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Moving around...

A chapter in the book My Life

From North Dakota to Montana

by aryr

An ongoing adventure, we have been full time RVers since 2013 when I retired from nursing.
Okay, two days ago in the rain, it being Sunday, we travelled from Bismarck, North Dakota to Billings, Montana. The rain continued to increase just as we were about to cross into Montana. We found an RV park the other side of Billings, 32 miles to be precise. After initially setting up we took the Smart car into Billings to pick up a much-needed piece of equipment so we could charge it overnight.

Jim's former worker was not all that reliable and thankfully decided to quit rather than botch the job up further. Well, enough said about that!

When we arrived at the RV park, where we had stayed before, a couple of years ago, we were surprised that the park had accrued more animals.

Last time, the dog was still here, but was now an indoor dog due to the fact that he was now blind. I remembered the owners telling me not to pet his head or face because that I believe would definitely be trouble for me. The other dog died last year; he was older than this one and I think this one is about fifteen now.

There are three park cats-two adults and a small grey kitten. I think someone took in the kitten, but the two adults roam free. Also, there are two black cats that tend to roam as well. They and a third cat, which I have not seen, belong to the camper in the first spot in the third row. The smaller black cat is called Binkz and the larger one is called Savage and he likes to climb-fences, roof tops and trees.

We are in the fourth row about half-way down but you can't miss the camper, which is a lengthy one at 46 feet, nor the tiny little white Smart car or the large converted semi with which we tow. The Smart car we call 'Little One', the truck is called 'The Big Assed Red Truck' from the previous owner and is red with custom yellow flames. The camper is just home for us.

We have a fellow worker in our row but the third one down. They are in a coach with a towed car. Then after the 31st of October, since the KOA in Billings will close one other couple will move to the first row for a few days.

Now according to the park owners they did have two goats but now only have one. He is rather large, chocolate brown in color, very friendly and just wanders around the park. His condo is fenced around in the back yard where he goes at night. He goes by the name of 'Mert', I think originally they had a male 'Mert' and a female 'Gert', now it is just 'Mert'. He answers to his name and seems to trot up to you. Yesterday, he was lying on his mat outside the office when he decided to chew on my clogs; the strap bolt caught his attention, lol. The owner said that because he only had lower teeth and they were really short he could still nip one. Fortunately, he became not interested a short time after he discovered them.

Thank goodness it is cooler because the park is also known for rattlesnakes and several notices are around if one is walking in the long grass. Whew!!!

Okay, until our next adventure...

Our ongoing adventure as we travel. We have been from Florida on the east coast to Maine, the central area from Texas to the northern states, Arizona and New Mexica and who knows where when we finish this project.
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