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I Believe. God does the rests

I Believe-Lord Help My Unbelief

by Kitbok Nongkhlaw

"I believe... Lord help my unbelief," was a silent prayer I prayed on this fateful morning. It was five o'clock in the morning and the sun had not yet risen. I sat in the last seat of the bus and made this silent prayer.

Did God answer my prayer? Yes. Please read ahead to believe this most amazing story where God answered my humble prayers.

I was transferred to a place five hundred kilometers away from home. During this time, our church conducted the first election for church elders. To the surprise of all, I was one of the two people elected as church elders. I was only forty-five. I cried and cried for this election of a sinner like me.

For the ordination and confirmation, I had to come personally to the presbytery. But there were problems and obstructions right from the start.

I went to my boss requesting a leave of absence to go home. My boss did not even allow me to speak. Then, I went to the terrace of the building to pray. God answered my prayer and miraculously, later that day, my boss allowed me to go on leave.

Then, I went to book a plane ticket to go home. On Friday, I went early to the airport to catch my flight. When I reached the airport, they told me the pilots of this airline were on strike.

I tried other flights but there were none which I could get home on that day. I looked around for a place to pray. As a last resort, as there was no privacy, I went to the toilet to pray. I prayed and God answered. I would go by bus.

The bus from this place to my home would take a minimum of eighteen hours. I took a chance. I went to the bus station to get a ticket. All buses from here would start at noon, as they have to go with escorts because of insurgency problems. Because I was late, I got the last seat on the last bus.

At noon, all buses left but the bus I sat was still there. After fifteen minutes, I went to enquire. They told that the bus was out of order and it needed repair. I went back to my seat and prayed. God again answered my prayer. Ten minutes later, the bus moved.

On this road, there was a place where the gate closed at two o'clock. After two o'clock, no vehicles were allowed because of dangerous insurgency. We reached the place at exactly two o'clock.

With the police escorts, we traveled up to the place where it was safe to proceed. We traveled the entire night, but after midnight; I fell asleep. At around five o'clock in the morning, I woke up. The bus I was traveling did not move.

I got up from my sleep, went outside for the call of nature. Then I saw hundreds of vehicles stranded on the road. There was a huge landslide that blocked the road. At this spot, landslides happened regularly. The landslide had swept away hundreds of vehicles and many people died.

I was in a dilemma. The ordination would begin at two o'clock in the afternoon, but the road was blocked. There was no way I could reach my ordination. Or was it?

I climbed back inside the bus and prayed again. From the very beginning of this episode, there were only obstructions and blockades. But every time I prayed, God answered. This time also I believed God would guide me.

There, while many of the passengers inside the bus were asleep, I prayed. After I finished praying, I heard a silent voice that said, Go ahead, Son. I will be with you. On hundreds of occasions, when I believe and obey this voice, things turn out to be fine. So, this time also I believed the voice.

Then I woke up my co-passenger and requested him that if the bus could proceed, to tell the driver that I had left and walk on foot. My co-passenger, with consternation in his eyes, said something like, Sir, are you crazy? Please, do not walk, it is too dangerous.

I told him I had to reach home. I believed in God and my God would guide and protect me. He looked at me with concern and shook his head. I took my carry bag and left the bus.

While walking from the bus up to the landslide area, I kept praying for guidance. When I stepped on the landslide area, I prayed, God I Believe...

I looked up at the sky for guidance. What I saw were chunks of soil and rocks falling. At this moment, I was on all fours, feet, and hands crawling through the mud. While crawling and praying, I felt somebody took my hands and guided me.

It was impossible to describe the situation. Slabs of soil and rocks fell, but never where I was. Slowly and gradually, I proceeded with prayers on my lips. The landslide was huge, and it took me an eternity to cross.

Praise the Lord! It was a miracle that I could reach the other side safe and sound. But I was wet, dirty from head to toe, and still far away from home.

I washed in a nearby fountain and praying silently I could hitchhike and later hired a taxi. Miraculously, I reached home and went to the presbytery right on time for the ordination.

I came back to the place I worked and later I read the newspaper. One person from my city went for some work in that area. To go back home, he went to the same place. I walked on Saturday morning while he walked on Monday morning.

The newspaper reported that he perished in the landslide and his dead body was fished from the neighboring country.

That was over sixteen years ago. I Believe.... and God does the rest.


I Believe writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a story or essay that begins with the sentence: I believe _______ (finish the sentence). Maximum word count: 1,000.

This is a true story. The real story is quite long but I have condensed it to 995 words as stipulated by FS. Many times we have doubts but I request those who read this story to believe - to believe in God.
Mark.9:24 ...Lord I believe; help my unbelief.
John.9:38 Then he said, "Lord, I believe!" And he worshipped Him.
Photo - Landslide in Meghalaya.
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