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The earth is about to receive a messenger from space.

The Hybrid

by Mr. Green

The new cadet had questions. But if he did not choose his words carefully, he could terminate his own existence.

"What is it?" The commander asked.

"He's too young." The cadet replied.

"I have followed his test results since he was conceived." The Commander said.

Stepping to the large screen, above the control panel, he pointed.

"That is the most valuable planet in this galaxy." The commander began, "Its rich environment is like a cadmium stone used to create the element 115 that is used to generate power for our ships, and that planet also holds the secrets that produce the artificial gravity that we have been using in our inter-planetary flights..

The commander paused to watch the young cadet. To see if he truly understood the importance of what he was trying to explain. Then he turned to look at the large holographic screen. "They will need an ambassador, just as we did."

The young cadet started to interrupt, when the commander's sudden glare stopped him.

"...Science does not define perfection, and it is not safe in the hands of fools. There are enough people on that planet who are not fools, but dreamers. Dreamers who do not yet know they are also, what they would call, toddlers, when it comes to true science.

We learned a long time ago that there are beings in this universe who do not feel compassion, they only act upon their desire to please themselves, without showing any care or concern, to the indigenous elements.

"Walk with me" the commander said, as he opened a doorway.

The young cadet followed the commander to the end of the ship where there was a visual port, a place where they could look at the beauty of space.

"If you think of all of that..." He gestured to the dark vastness through the visual portal, "If you think of all of that, as a dark, ocean, that we are able to navigate through. Each galaxy, a continent, each world, an island. There are so many island-worlds out there, worlds that even we, have not yet found.

The universe is filled with an endless supply of wonders, discoveries, friendships and enemies. That is why this federation had to be formed.

But there are those outside of the federation, who have not taken the 'oath of preservation' and some of those entities only wish to dominate, control, or destroy those island-worlds. They are much like the people of earth who also have this gene, in their DNA.

But unlike the others, people of earth are still so very young in their self-awareness, there is still hope for them. But they too are fearful of what they cannot understand, control or destroy. And many of them are still selfish and arrogant when they look upon their own reflection."

The commander took a look around the ship and then he glanced at the young cadet, and said, "Can you imagine how much richer their science would be, and how many advancements, would have already been made, if this; was not part of their life cycle."

The cadet took several moments to reflect on what the commander was telling him. He remembered his study in 'The ambiguity of science, and all living things', during his academy.

He was also required to study the history of pirate ships and how they operated in the universe, and concluded that the commander's conversation was allowing his brain to formulate different thoughts on the matter.

But this did not explain his fundamental question.


"Commander, why send this hybrid human to a place where he could possibly get terminated?"

The commander looked disappointed, then he said;

"Do you remember when the 'Hunters' came for our planet so many centuries ago?
We had ambassadors who were watching our planet at the time.

If it were not for the willingness of those alien life forms, to help in our advancement when we needed them, the 'Hunters' would have destroyed every living thing on our planet."

The commander turned his attention back to the screen.

"To answer your question, it is because this hybrid is most like them. He is capable, of interacting with the people of earth. He is the highest form of hybrid we have created so far. He looks like them, he talks like them, he understands many of their languages, and this one can also interbreed with them."

The cadet stood in silence as his commander continued.

"...He must be sent to earth with enough authority, that they will listen to what he has to tell them. This must be done, before it is too late."

"Too late for what commander?" The cadet asked. He quickly realized that his curiosity might anger his commander, but he asked his question, anyway, "Sir, what will this hybrid tell the people of earth?"

The commander walked over to the control panel and passed his hand over some buttons. A new screen came up, showing an army of ships coming in their direction.

"They are only two light years away." The commander said. "...This planet is much too valuable to let them plunder it. " He looked at the cadet for several moments. He knew by the cadet's body language and manner of speech, that he had promise, but he needed this young Placorian to be more respectful, What's the word, he thought, the word they used on earth..., more disciplined.

Then he turned to look at the screen, once again.

He was looking at the planet, the one humans call Earth, and said; "It is our turn now, cadet; we must prepare for them," reflecting upon the history of his own planet. His next words were said, quietly but confidently;

"The people of earth, they have a violent history, but they are like children playing with dangerous toys. If we do not prepare them for what is about to take place, they will cease to exist. Now do what I have ordered.

The hunters are coming."

The seed for this story was planted when I wrote "A Prelude To War" as part of a 75 word writing contest. It was a challenge, only 75 words, so I thought I would expand on this idea. To have some fun writing, science fiction.
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