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Ryan finds a way to determine who makes the wishes

A chapter in the book 12 Wishes Around the Globe (2nd ed)

Chapter 10

by Ben B.

Chapter 10: Shuffling for Turns

Ryan came back as quickly as he left. There were a handful of cards in his hand.

"We're not gambling our wishes." Lilly nearly tore the cards out Ryan's hand, but he tugged back.

"Not what I had in mind." Ryan cleared some space on the desk, "We each get three wishes, right?" The genie nodded to him, "I had a straight that last round," he shuffled his cards and his eyes arched, "or at least I would have if this six was a five," he trashed one of the cards and laid the other four faced down, "Ace high goes first, four goes last. I'll take whichever card you guys don't."

"Are we choosing the first wish master?" The genie watched Ryan as he shuffled the cards around on the surface.

"Sort of," Ryan stopped shuffling, "but I was thinking we could take turns in a circle and alternate between wishes rather than masters. That way whoever draws the fourth card won't have to wait so long before their first wish."

"Wow, this could actually work out," the genie was genuinely impressed. She thought everyone would have been wrestling over the globe by now. Perhaps there were a few perks to the world coming to an end.

"Good thinking cous," Barry patted Ryan on the shoulder.

"Yeah," Ryan smiled as he spaced the cards from one another, "we'll keep the cards on us, so we'll remember whose turn is next. I imagine it will be easy to lose track."

"Are we all going to Monster Atlantis?" Wesley asked around.

"We've got a genie on our side, what can go wrong?" Lilly asked Wesley, not noticing the genie almost choked on the question, "Asides, you're the one who chiseled Atlantis' evil Pandora's Box."

Wesley thought over what Ryan just said, "Wasn't Pandora's Box to begin with?"

"Just pick the cards already," an embarrassed Ryan pushed.

Lilly drew a card. Barry drew a card. Wesley drew a card. Ryan took the last one remaining.

Lilly pouted, "Well, so much for ladies first." She had the Four of Spades.

"Three is the magic number, right?" He showed the genie the Three of Diamonds.

With the Two of Hearts in Barry's hand, he assumed, "I guess that means you have the Ace, Wesley."

"Yeah, the Ace of Spades." Wesley showed his card to Ryan. "Did you really have to pick this one?"

Ryan shrugged, "Hope you're not superstitious."

Wesley glanced at the genie, "I'm reconsidering."

"I guess that means you go first," Genie hovered to the center of the room and folded her arms. "Rub the globe and wish for a journey to Atlantis."

Everyone pocketed their cards. Wesley pulled the globe to the corner of the desk. He noticed a ship in a bottle on the window sill and got an idea, "Hold on a sec," he backed off, "Why waste a wish on a trip to Atlantis and another one on the way back when we can go there and back in style?"

"Ho boy, here we go," the genie rolled up her eyes.

"Wesley," Lilly gritted through her teeth, "the monster crisis."

"I'm just saying," Wesley tried to soothe Lilly, "there's no harm going in style so long as we get there, right? Any reason why we can't show up in a luxurious ship? Or a plane?"

"No airport on an island of monsters," an irritated genie tried to rush Wesley. "And a ship would be..." The genie looked at the Atlantic Ocean on the globe in the area where Atlantis would be. "Actually that's not the worst idea. I could park a war ship right by shore. We could use the firepower when we get there."

"We could?" Ryan asked worried.

"Luxurious war ship," Wesley insisted.

"Deal," the genie agreed. She crossed her arms. "Ready, Master Wesley."

Wesley hesitated for a moment. Everyone else got away from the desk. He made a fist and rubbed it up and down the globe. "I wish for a luxurious war ship to Atlantis!" he cried out.

"Yes master," the genie's voice echoed. Her yellow eyes glowed. Her fingers sparked purple sparks. A light breeze filled the room. She circled her hands around and purple lighting traced her hand movements. She waved her arms as hard as she could. All her masters dodged their head at this notion ready for anything. Fumes were all that came out of the genie's hands.

"Huh?" The genie wondered, examining her smoking fingertips. She waved her arms again. Still nothing. "What now?" she wondered.

"Something wrong?" Wesley asked.

The genie ignored him for a moment and tried snapping her fingers. Still nothing. "Rub harder." She insisted.

Wesley pulled up his sleeve and tried his whole arm. Still nothing.

Ryan watched Wesley try both arms and asked the genie, "Did you blow a fuse?"

"Ha, ha, funny." The genie spat on her palms and tried again. Nothing.

"We must be doing something wrong." Barry pulled Wesley away from the globe.

"No," the genie lowered herself admitting defeat with her arms, "he did everything right. It always worked on the lamp." She realized what she just said. "That's it." She flew to the globe once more. "It's not a lamp. New vessel. New trigger."

"Then what do we do?" Barry asked as he examined the globe with the genie.

"Think." The genie asked everyone, "What were you all doing with it when I woke up?"

"Well...first I tripped on it while standing on the couch," Ryan still felt the bruises from the couch's armrest and the lump on his head from the shield.

"See you hadn't lost your touch since you were a kid." The genie was hardly amused, "What then?"

"We all looked at it." Ryan remembered, "I'm pretty sure we all touched it at one point. We were turning it around seeing what the countries were made out of."

"Of course." Lilly's smile spelled out "eureka," "It's a globe! What do all people do with one?"

"Look up the capital of Brazil?" Wesley guessed. He was pretty sure that he did during their "jade" argument.

"What do they actually do with them?" Lilly smirked at Wesley.

Wesley caught on what Lilly was driving at; they were all turning the globe together. He held on to the top of the base with one hand, repeated his wish, and spun it hard with the other.

The globe started spinning all right, and it wouldn't stop. The faster it spun, the louder it hummed. A purple light shimmered around the globe.

A purple ball of light appeared in the genie's hand. She didn't notice it at first, but it grew on her palm to the size of a tennis ball.

"Is that...?" Barry couldn't look directly at it as it grew bright.

"The first wish," the genie acknowledged, "on hand."

As the genie gazed into the shining, she fused her will into it. Drafted Wesley's wish in her mind. Once finished, she felt compelled to toss it. Somewhere. Anywhere. She slammed into the ground. An explosion filled the room with purple smoke and a scent of lavender. On that note, the wish making finally began.

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