Self Improvement Poetry posted April 25, 2021

This work has reached the exceptional level
Sometimes we all may need reassurance from our partner ...


by Melodie Michelle

My partner deserves a million purple hearts for the amount of reassurance he's given me over six amazing years ...
thoughts fighting
to explode
in my brain ...
Evading after
a while
So it slows
down most
of the
remembered pain ...

the subjects
of those crazy
from past
times before ...
Throwing away
jealousy, spitefulness,
hatred and selfishly
bringing those
- positive
from whence
I'd restore ...

Losing you
is not an
option for me ...
You know
this all to well
to be true
and about this
I know
and we
heartily agree ...

Flirty talk
and texts
are our
basic funtime
play ...

Anticipating -

our seX is
never to far away ...
please don't
ever go,
Please just stay ...

We never
argue nor
do we fight
or cause the other
on purpose
to shed any tears ...
We respect
one another
and are loyal
without a doubt
this I do know
because we
haven't fought
since we've
been together
for the past
almost six years ...

Nasty seXy recollections
of our past naughty
nights passions ...
In a zip locked
Kept for
rewinding rights
Damn he turns
me on
seeing his
emotions and
compassion ...

Just having
a blast hanging,
while talking
and flirting
together and
not being
the least bit bored ...

- Sweet

most pairs are
arguing and
are way
to loud,
but us
we are simply -
in one
accord ...

Rhyming Poem contest entry


I still have some terrible times with intruding thoughts that aren't mine, and although I trained my brain not to entertain those type of thoughts at all ... They still show up every once in a while to see if I got weak or changed my mind about entertaining them a bit.
They take me on an emotional roller coaster ride but sooner or later, it has to stop and let me off and allow me to go towards the positive thoughts as it was taught!

I'm so thankful my partner is patient, loving, compassionate, kind, loyal, faithful and die hard because otherwise I would've lost him a long time ago. He sees my determination NOT to be that typical woman (sorry ladies but more females are like this than are not) who accuses, backbites, lies and is fake.

He sees through me to the other side and all he's sees is my smile through the tears, thankful that he has stuck by my side once again as I needed reassurance.
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