Spiritual Poetry posted July 20, 2021

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A Spiritual based- Free Verse

Come, I am, the I AM!

by JLR

Even during the darkest times
"There is the Light," ... and yet.

In the finite realm of humanness
I see not the unrestrained, infinite,
glow of sunlight, moonlight, starlight,
God's Light beaming --

I peer into the volumes of darkness
and see scenes littered with broken souls!
Broken, much like the shattered glass from the wino's
discarded bottle of Muscatel ... his pint of hope gone dry!

Scattered shards glitter upon occasion,
from the searchlight turned outward slowly moving
with the light casting long tendrils of limited
brightness, fueled by societies' failed social net
being cast upon these dark waters ...

There is a river of tears, rippling.
Tears which have been shed since the beginning of time.
Measured day by day, month by month, year by year.
I wonder how many more souls are treading this river
In their own dark world, exhausted, their energy consumed?

But ... I remember, perhaps as a sojourner during another life,
when in the darkest of times -- I sensed deep within my very soul
a Knowing that even in this very dark place --
that point in a lifetime in which the stars
all seemingly were instantly dark ...
a place where all light appeared to have plummeted
into a black hole ...
There in the dark, within the shadows, was HE.

The Master, the Christ!
His Very Presence inviting me to join Him
and His followers dancing in the darkness.

His words, vibrating and shimmering with a wave-like energy,
becoming brighter and more clear and even more so bright --
beaming with such intense White Light -- beckoning all,
"Come ... I am, the I AM

Free Verse Poetry Contest contest entry



Free Verse entry.

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