch a glimpse of the rain, the park,
and other things...
Suddenly I turn around and he's gone
I creep lonely to bed, quiet as a mouse,
Living in my rainy night house
Yet raindrops still fall, mixed with teardrops,
From my eyes,
Sundering binding ties

Author Notes I've used several song titles that have to do with rain. Maybe a lot of you can pick them out. Thanks to James Taylor, The Cascades, B.J. Thomas, the Cowsills, Joni Mitchell, and Dee Clark for the songs I used in this poem. I grew up on these songwriters from the 60s and 70s. Thanks to Free-Photos from Pixabay

Chapter 30
To Fan Story Family - A Tribute

By dovemarie

Through the years, the writers I've met
Are people I will never forget
You've given reviews, constructively criticized,
My poetry has been honestly analyzed

You've given me suggestions on how to improve,
For getting my writing back in the groove
When you point out typos, I go in and edit
For truth and honesty, I give you full credit

I've made some dear friends through this site,
Making dark days happy and bright
Learning new rhyme schemes and styles,
A bridge of love across the miles

So much information,
Creation and dedication
All of you have added to my education
You've been my inspiration

I have a great time
With swap quatrain, nonet, and mono rhyme
Tanka, haiku and mirror sestet,
Nove otto and septolet

You've taken me on image-filled trips,
Physical and mental
Geological and environmental
Sociological and philosophical

To you my brothers and sisters, I give a salute,
Extending my sincerest tribute

Author Notes I think this poem is a perfect ending to my Na-Po-Wri-Mo contest book "Creative Collections." Thank you to all Thanks to John Conde from Pixabay

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