Romance Poetry posted January 30, 2021

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I am growing stronger every day bc he keeps me strong

Only with you ...

by Melodie Michelle

Dedicated to my unique partner and the patience he shows me daily while showing me my own strength that I must use. Only with him can I be strong;-)
My soul needs you
everyday in order
for me to be okay ...
I still can't believe
sometimes that
you're real
and aren't
going away ...

The liars, users,
abusers and fakes
seem too much
as they do all they can
to get in my head ...
I'm much stronger now
and I do refuse
to listen
to the things
that they have said ...

I look back often
just to see
all of the things
that from me
you saved ...
if not for you
keeping me safe
and telling me
to face them
and that I have
to show myself
that forever
I'm to be braved ...

those old things
from back then
have been conquered
and stopped ...
but still they
try to invade
all of my thoughts ...

it's something
that I may have
to fight each day ...
but it's worth it
to me
to fight with all I have
knowing they will
have no choice
but to simply
go away ...

you take care of me
and always
have my back ...
that gives me strength
to stand up to them
to where they
don't care to attack ...

so see babe
even tho you
taught me
how to stand
tall and firm ...
against those things
that want to
keep me down
only with you
am I strong
on my own
that I truly
must confirm ...


My partner keeps me strong by showing me my own strength ... That is the secret ... he showed me how to stand tall alone but only bc he's behind me and only with him am I strong on my own!
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