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A 1995 surfing champ, no prizemoney back then

Pauline, surfing champ, prizemon

by LittleIrishman

A current female Australian government bus driver in Pauline Menczer used to be a former surfing champion.

It is amazing how looks can be deceiving, with Pauline having a simple job as a bus driver, currently living and working in Byron Bay, another Australian iconic beach area. But she has an interesting project/interest as a surfer.

Growing up in Bondi, next to the even more popular Australian iconic Bondi Beach with her three other siblings, Pauline began surfing at the age of 12, around 1982. Born in 1970, making Pauline 51 years-of-age, she is not getting any younger, but perhaps young in thinking and approach, most probably still surfing here-and-there.

Over 20 years, Menczer won the women's amateur title in 1988, the 1993 women's world championship, in 1995 won an Australian female surfing championship, and has 20 World Surf League (WSL) titles, and 8 Women's Qualifying Series (WQS) events. She was sponsored by Stick Girl Surfboards, and Ocean Shores Surf Shop. In 2018, Pauline was inducted into the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame.

But with surfing being an amateur sport at the time, Pauline, like the other female surfers, received no prizemoney. However, in 2021, things are being decided upon to give Pauline the exact or some amount of that missed prizemoney.

On receiving such prizemoney, Pauline may return to general and/or women's middle-aged and/or older-aged surfing full-time, part-time, or casually on the outside of government bus driving.

Perhaps Pauline's children could become recreational or professional surfers, and with some teaching and training, could very well become successful and champion surfers themselves.

The actual job of government bus driving in Australia, especially in city areas, has been classed as one of the most stressful jobs worldwide. Such bus drivers, like Pauline, are in the thick of city traffic constantly picking and dropping of passengers, merging and changing lanes, and not being able to have some and proper general and toilet breaks. However, and this may include Pauline, there are people who love driving small and/or big, or any type of motor vehicle.

Some people in general would criticize surfing as not being a proper sport, let alone a modern-day professional sport. It could even get to the point where surfing may be included in general, across-the-board sporting competitions and championships, especially the Olympics, and Commonwealth Games.

- Maddox, Gary. (February 26, 2021) 'The forgotten sporting champion who drives a bus,' Sydney Morning Herald (SMH): Documentaries
- Wikipedia
'Pauline Menczer'

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