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Not for the Love of Power!

A chapter in the book The Two of Me

A Message Relayed

by QC Poet

Religion was meant to teach us Moral lessons relayed by our Creator!
Stupefying Christ's Ministry may make us into Someone's useful hater.
The Ten Commandments help Humanities lost Soul's to become greater,
Undergoes Human agenda's and gives congregation's a conjuration to cater!
Zeal is Not something I seek to parlay just to relay a message that hits like a freighter!


ABC Poetry Contest contest entry

A Message Relayed
By; Chochee Medina
(A. K. A) George Martinez / QC Poet
Not for the Love of Power!
(ABC Poetry Contest Entry)

As for myself I'm Hoping to be More Spiritual than Religious. There's Absolutely No Offense Intended to Anyone.

Sparrow photo taken while my wife and I were enjoying a sub sandwich in San Fernando Valley, California.

Photo Credits to;
Author's Photos w/Free Internet
Down Loads in a Collage format

ABC Poetry Contest
For this contest you are challenged to write a ABC poem. ABC poetry has five lines and often is used to express feelings

Write a one-stanza, five line poem.
The first letter of each of the first four lines follows this order of the alphabet while the last line can be any letter whatsoever. Example:D-E-F-G-A
The lines can be of any Syllable length. Also line length may vary from line to line
The poem may be about any subject or topic
Rhyming and meter are optional

Diffinitions as used in this poem;

Stupefy; verb (used with object) stupefied, stupefying.
1) to put into a state of little or no sensibility; benumb the faculties of; put into a stupor.
2) to stun, as with a narcotic, a shock, or a strong emotion.
3) to overwhelm with amazement; astound; astonish.

Undergo; verb (used with object), underwent, undergone, undergoing.
1) to be subjected to; experience; pass through: to undergo surgery.
2) to endure; sustain; suffer:to undergo sustained deprivation.

Congregation; noun;
1. a group of people assembled for religious worship.
2. a gathering or collection of people, animals, or things.

Conjuration; noun;
2 an incantation; magical charm.
3 supernatural accomplishment by invocation or spell.
4 the practice of legerdemain.
5 supplication; solemn entreaty.

Cater; verb:
2) provide what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance

Zeal; noun:
1) fervor for a person, cause, or object; eager desire or endeavor;
2) enthusiastic diligence; ardor.

Parlay; verb (used with object)
1) to bet or gamble (an original amount and its winnings) on a subsequent race, contest, etc.
2) Informal; to use (one's money, talent, or other assets) to achieve a desired objective, as spectacular wealth or success:
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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