General Fiction posted June 21, 2022

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Sandpaper People

by Janet Foor

I meet sandpaper people wherever I go.
When I’m shopping or walking or out to a show.
In the park, in the dark, by the gold gingko tree.
They ask questions, make comments, oh please let me be.

There are some things they do that just drive me insane.
and I wish that they all would leave on the next train. 
Now it may be that yours are much diff’rent than mine.
You see mine think that they have to be right ev’ry time.
They will challenge some facts that I know to be true.
Makes me think that they all might belong in a zoo.
They will gush and they’ll fuss and they make me see red.
There are times that I wish I could go back to bed.
Now they love using words that could demoralize.
Some I think even Webster would not recognize.
I have words for them too, but they’re words I don’t use.
If I did, you might say I’d have cooked my own goose.   
I have watched those same people be sick'ningly sweet –
Though their words at first blush can be found a great treat.
While some others are harsh and demand their own way.
We all know that an ass likes to hear himself bray.

Now, I feel better....


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Sandpaper is a wonderful implement to smooth out the rough edges of a piece of wood but if you use the sandpaper against the grain of the wood, the abrasive material will only make the surface rougher.

Anapestic tetrameter is a rhythm well suited for comic verse, and prominent examples include Clement Clarke Moore's "A Visit from St. Nicholas". When used in comic form, anapestic tetrameter is often highly regular, as the regularity emphasizes the breezy, melodic feel of the meter.

Typically the 3rd syllable is stressed as in:
Twas the NIGHT before CHRISTmas when ALL through the HOUSE.

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