Biographical Poetry posted October 10, 2021

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His heart was clear to see once his true colors came thru!

Not Deceived by you not any more

by Melodie Michelle

You come back into my life
With all of these apologizes
Of violence in our past
Trying to convince me, you've changed.

My gut had you on hold
I allowed you to think
I had forgiven you but in all actuality
I was waiting for that first
shoe to drop.

That mask you wore
Came off very soon
You couldn't even hold it on
for any amount of time, not even
to fake me out.

You're fakeness showed through
The good deeds and words
You came at me with
At the very first when you returned.

If that weren't the case,
You'd have never been able
to mouth off to me
Not in that way, so petty.

I guess you lied about paying
for the divorce as well,
It's ok I never truly believed you
Why you say, because life taught me
to never believe anyone who disgraced me by hurting me with violence.

So although I forgave you once you came back,
I never forgot to put you and keep you
on the back burner as someone
who saw me as naught ...

*Never trust a man who hit you to get your attention or to handle you because he is not a man but a coward! - Melodie Michelle

My husband that I truly shouldn't have married, came back around once his sentenced was served for assault family violence. He told me he'd quit drinking and he told me several times he was sorry for hurting me. I forgave him but kept him, emotionally at a distance because I learned long ago to never trust anyone who hurt you in anger, no matter what!

It wasn't two weeks his true colors came out for the world to see. I had no doubt they would because I could still see he was not real, even now with promising to pay for our divorce and helping me financially, etc... It was overkill but I let him talk, knowing he's hang himself soon but it was way sooner than later!
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