"Limericks 2022"

Chapter 1
Just Yolking Around

By Debra White

There was a young lady named Meg
who found herself stuck in an egg.
A cheeky wee chick,
she got quite a kick
from flashing a lean chicken leg.


Author Notes A little bird (Robyn) let it be known that today (12th May) is National Limerick Day.

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Chapter 2
Picture Perfect

By Debra White

Serena Simone Shandygaff
could not resist making folks laugh.
With no airs or graces,
she pulled funny faces
and wrecked all and each photograph.


Author Notes There's one in every family!

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Chapter 3
Achoo, Achoo, Aaargh-choo!

By Debra White

A gratified gal from Saint Whitlow
gestated a giant potato.
Though she wasn't as thrilled
when she sneezed, 'cause it spilled
from her arms to her gammy big toe.


Author Notes Gammy - (British informal) sore or lame

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Chapter 4
Pick At Your Own Peril

By Debra White

Young Marmaduke, Matthew and Moses
persistently poked up their noses.
Then rotten luck struck! -
Their fingers got stuck
and now they can't play 'Ring O' Roses.'


Author Notes "Ring o' Roses", "Ring a Ring o' Rosie", or (in the United States) "Ring Around the Rosie" is originally an English nursery rhyme or folksong and playground singing game. (Wikipedia)

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Chapter 5
An Odd Couple

By Debra White

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.

The friendship between them was thick.
You wouldn't have thought they would click.
A curious pair,
old hare was a square
and hedgehog was simply a prick.



Author Notes thick - close (in friendship)
click - to get along very well and very quickly with someone.
square - unexciting, unadventurous, mainstream or dull.

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Chapter 6
I Know A Young Lady

By Debra White

I know a young lady named Heather
who's giddy, whatever the weather.
She's always delighted
and overexcited -
It's just like she's sat on a feather.


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Chapter 7
In The Light Of The Moon

By Debra White

The graveyard at night time is spooky,
but not so for sleepwalker Suki.
Strolling down there each night
without fail, in moonlight -
The ghosts think she's crazy and kooky!


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