Satire Fiction posted May 8, 2022

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Wizard of OS

by Debi Pick Marquette

Truth Sensor Contest Winner 

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

There's a new election ~ to censor socialism in the land
Vote for a new wizard ~ and help them take a stand
The four candidates ~ could make this cutthroat
Now pay close attention ~ so you know how to vote

First is the incumbent ~ a scarecrow they call Joe
He easily forgets ~ everything he didn't know
Approval rate is down ~ yet he doesn't have a clue
A brain made of straw ~ how's he to know what to do?

A tin woman named Kami~ is next to toss the quarter
Didn't do her last job right~ of checking on OS border
She laughs till she cries ~ and eventually starts to rust
Should you really pick ~ a tin woman you can't trust?

A cowardly lyin guy ~ a hunter by trade
He'll do most anything ~ as long as he gets paid
You say you lost your laptop ~ then get a new iPad
Seems to have more courage ~ when he hides behind his dad

The candidate named Nancy ~ some say that she is bitchy
And other voters think ~ that she's actually more witchy
A new girl just flew in ~ and raised a couple brows
Now Nancy's only speaking ~ from the bottom of the house

The house Dorothy flew~ must have weighed a ton
It woke up all the people ~ so that none of these four won
The munchkins vote Dorothy in ~ and suddenly rejoice
Their flag is safe again ~ and the world will hear their voice

Socialism's wrong ~ eliminates the middle class
Keep the voter's rights ~ and the lefts out on their...grass
The munchkins of OS ~ are little people standing tall
Dorothy represents the flag ~ and liberty for all


Truth Sensor
Contest Winner


Write a political fiction satire on censorship, using recent news material. Please save humorless partisan rants for the political forum; this contest is a chance to flex your wit. Poetry or prose.

This was only meant to show humorous wit as the munchkins are trying to censor corruption in their land. Familiarizing characters was only used to try to make it more witty, and in no way do I mean this to be ranting, only fun hints of free speech, politics, as most of the recent news material is regarding the approval rating of upcoming elections in our own lives. Obviously this is complete fiction and is not meant to offend anyone.
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