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As far as it takes

A chapter in the book Charm

A promise of revenge

by Anne-Marie brison

I stumble back, my body num with shock and disbelief even as a burning pain slices across my chest.

Snow White catches me as I fall, cradling me to her chest. Dark shadows hem my vision as I hear her say,
"The blood you share binds you together."
She exhales powerfully, as if some weight had been lifted from her shoulders.
"Thank you, Charm. Because of you, the Evil Queen will never hurt me again."

Then, darkness.

I had woken in the icy cell, my wrists in chains and my body heavy with shame and hatred. Anger warming me from the inside out.

My mother was there, terrible rage rolling off her in waves. For the moment I was glad of the snowflakes repelling mother's magic. But she didn't need magic to punish me, she could do that just as well with her words.

Two years passed slowly, and still my mother seethed. Not that I could blame her. Once upon a time, she had been a queen. Now she was a prisoner.

Over time, the burning pain in my chest had lessened into a dull, hollow ache, mingling with the utter hopelessness I felt deep within me.

Until a month ago, when the dreams started.

I dream I'm in a dark room with a single candle burning red in the center. From the candle comes a voice that speaks to the monster in me, giving me something I never thought I could have.

The promise of revenge.

And a way out. If I was willing to go that far.

Was I?


I opened my eyes, my hands relaxed and opened at my side, my head cool. I knew what I needed to do.

I would not hesitate. Not this time.

I turn, striding purposefully to where my mother sat, her back against the wall, hands folded primly in her lap. Her jaw tightened in anger as she watched me through half closed eyes.

"What? Have you come to apologize for ruining my life?"

Anger spiked through me, I struggled to keep my breathing even.

"Are you going to grovel again? Begging me to forgive you for your stupidity?"

I breathe deeply, remembering the voice and latching on to the hope it offered. I lifted my chin, meeting her steely gaze with my own.

"I don't need your forgiveness anymore, mother. Just your Essence."

My hand shot out, wrapping around her wrist and murmuring the spell I learned in my sleep.

Her body went limp, eyes rolled back in her head. The wrist I held burned with purple light as her power and strength flowed from her to me, her wisdom and experience, her very life essence leaving her body and entering mine.

I let go of her wrist and she slumps lifeless to the frozen floor. I step back, the chains fall from my wrists. My body buzzes with power.

The snowflakes fell harder, trying to suppress the dark magic building within me.

It didn't work.

I guess Snow White wasn't as great as she had supposed.

I grinned and flicked my wrist. The ice walls shattered, jagged icicles crashing down around me. I crouch down, covering my head with my arms.

It was over soon. A glittering sea of icicles gave way to shadowy chamber made of stone, several doors carved in the walls, leading off into the gloom.
I wade through the ice, stepping into the chamber.

I would have my revenge.

I would find my heart and kill Snow White.

And I would have my happy ending, and right now, that was Snow White's heart on spit.

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