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A story about some of the snakes in my house.

Snakes in my House

by Sandra Barlow

Snakes are always in my House

Some people are terrified of snakes. Thank Goodness I am not. Some are even terrified of spiders and one day I will tell you a very amazing and weird story about a particular spider. But this story is about snakes.

I started to build my house 39 years ago. It has been a slow process. Of course I had help. I used to ring a man and say, “help! I can’t manage this beam”, or some other thing and he would come, sometimes with his son and I’d pay him $20 an hour for him and his son: Can’t get one person for that now.

Once my baby,  Quaelyn, was born, everything slowed right down, as I was homeschooling my other daughter as well. I had a roof on, a kitchen with no ceiling and a bathroom with a ceiling, but no front or back door, so snakes, deadly and non-venomous, came in and out as they pleased.

Even with a front door and a laundry door, snakes manage to get in with ease. After all, it is their home as well.
Since I moved into the old family room, as I gave my daughter the master bedroom, I do not have a door on my room, only a flimsy curtain for privacy. Snakes can come in at their pleasure. My daughter stood on a deadly small-eyed black snake not long ago, in my bedroom. It wrapped itself around her leg and she shook it off. It slithered away and has never been seen since.

I mainly get pythons and brown tree snakes, aka night tigers. I have two snake catching sticks and I am the chief snake catcher. I only turf them out when they are a nuisance.  One python came into my kitchen every day for about six months, curled up on my bench in the kitchen, in the same place every day: That’s it there in the photograph. It would stay for about four hours and leave. I don’t like finding poisonous snakes in my bed, or even on my bed, but in my room is bearable. I have a torch so I don’t tread on any. I did tread on a brown tree snake. I thought it was an extension cord. It wrapped itself around my leg, up to my thigh. My friend was walking behind me and told me that it was a snake, not an extension cord.

I was bitten by a large python. I had to lever it off my foot with an umbrella: My foot had swollen up twice its normal size and I was in excruciating pain. I had acupuncture the following day and the swelling was down by dusk: Wonderful acupuncture.

Another python ate my beautiful cat, Billymadoo. That is a story in itself. I have a lot of snake stories.



I have lived with snakes ever since I bought this property 42 years ago.
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