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This essay offers steps to achieve a happy and relaxing life

In Search of a Better Life

by Goodadvicechan

Life is no more than a learning journey. We are born to learn; learn to walk, to speak, and to write. When we enter our society offering services, we are in fact like entering into a university. Everyday is a new lesson. We must do our best to learn and apply what we have learned in our daily use. Life is a learning path.

We have no choice but to finish our life journey. No matter how far your journey is, how many number of turns, whether the journey is dangerous, or even if there are wicked people who block your road, you have to face such situations and deal with them. Not every route is a dangerous road. You have choices. You can choose a new route. As long as you are brave, willing to deal with difficult situations and willing to move forward, you will be able to find a road suitable for you. What you need is patience and a positive attitude, then you will be able to finish your journey with a relaxed and happy mood.

Regretting the past doesn't solve any problem. We must let the past be the past, while still learning from the past experience. Only then, we can enrich our own knowledge. Remember to stand up from where you fall and continue your journey till you achieve your goal.

Life is forever changing. Some people can jump out of a difficult situation and achieve great success, while others become dispirited, leaving them unable to cope with life's difficulties. They prefer to wear a sad face and live in the dark rather than have to face reality.

If you want to overcome this situation and be carefree, first of all, you need to improve yourself. Treat people in good conscience. Always be alert and look at everything with an open-mind. There is no need to be overly worried but just relax and be happy. Cherish what you have now and enjoy life. Don't wait until it is too late. Be a little bit forgiving. If you can do all these, you will be a welcome person wherever you go.

To be happy, in fact, is very simple. All your need is your determination. If you are willing to say to yourself that you want to be happy, happiness will appear in front of you. Pain and happiness are created by human beings. Sometimes you think someone has hurt you. As a result, you cannot fall into sleep and wake up with red eyes and a mild headache. Have you ever thought that your enemy might have finished jogging and is having a nice coffee enjoying his day while you are still being disturbed and angry? Why don't you forget the whole instance, start a new day and be happy for at least a day?

If we want to be welcome by everyone, we should be compassionate and be grateful for what we have. As long as we are willing to treat people with a kind heart, we will win people's respect. If we can get along well with people and joke with them, how can we not have friends and be sad? Being sad doesn't do us any good. Nor does it solve any of our daily problems. Sadness only adds salt to our wounds. The best way to deal with this is to accept reality and let go of the past. If you can do that, you will not have any problem in living a relaxing and happy life.

Most important in life is a positive attitude. Everything has both benefits and setbacks. If you can look at things with a long term view, you will see the benefits even when you face adversity. Try to look beyond the surface and think it through. Then, whatever you see and hear will be nothing but good.

Believe it or not? It is entirely up to you. If you tell yourself that every day is a good day, you will feel happy. Smile at people and only talk about good things in life. If you behave like this, people will find you approachable, be willing to communicate with you and welcome you. Under such peaceful circumstances, there is no reason not to be happy.

When confronted with adversity, tell yourself that this situation is not the end of the world. Thank God for giving you a chance to train yourself how to handle hardship, learn some valuable experience and improve yourself to cope with life events. With such experience, you will be better equipped to offer services in your society and perform well in handling aggressive goals in the future.

Happiness is priceless. Money cannot buy happiness. Yet happiness is free and is accessible to you. Why don't you start searching for your own happiness? It, in fact, is in front of you, but you have not noticed it. It comes from your attitude. Attitude is controlled by you. If you have a positive attitude, you will see the bright side of everything. If this is the case, relax and enjoy life.

Everyone is entitled to have a pleasurable life. First cultivate your personal moral character, and show your internal beauty of your passionate heart. Be grateful to both people and things in life. Be thankful to God for everything given to you. Thank your parents for raising you, your friends for their friendship, your relatives for their support and care, your colleagues for their assistance, your boss for taking care of your career development, your partner for his/her love and being understanding, your children for their filial piety and last but not the least, thank God that you are still alive for another happy day.

Don't waste your valuable time in life. Make good use of every day and do something meaningful in life. Although you may not be a hero, at least you don't leave a bad name behind.

I have outlined three steps for helping my readers to achieve their goal of living a relaxing and happy life.

Step 1: Develop Personal Character

To achieve your glory, you cannot depend on others but your own self. First you must have a good personal character. Your spoken words and action should be in sync. Don't perform any bad deed that can cause injury to others. Do more charity work or good deeds that can benefit others. With such a behavior, you can claim that you have no regrets but leave a glorious page for yourself.

It may be worthwhile to review how Confucius advocated three good principles of basic etiquette. These are: don't view anything that is indecent, don't listen to anything that is gross, and don't say things that do not conform to rituals. These principles are the foundation of building a good personal character. Always bear in mind to be considerate and caring for the elderly, be respectful to your teachers; be in harmony with your family members, be cooperative and respectful to your colleagues and be tolerant to your friends. Confucius promoted good ethics to improve the growth and prosperity of the ancient society. His definition of benevolence and righteousness is to love thyself and thy neighbors. Whatever you don't like, you should not impose onto others. Always think of others first and do the right things to make them happy. If you can do that, you can claim that you are a righteous person.

The principles of Confucius can influence people and how people's character can make a difference on their society. Such a character also affects one's personal success in a work place. Hopefully people can follow Confucius's' philosophy and develop good personality. Always use his principles as foundation to deal with people and things. Also use them to constrain themselves. Be polite in both words and action. Wear decent clothes and a smiling and approachable face. Be careful in choice of words and avoid using any negative or destructive words. If you can develop such a character, you will become wiser, be on the road to success, and be able to contribute something meaningful to the society.

Step 2: Relax, Relax and Relax

Everyone deserves to be happy. If so, don't be too hard on yourself. We shouldn't expect everything to be perfect, otherwise we are looking for troubles. In reality, what we hear or what we see, may not be true. Even though there is some truth in it, nothing would upset us as long as we have an attitude that we don't care. Therefore it is best to follow the flow while maintaining a positive attitude, thinking of the bright side of everything.

Don't be sensitive about things and people. If children don't listen, consider patience is a blessing. If your partner upsets you, consider having a partner is a blessing already. Such a blessing comes from inside. It isn't a gift from God. If you have tolerance and a thankful heart to face adversity and put in all your best efforts in handling such situation, you should not feel bad about it. You have in fact done your duty and let your destiny takes its course.

Successes and failures are common in life. Therefore, we should smile at life. Don't be too arrogant and lose grace when we win. Don't give up when faced with failures. Accept reality and don't blame ourselves or others. There is a Chinese saying, "There may not be a dead end road after you sail through rivers and climb all mountains. You will end up in a new village." After all, things and environments are changing daily. Have confidence in ourself, continue to put in our best efforts and move forward. The future will be beautiful again.

Don't forget that we came to this world empty-handed and will leave empty-handed too. Therefore we should spend time and share our joy with our friends and our family members. Their company is a pleasure in life. Always remember that even though we are busy, we should take a break and have a vacation with our family. We all deserve a pleasant and unforgettable holiday.

Step 3: Smile at Life

Only you alone can taste the sourness, sweetness, bitterness and spice of your own life. No one can replace you and have the same taste for you. Only you alone can feel it. If you feel that you have a happy and colorful life, don't believe it is fate or luck. As a matter of fact, it is your own effort that creates such a beautiful life for you.

Nobody can predict one's fortune or misfortune. If so, why be overly worried? Accept reality and take it as is. Be fair to yourself and do everything with good conscience, then you shouldn't have any regrets in your life.

Life is too short not to treasure every second. Therefore enjoy whatever you have at present. Don't wear a sad face and complain about everything. Always be positive and you will have a smile coming out from within. Such a smile is a sweet one.

Who hasn't failed at least once in one's life? Don't be spiritless when faced with failures. On the contrary, be positive and treat each failure as a leaning experience. Learn as much as you can from such an experience. Don't be afraid even if you encounter failures again. Treat each one as a new lesson. The more lessons you learn, the more knowledgeable you become. As long as you are willing to apply what you have learned and work harder and more diligently, ultimately you will be walking on the road to success.

Don't envy others. If you want good results in life, you should perform your duty with responsibility. Don't be calculating with people. Don't haggle when dealing with people and things. Don't fight with others for credits but be patient. If you can tolerate the situation, things may work out. Although it is difficult to tolerate, it is worthwhile to be patient in the long run. Besides, being patient sometimes can be a pleasure in life. Why don't we be generous and forgiving a little? If so, life will be easy for everyone.

Remember that there is always hope in life. As long as you maintain an optimistic and cheerful attitude and think on the bright side of things, there is always a way to solve any problem. There is no need to be overly worried. Relax and live a simple life.

Hopefully you'll find these steps useful in leading you to reach for a better and a more productive life.

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Everyone is entitled to have a pleasurable life. This essay offers three steps to achieve such a goal.

This is based on my personal experience of going through a Vietnamese war in Vietnam in my childhood (under 10) when my father was accused being a spy. He was not a spy. I had to help my mother to take care of everything while he was in prison.

Later at the age of 12, I took care of my brothers and sisters as immigrants without my father's presence in HK.

As a minority worker, I had to fight for discrimination at Corporate America.

These 3 steps work for me and I hope they work for you too.

PS; This is a summary of my book titled "Good Advice Part 5" written in both Chinese and English rated 4/4 by
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