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 General Poetry posted April 10, 2021

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Which Side

The Darkened Gatekeeper

by MaggieLouise

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

On the island of -vacuum dark
a secret land- no map knows its mark
In secret corners- where only dust must know
off our coasts
deep under mighty pressure, the weak will never go,
yet archaic bones do loudly rot slowly in their seal
open your eyes, these barbaric monsters seem surreal
and ethereal, as if never from gravitation's cling, did they go
essentially just born metaphorically to the reaches of the space/time continuum.
Now, slide yourself up out of the mud; dance the dance of the spinning sun .

Islanders here natives to the Here and now-nowhere.
Legends and mystery the night may bestow!
A being of light- celestially aboriginal pilgrim stuck in time and thrown through space
certainly an abnormality, shining like a damned glowing Borealis.
Surrealistic Lucidity and dreamy glowing like a pulsing acid trip
until we cast off,
break through and discover that
We were all way off the mark.
Doom is prevalent...
But not flat.-
forecasted in an army of souls, an apparation of the dark
my body lost and forgotten existed long ago,
The time will come for us all to choose,
Peace is had in knowing that the Father of light hath casteth out all dark depravity
The darkness you encounter is mighty,
your're shiny but lasses dont know the capacity
my Audacity
the scars of my leprosy
caught in hells pass
im shiny and taut- collective thought, or the active elite
-a band of special forces,
eliminate him,
sniped and wiped out
First being up front, then being front up and darkened down

What is said is history but elimination is for suckers; bottom feeders
And so the decider is only the light that guides us

The weakened, and impoverished, like those defined between the words you scribe, nourish me and drive me you see,
blind and foolish with my skilled sniper not in my own country
I dont know where that man of insanity lurks
blowing you away,
casting off form
Get thee now away from the Gate-
We are closin up.
"Which side will it be?"
Looking both ways, I shrugged and said "I'll just stay here."

suckers like the demons within bleeding me dry.. suckers who draw your heart
out in tussled ruffles of razors for candy
demonic roots, your roses thorn and the fat thumbs prick
drawn out of the crevice; hearts enjoying more of us; such a delicacy
Temple of Doom style.

reckless and destructive acts- desperate and conditioned ways.
Grown accustomed after a lifetime of armor,
Shouting angrily to display the way-hey thats not the way!
Draw out the map. Stay safe for a minute.
Sit, and listen
not to the demons-only to angels.
"Are you coming or going?"
My heart remembers-
too much to pretend your claws never scratched or your palm never smacked
Forgiveness is the only friend I know.
And if not for the horror, no friend would I have.

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