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The Curse/A Novel of the Breedline series

A chapter in the book THE CURSE


by scongrove

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While Nicolas stayed back at the cabin, making sure Martha and Amy were settled in, Jena was up and dressed bright and early, preparing for a long morning run. Before she headed out, she packed a few essentials in a fanny pack with a water bottle holder and strapped it around her waist.    

Slipping out the front door before anyone inside the Covenant was up and about, she was off pounding down the driveway toward the security building. After she checked in with the guards, they gave her clearance and opened the gates.

As she started off, loving the feel of the fresh air and the morning breeze against her skin, it wasn’t long before she fell into a fast stride. She felt so carefree… so invincible.

In fact, her legs never felt stronger. She’d always been a fast runner, but now that she was immortal, everything about her transition gave her an overwhelming amount of strength, along with heightened senses and impermeable to any illness or disease. It was as though she was indestructible.

Ten miles later, she found herself close to Stinson Beach. The ocean breeze and the sounds of the waves rolling onto the sand and fading away drew her onward. A few miles later, she jogged past vacation rentals, shops, restaurants, and small crowds of people as they mingled about. As she approached a nearby café, she decided to stop for brunch and relax on the outdoor patio it had to offer.

After she finished eating, she merely sat back and observed all the people as they gathered underneath the covered patio. The atmosphere was soothing and calming with acoustic music playing in the background. There were smiling faces and cheerful conversations everywhere she turned. Why couldn’t life always be this easy, she thought.

Then, two men came in and sat down at the table across from hers. They looked out of place. Instantly, as the hairs on her arms stood on end, she sensed danger.

One of them had on a black ball cap. He wore it low on his forehead, making it difficult to see his face. He was tall and lanky. The other guy was bald and large boned. He wore dark sunglasses and his brows were drawn tight, appearing angry. There was something suspicious and decidedly off about them, the way they kept glancing in her direction and then back at one another. It was as though they were plotting something malicious. And they reeked of pure evil. The stench created an uneasy feeling deep down in her gut.

On instinct, the creature within her stirred. She felt a sudden prickling on the surface of her skin. Jena’s eyes rounded when she peered down at her hands. They were covered in tiny black hairs and she could feel them spreading.

Please, God… She closed her eyes, squeezing them tightly. Don’t let me shift in front of all these people.

Then, the moment she lifted her lids, the tiny hairs were gone. It was as though they magically willed themselves back into her pores all on their own.

Jena breathed out a sigh of relief. Thank you, God.  

Focusing back on her stalkers, she calmly watched as a waitress came up to their table and took their order. As soon as she sauntered off, the bald guy got up and left. His buddy continued to periodically look over at her.

They were obviously up to no good, Jena thought. And by the way they kept staring, it had something to do with her. But what?

A few minutes later, the bald guy came back to the table and sat down across from his buddy. Jena kept her eyes peeled for the slightest move.

It wasn’t long before the waitress brought the two guys their food. That’s when Jena decided to leave.

If those thugs have a lick of sense, she thought to herself as she made her way through the exit, they’ll choose their next course of action wisely. Following me will lead them down a path they’d wished they hadn’t taken.

As Jena moved through the crowd of people, a familiar scent of evil stopped her in her tracks. The second she inhaled the intrusive odor into her nasal cavity, it thickened and surrounded her like a veil of fog. Her muscles quickly tensed, and her heart raced. She stood there caught by the unpleasant smell, but utterly unable to define where it was coming from. 

Finally, she realized someone was closing in from behind. When she turned to look, she expected to see the two men from the café, but to her surprise, it was two women. And they looked identical. For a moment, Jena thought she was seeing double. Their hair was the color of fire and their eyes were as black as a crow’s. They were tall, taller than Jena and had a body builder’s physique. By the harsh expression on their faces, they looked to do her harm.

Well… according to Jena, they could try. Fortunately, nothing could kill her. And by what she’d learned, her only kryptonite was her own species. One bite was all it took. But as far as she knew, she was the last of her kind.

Jena squared her shoulders when one of the women took a few steps closer. Her twin was right on her heels.

“I don’t know what the hell you two want,” Jena said, standing her ground. “But take my advice, ladies. You don’t want no part of me.”

The closest redhead placed her open hand, that was the size of a catcher’s mitt, on Jena’s chest and tried to shove her backwards, but Jena didn’t budge.

A few onlookers gathered around them, whispering among themselves and pointing.

“I’m only going tell you once more,” Jena warned, raising her voice. “Turn around and leave.”

Both women eyeballed Jena with a menacing glare. The time it took the brave redhead to draw back her fist, Jena struck her square in the face before she even registered her movement.

The other woman looked between Jena and her doppelganger—who was lying on the ground unconscious and bleeding—with bewilderment stamped all over her face. Then, she came at Jena in a snarling rage. Before she knew what hit her, Jena used all her strength and head-butted her right in the face. Jena’s attacker recoiled in pain and reached for her bloody nose.

“I warned you,” Jena said, anticipating the woman’s next move. “Had enough?”

The redheaded attacker curled her upper lip and wiped at her nose with the back of her hand. “Is that all you got?” she said in a deep-seated voice.

“Well… what are you waiting for,” Jena said with a clear smirk in her voice. “Come and get some.”

As soon as the woman charged forward, Jena landed a round kick to her jaw. The impact knocked her out cold. In a split second, she crumbled to the ground and the small crowd of people cheered.

One side of Jena’s mouth curved up into a half-smile, and when she turned to leave, a blinding pain caught her from behind. In a matter of seconds, it was as though her entire body was lit on fire. Realizing she’d been hit with a tranquilizer, she reached for the back of her neck.

No, she feverishly thought, refusing to give up.  

She gritted her teeth and quickly removed the dart. As soon as she started forward, she was hit again. This time, her vision clouded, and her body weakened. She immediately felt disorientated, her surroundings dizzying. Instantaneously, panic set in. Then, she heard faint voices around her and the sounds of people fleeing to get away. With the last bit of her strength, she fought to remain conscious.

As she swayed on her feet, a strong arm snaked around her to prevent her fall.

“Sorry, Ms. McCain,” a male’s voice whispered in her ear. “But I can’t have you shifting into your creature.”

Despite her blurry vision, she could still see the face of the person staring down at her. It was the angry looking bald guy from the café.

“I have to say…” he finally said, smiling in amusement. “You put up one helluva fight, Ms. McCain. You took out two of my best girls.”

“W-What do you…” Jena released a strangled breath. “…want with me?”
“It’s not me who wants you. My associates and I were just hired to capture you.”

“Then who?”

“If you cooperate, all your questions will be answered in due time. But if you give me trouble…” His smile faded. “I can promise you, Ms. McCain. Things will get very unpleasant.”

His promising words sent chills through her body.

“Do we have an understanding?”

She forced back the obnoxious reply that hovered on her lips and slowly nodded.

He smirked. “Smart decision, Ms. McCain.”

Seconds later, Jena’s sight began to fade. Although she was too drugged to make out her surroundings, her hearing seemed to be working.

“We’re running out of time.” Jena heard another man say. “It won’t be long before someone calls the cops. You get the girl out of here while I take care of the twins.”

“You sure you can handle the both of them?”

“Yeah,” the other man said, slightly chuckling. “They definitely had their asses handed to them, but they seem to be coming around.”  

“All right,” the bald guy said. “I’ll meet you back at the lab. Dr. Michaels is expecting us to deliver Ms. McCain within the hour.”

As Jena went limp in the bald guy’s arms, he lifted her off her feet and carried her away.

To be continued. . .

A reference for terms and cast of characters in the chapter, especially for new readers:

BREEDLINE - A species of humans that have the ability to change from human form into wolf form if they are born an identical twin. They are not like the old legend of the Lycanthropy myth. The Breedline species can shift into their wolf at will. The moon has no power over them. They do not pass their ability to other humans. Although they live among humans, their species is secret. In wolf form, they have super-strength, speed, and heightened senses. Compared to humans, Breedlines have tremendous advantages when it comes to health. Their bodies heal fast and are not subject to illness or diseases. The only thing that slows their healing process is silver. It is their kryptonite. Besides old age, a silver bullet to the brain is the only way to kill a Breedline.
All male Breedlines change into their first wolf at the age of eighteen. Female Breedlines do not go through the change until they make love to their Breedline bonded mate.

BREEDLINE COVENANT - The Breedline species must live within the boundaries of their Covenant. There is one in every state. A council governs its laws and oversees the species population.

BREEDLINE BONDING - The male Breedline spends his life searching for their bonded mate. When two Breedline species experience a bond, they instantly feel a simultaneous, desirable attraction. The bond is for life. It is possible for them to have more than one mate in their lifespan.

Jena McCain - She is an inspiring artist with the ability to speak with the dead. Jena was attacked and bitten by an age-old creature and cursed with a lust for human blood. Now that she is to become the creature and hunt humans, instead of killing innocent people, she will only hunt evil.

Nicolas Ratcliff - He is immortal with the power of invisibility and supernatural speed. He works for the San Francisco Police Department as a detective. He's bonded with Jena McCain.

Martha Dunlap - Her and her daughter were kidnapped by a serial rapist. Before they were harmed, Jena's creature saved them and killed their kidnapper.

Amy Dunlap - She is Martha's five-year-old daughter.
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