Supernatural Poetry posted July 29, 2021

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The Haunted House

by AliMom

The wrought-iron gate stood massive, fearsomely tall
Protecting it from trespass and seekers of thrills
And the path by the woods from the gate to the door
Was not one you dared tread in darkness or in light

Its door was strong and frighteningly carved
Sealed with a brass lock in heavy dark wood
When closed behind you, it blocked all traces of light
Leaving darkness and air, dusty and rotted with age

As if small things who'd wandered in left testimonial remains
Of somehow getting lost, trapped, and unable to escape
The halls held deepening, gloomy shadows
Clammy and cold, unyielding to any warmth

Windows leaned in with garish, ghoulish anticipation
And the edges of rooms seemed to tuck in their corners
Like impish children resting on their haunches
In readiness for an explicitly gory tale

Unaided, a wingback chair slid gracefully across the floor
Its ottoman tapping out an insistent rhythm waiting to follow
He did not dare venture up the stairs whose putrid maw
Rose to a hungry darkness -- taunting him, daring him, to come up

As cobwebs, hung from rotting fixtures and blew with no aid of wind
He backed out quickly, shut the door, and wrote this brief report:
There are no ghosts in Haverstraw Manor
It is the house itself that is haunted!

Supernatural - Free Verse writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
[category is supernatural]

Write a FREE VERSE that incorporates Supernatural in some way.

~*~ FREE VERSE ~*~
Read/Follow ALL rules--announcement may not display all ~ look on contest page

1. LENGTH ~ minimum 12 lines / maximum 25 lines
***Write the Number of Lines in Author Notes***
2. No end rhyme pattern, but internal rhyming is acceptable
3. Author notes acceptable / 1 video may be in author notes 
4. Dedication Line acceptable ~ doesn't count toward total line count
5. 1 color font / 1 picture with text of poem ~ no animated images or music
6. No warnings acceptable 
7. At least 2 entries must be entered before voting booth opens
9. Category is SUPERNATURAL [do not use God/Jesus as theme.]

This is a 24 line poem about the supernatural. Sometimes it isn't the inhabitants of a place that make it scary. Sometimes it is the place itself.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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