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Serria asks Bethany for help

A chapter in the book Killer Candy

Meeting with Georg

by krprice

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

Serria and Keur search for the maker of candy killing kids.
Note: Georg is pronounced Gayorg

"This is now an interplanetary issue," Serria said. "We need to talk to Bethany."

Both her companions nodded, and they hurried to the assembly building. Serria didn't even bother to stop at the reception desk which screened those entering, leading them to the elevator and pushing the button.

"Wait," the woman at the desk called. "Who are you and why are you here?"

Detective Danforth whipped out his badge as they passed her. "Come on official business."

The woman didn't have time to do more as the elevator came, and they walked in, the door closing quickly. Serria pressed the button to Bethany's floor, and they rose. Once there, Serria strode to Bethany's office, walked right past the secretary, and flung open the door.

"We need help," Serria said to Bethany who sat at her desk.

The assemblywoman looked up from her computer. "What's wrong?"

Serria explained the situation.

"I'll call President Ahlberg." Bethany dialed the comlink. When it connected, she demanded in an urgent tone, "This is Assemblywoman Gossen. I must talk with the president now. What do you mean he's busy?"

Bethany turned to the others. "She whispered help and cut the call."

The detective's phone rang. "Detective Dansforth." Moments later, giving the others no explanation, he ran from the office.

"Something's going on," Serria said. "Bethany, lead us to the president's office."

Bethany jumped up, scrambled around her desk, and the trio dashed to the stairs, down to the first floor, and from the building.

Serria spotted Gwyn Prequin, her old high school nemesis, lurking behind a tree. What's she up to know, she wondered?

They shoved their way through local police and green uniformed security guards. Bethany led them into the large, black stone building, up two flights of stairs, and into a red carpeted hallway.
Four doors down, Bethany pushed open two doors. Serria stepped in front of her to find Rohn and a Kaskellian man who held a laser to the president's head.

In broken trade, the Kaskellian threatened, "I will blow his head off, start war, if we do not get one hundred thousand Alosian gold bars and safe passage off planet!"

After retrieving his bag of gems from his grandfather's safe, Neu met Shaylyne, Mike, and Vik in front of a half a city block of a black stone building. Atop the entrance hung a three foot, dark red sign that read Rodolfo's, and under that Jewelry Store was written in red also but was a foot shorter. Ebony metal bars stretched across the windows to discourage thieves. However, blue, green, red, purple, and gems of various colors, shapes, and sizes glittered in the morning sun.
Upon entering, the quartet stepped on a white stone floor, and all around them gemstones, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants sat in glass cases.

A heavyset, middle-aged man shoved aside strands of green and yellow beads and strutted into the front.

"Welcome to my humble shop" he boomed in a bass voice. "I am Rodolfo. And who do I have the pleasure of meeting?" His dark blue gaze landed on Vik.

"Vik Juleskova," she said and ambled up to the counter. "I have some gems I'd like to sell." She pulled a black cloth bag from her purse and dumped it on the counter. A dozen gems tumbled out. They were of various shapes, sizes, and colors--two pink squares, two yellow ovals, two dark green round ones, and six green and purple straight ones the size of a baby's finger.

The jeweler's eyes widened to the size of a dinner plate. "Where did you get these?"

"In secret location," Vik said.

"The same place we got ours," Mike said as he and his sister strode up next to Vik. "Mike and
Shaylyne Brimsen."

Mike emptied his bag on the counter, well away from Vik's. He and Shay only had three pale blue triangular stones and three purple squares.

Rodolfo examined each one with his loupe, making Vik and the Brimsens fair offers which they took.

"Neu Knotts," he said as the trio ambled around and gazing at the valuables. He poured his treasures onto the counter--one pink and round, three, crimson squares, three, dark green ovals, and two midnight blue triangles.

Again, Rodolfo scrutinized each

"I guess you won't tell me where you got them either,"

"Nope," he said.

"I can sell these easily, but I want a fifty percent commission,"

"Nope," Neu told him and scooped up his jewels. "Thanks for your time."

Before Rodolfo could protest, they marched from his shop.

Outside, Vik said, "I'll talk to mother and Lady Natalia. They each know ladies who would be interested. And probably the Gang of Nineties."

Neu's stomach growled.

"Let's go eat," Vik suggested and led them to Hyleen's Diner.

Dramatis Personae of Deadly Sweets

Cultures of Deadly Sweets
Alosian--canary yellow skinned, Nordic culture
Crescenji--brown-skinned, warrior culture
Jetahn--white-skinned, Russian culture
Kaskellia--red/crimson skinned, Chinese culture
Muswella--black-skinned, Scottish culture
Muswella--desert, brown-skinned, Meiglan, Islamic culture
Muswella--desert, brown-skinned, Nutmeigs, Radical Islamic culture

Dramatis Personae

Serria Stripeclaw--Crescenji Warrior, private investigator, partnered with Keur
Keur Matiason-- Half Alosian, half Kaskellian, computer expert, private investigator, partnered with Serria
Vik Juleskova--Half Jetahni, half Kaskellian, trader, owner of RAINBOW DREAMS
Mike Brimsen--Alosian, trader, co-owns the SILVER MOON
Shaylyne Brimsen--Alosian, trader, co-owns the SILVER MOON
Alyci McCready--Muswellan, black-skinned, agent at Thair and Thatt Agency
Lieu Kwan--Kaskellian, Keur's aunt, famous for her teas
Skerry Royk--Kaskellian, Vik's mother, bioengineering specialist
Rogel Irriksohn--Alosian, rich, owner of Irriksohn Corporation
Mak Redtail-- Crescenjian, doctor on Alosian Space Station, Serria's boyfriend
Neu Knotts--Alosian, rich, trading partner with Keur Matiason, owner of BRIGHT STAR
Hans Dansforth--Alosian, detective on Kondreal Police Force

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