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Someone New Enters

A chapter in the book The End

Native Medicine

by Sherry Asbury

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

In the last chapter, Lancelot was found in the kitchen by Sinee - he was on his back and she thought he was dead.

Sinee's screams were heard throughout the Haven, she hadn't known how to put the pod on mute to soundproof it. She knelt by her dog and fainted.

Lucas was the first through into the kitchen and found Sinee in a dead faint, but he wasn't sure what was wrong with Lancelot. He went to Sinee first and managed to rouse her. She sat up and the first thing she saw was her little dog and nearly passed out again. Great huge tears began to spill from her eyes and sobs racked her body. "Lancelot, oh, God, he's dead."

Someone came into the pod after the hatch was locked open. The man knelt by the dog and began palpating his little chest. "Someone has poisoned this little guy..."

Lucas and Sinee looked at the man and said at the same time, "Who are you?"

"I am Jericho of the Anishinabe Ojibwe...pardon my intrusion, but I heard the girl's screams."

He was a very young man dressed in buckskin pants and a flannel hoodie.

Lucas jumped to his feet and took out a small pistol from somewhere in his jacket..."You just hold it right there, guy."

"I am not a bloodthirsty Indian after your woman. I want to help the little dog."

"Lucas, please - put that thing away. He said he wants to help Lancelot - and I'm sure every second counts."

"Please, go ahead, Jericho. How did you know he was still alive?" Sinee asked.

"I am a tribal paramedic, I could feel a slow heartbeat and tiny respirations. Do either of you know what substance he was fed?"

"What?" Lucas asked.

Sinee was getting angry with the delay. "That green stuff, for God's sake - do you know, Lucas?"

While Lucas took time shaking his head, Jericho was retrieving a bag that apparently held some medical supplies. He took a length of sterile tubing from a plastic bag and a bottle of some kind of liquid, which he upended over the tube...sliding in down the dog's throat slowly. When there was no response Jerico began light depressions of the pup's stomach. After what seemed like an hour Lancelot regurgitated the contents of his stomach with a loud burp.

"Oh, thank God. Jericho, will he be all right?"

Lucas walked over and made to pick Lancelot up, but Jericho stopped him. "I still have some things I need to do before he can be handled."

Lucas bristled and moved away. His eyes were hot with resentment. "Look, that dog knows me and he don't know you..."

At that moment Tony Wharton ran into the room and looked around wildly. "What the hell is going on here? Whoa - who are you, injun joe?"

Sinee threw Tony a dirty look and jumped in. "Tony, I don't allow talk like that in my home or in my presence!"

"Well, missy, we don't cater to people like that." He pointed a long arm at Jericho, who silently tended to Lancelot.

Sinee was so furious she couldn't speak. She looked at Jericho who gave her a signal to let it go.

Jericho said, "You are mistaken, Lucas, this little guy, and my tribe know each other well."

Meanwhile, a flood of men with weapons drifted into the pod, looking to Tony Wharton for direction. Tony smirked and said, "Looks like you are outnumbered, move it."

In the hatchway appeared several Native American men and their leader said, "Maybe it is you, Wharton, who is tribe is right outside - all of them, paleface."

"Excuse me, excuse us, please..." That voice sounded familiar and Sinee's heart filled with hope

YES, it was Hitcher and her mother. "Mommy, Daddy - please come in before something awful happens."

Hitcher was dressed in some kind of official-looking regalia and looked in charge and splendid.

There was a television-like display that came on suddenly, startling everyone except her parents, who looked raptly at the screen. On the screen was Protean, Andrew Saginaw...the highest power of any man in officialdom. He spoke:

"I come to you today to make clear the objective of our pod system and Havens, such as #5. It is imperative that we have peace among us as there is a great danger that may be awakened by discord and the need of some to feed their egos.

"This is the law: Hitcher is Magistrate in direct succession to me. His word is that which shall define all directives and decisions." Tony Wharton began to speak, overriding Saginaw.

"But, great Leader, I was told I was in charge in this Haven...

Saginaw's voice raised many decibels as he proclaimed: "You, blithering were told you were in charge...CHARGE, not control of the canteen...period. Now pack your belongings, and only what you came with, and nomad it!"

Wharton stood in shock and when he did not move, soldiers appeared and escorted him out of Sinee's pod.

No one else moved except Jericho, who was still tending to Lancelot.

"And, now my dear niece, Sinee," The girl did not move a muscle, frightened, and not knowing if she was really his niece...Hitcher had been secretive about much of his life. "I know this comes as a surprise to you, but your father and I needed it to be that way. I am proud of you and want you to know how happy I am that you are such a sensible and loving girl. Oh, look there, my nephew Jericho has little Lancelot up."

Sure enough, Lancelot bounded, clearing the mess of his stomach on the floor. He ran right to Sinee and jumped up to doggie kiss her. "Oh, boy - yuch...that was pukey!! But Jericho had cleared everything with some sort of minty drink and even doggie kisses were sweet.

To keep the interest of any wonderful readers, and because I am always dreaming, we have shifts in the story and characters. I hope the story will still be enjoyable!
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