Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted September 1, 2021

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United We Stand, Divided We Fall

The Battle Of Colors

by Kitbok Nongkhlaw

Green says- I am the best and biggest,
Without me there is no life, I quest.
Blue interjects -- Look to the seas and heavens,
I am trust, freedom, and confidence.

Yellow smiles -- Look at the sun,
I am happiness and hope to everyone.
Orange bellows -- See the oranges, tangerines,
I am health, power, and vitamins.

Red shouts -- I am the ruler,
I am blood and give life to all.
Violet stands up and says -- I am royalty.
Kings and queens are using me.

Indigo, at last, speaks quietly,
I am justice, spirit, and authority.
Rain starts falling and tells them,
Come together and move in tandem.

The colors listen and put 'We' before the "I',
Together they form the rainbow in the sky,
Can we learn this beautiful lesson?
Let us live in peace with everyone.


Short and Colorful writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem which incorporates at least two colors. The idea is to use colors to infer meaning. Poem may be rhyming or not.

Different colors have different meanings. Each color has its own meaning and importance. But once they unite together, they produce an amazing effect in the form of a rainbow. This is the same in our life.
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