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Katherine attends her first pep rally.

A chapter in the book Football - A Novel

Football Chapter 15 part 1

by barbara.wilkey

Katherine struggles raising her four sons by herself. Is Gabriel the father figure the boys never had?

From the top of the stairs, Joshua called, "Mom?" After both Gabriel and Katherine jumped up, he asked, "Is everything all right?"

"Of course. What do you need?" asked Katherine.

"The first football game's tomorrow. You're planning on going, aren't you?"

Gabriel teased, "I'm planning on her being there."

Katherine shook her head, "You're incorrigible." She laughed at his grin. "Yes, Mr. Edwards asked me to supervise section C. He said you guys could come and sit with me." She eyed Gabriel. "You had something to do with that, didn't you?"

"I figured you'd be there anyway, so why not put you to work." When she frowned, he stood. "I think I've worn out my welcome. Come Reggie, it's time to go."

Katherine walked him to the door. As he put his hand on the doorknob, he turned. "We good?"

"Yes. I'll see you early in the morning. Good night."

"Are you going to sleep all right?"

"Better than I did last night."



Chapter 15 part 1

Friday morning, Gabriel was early. I hope Kate show's up. I hope she's not worried about what she shared. He grinned and petted Reggie. "Good, here she comes." When Daisy ran out to meet Reggie, he petted her. "I see you're glad to see Reggie." He watched Katherine walk toward him. "Good morning."

Both heads turned as the dogs faced the same direction and growled.

"Good morning. I wonder when he's going to get bored following our jogging routine." As they jogged, Katherine asked, "Where's the best jogging hill?"

"I like the one off First Street. It's a nice steep hill and only about five blocks from school. Why?"

"I want my girls to jog it for conditioning."

Gabriel chuckled. "Ouch. You sure? My players run it. Are you sure you want girls to?"

"Are you saying my girls can't do it?"

Holding up both hands chest high, he said, "I'd never say that. What time are you looking at? I don't think it'd be a good idea to have them there the same time as my guys."

"True. You do homework from four to five o'clock, correct?" When he nodded, she continued, "Okay, we'll run the hill first. We'll be finished before your guys start. You're holding the guys until eight o'clock. That's a long time."

"I know. It's too hot with the pads. We do the major work after it cools down. That's why we finish homework before. The guys don't have to worry about it after practice."

"Ready for tonight's game?"

"We'll find out, but I think so."

They turned around as Katherine's timer went off. "I have another question. Are all our meets Saturday mornings?"

"I have the schedule in my office. I'll get it to you today. I was able to schedule all but one on Saturdays. It's a home meet and is on the Thursday before Homecoming. I thought it would be easier for you, well for Jeremy, to have them on Saturdays. There are seven in all. I'll have my secretary add it to the athletic site."

"You're probably right. It'd make for a long day for him. You have a secretary? Wow," she teased.

They stood in front of Katherine's house.

"I guess I'd better get back to school. I'll see you there."

"Okay." Katherine started up the sidewalk to her door. "Gabriel, one more thing. With fifteen girls, I was wondering if I could get some help."

He jogged down the sidewalk. "Already, taken care of. Angie will be your assistant."

"Thank you, for everything and I mean everything."

He turned and waved.

When Gabriel stepped out of the school's main office with two coffees and a sack, Bill walked up to him. "I see you and Katherine have mended fences. Do you know why it bothered her so much?"

"We did, and I do. I won't talk about it." Gabriel started to walk away.

"That bad?"

He turned and faced his buddy. "Yep." He continued to his office.

At exactly three o'clock, Mr. Edwards quieted the playing band and the students as he welcomed the students to the first pep rally. He then introduced Coach Hudson.

Gabriel walked up to the microphone. "Welcome to our 2020 -- 2021 school year. Most of you know me as the football coach, but I'm also the athletic director. I want to share everything Silver Cove High School has to offer for this fall semester. First, freshman, Junior/Varsity, and Varsity Football." He raised his hands above his head, clapped, and cheered. "But I'm not at all prejudiced. As you already know our first varsity game's tonight and we're hosting Stony Point. It's a non-conference game. In case you don't play football, we also offer tennis, volleyball, cross country, bowling, softball, baseball, basketball, wrestling, track, and golf. This year for the first time in three years we're offering girls cross country."

He winked at Katherine as he waited for the cheering to quiet. "In case you're not into sports, I want to remind you that at Silver Cove High School, we offer something for everybody from academics to the arts and more. There's band, vocal music, art club, chess club, FFA, FTA, school newspaper, year book, theater, math club, science club, computer lab, gaming club, and more. If you can't find something to do, then you're not looking very hard. Every student should be busy with something. If you're interested in something and you can't find it come see me, and we'll see about starting it."

Coach motioned for the other coaches to stand and then changed his mind. "Before I introduce my coaching staff, I want to introduce everybody who helps make this school great. Faculty, if you sponsor anything besides the course you were hired to teach, join me." He waited until three-fourths of the staff joined him. "I wanted to do this because I wanted the students to realize how much the teachers care. Like I said if you can't find some way to get involved, you're not looking very hard. We're a very busy school and it should be that way."

The band played while the staff members returned to their seats. Gabriel nodded. "Now, for the coaching staff. You can't have a winning team without winning coaches. So I'll introduce my help." Once he finished, the varsity football players came to the front and one-by-one announced the position they played. Afterward the band director, the band, and finally the cheerleading coach and the cheerleaders were named. He turned the pep rally over to them.

As Katherine headed home, Gabriel caught up with her and handed her a T-shirt. "I didn't think you had a school T-shirt. You'll need to wear this tonight." He scratched his chin. "I didn't know the size. It's probably too big. I figured it was better than possibly being too small."

Katherine held it up and smiled. "It may be a little large, but you're right too tight wouldn't be good." She paused. "You don't let the boys leave the school before the games, do you?"

"No. I think its better they remain at school. There's no possibility of them getting into trouble. Matter-of-fact, I need to get back."

"Okay, what time should I be here?"

"Probably around six."

"I'll be there. Are jeans okay?"

"Of course. See you then." Gabriel walked away.


Katherine Riley: age 33 - widowed: husband died 6 months ago. She moved to Texas from NYC with her four sons.

Daisy: Katherine's yellow Labrador

Gabriel Hudson: High School football coach and former NFL defensive lineman

Reggie: a very large English Mastiff

Jeremy: Katherine's six year old son. He's in first grade.

Jordan: Katherine's fifteen year old son. He's a sophomore.

Joshua Katherine's thirteen year old son. He's in 8th grade

Joel Katherine's eleven year old son. He's in 6th grade.

Paul Edwards: High School principal and Gabriel's friend.

Rodney Frost: Math department head, at least for now.

Angie Brooks Math teacher and Katherine's friend.

Frank Collins Math teacher.

Rebecca and Harold Hudson Gabriel's parents

Sarah and Bob Beck Katherine's parents, Bob is deceased

Frank Collins math teacher

Alan Green an Assistant Principal

Sandy Frost Rodney Frost's wife

Sam Auto repair shop owner

Bill Brooks Assistant football coach, Gabriel's friend, and Angie's husband.


Thank you google images for the photo of a high school pep rally. I also want to thank everybody for the helpful reviews. This novel is not actually about football, but is part of the background. High football is a national pastime in Texas. This post is a little over 1000 words. I removed and entire paragraph, so I hope something isn't lacking. Thank you for having patience with me.
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