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A short story about reforming a pervert...

The Witch Watcher

by christianpowers

If you like this you really must read Joann R Romei's part two to this story. Just click on her name in the 'view ratings' section for this story and attack that sequel. You will not regret it. She wrote 'me' better than I can.... have fun.

Their ritual was always the same. There were twelve of them, dressed in hooded robes. They'd arrive in this clearing a few minutes before midnight to stack wood, set it ablaze and form a circle around it.

Then, after a lot of strange chanting, the woman they called 'Mother Priestess' recited a long-winded prayer to a pagan Goddess named Hecate. Then came the good part. Once the Mother Priestess shut the hell up, they'd all shed their robes and dance naked around the fire.

I'd been back dozens of times to try and see this, but this was only the third time I'd been lucky enough to be here when they showed up. The first time I only watched. The second time I did have a camera, but it was way too dark for that cheap piece of junk to see anything.

I guess three times really was a charm. As the Mother Priestess shut up and they finally shed their robes, I was delighted to see their itinerary hadn't changed.

After hiking up here so many times at night, hoping they'd show, I turned a good camera on them and began recording all their crazy naked witch shit on a video.

Several months earlier, my finding that clearing had been a lucky accident.

The grassy field stood at the top of a hill surrounded by thick woods. The woods, in turn, were surrounded by the junction of two main highways and the huge circular loop, serving as an on-ramp from one highway to the other.

The whole plot of land sat in the middle, cut off from any conventional access and untouched by civilization even though thousands of cars and trucks passed by it on all sides every day.

On the night of my discovery, my car had broken down right at the halfway point on that huge on-ramp. My cell phone had died, and because it was after midnight and very dark, I decided to take a hike right over the wooded hill to get back to one of the main highways.

It seemed a safer prospect than walking the shoulder of that on-ramp in the dark. I didn't want to get hit by a car, and, having been a hunter my whole life, I was used to walking through woods at night.

I cut a path with my machete through thick foliage and made my way up through the dense forest all the way to the top of the hill. I was surprised to find a clearing there, and even more surprised to see a fire burning in the center, but the twelve naked women dancing around it really got my attention.

I watched them from the edge of the clearing until they finished their ritual, and then followed them down a winding path in the woods on the far side of the hill.

They left the cut-off area through a dry, six-foot high drainage tunnel that ran beneath the entire width of one of the main highways. The tunnel let out on a back road on the other side where all their cars were parked.

As I watched those ladies change clothes, becoming teachers, secretaries or soccer moms and taking off in their Volvos, I knew I'd be back to see them again.

Not only would it make great porn, I needed the rest of the world to see this.

As I kneeled behind a bush shooting the video, I wondered if they were all drunk or on drugs. The way they completely got into dancing without music or any sounds at all seemed a bit too freaky for anyone sober.

The one I called 'Red' was my favorite.

Sure, I liked all of them. Their Mother Priestess was a little older, probably in her late thirties, but she was still hot. And even the one I nicknamed 'Chubby' had her moments, mostly due to large knockers.

There were a bunch of very hot young beauties in that group, but none of the other girls could compare to my Red.

Her ghostly pale skin showed up the best, bright orange from firelight with silver highlights from the moon. Since I only ever saw these girls at night, Red, with her bright skin, always stood out, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

She was stunning.

Every move she made exuded sexuality. Her long red hair swept wildly around her as she danced. At times, the firelight or moonlight reflected in her eyes, illuminating her gaze as if she were some strange mythological creature, an angel, a demon or a succubus, those demonic spirits that take the form of outrageously beautiful women so they can seduce and devour men.

I'd happily let Red devour me.

Tits and ass filled my video camera. High-powered zoom, high definition with super low-light digital enhancement, I'd gotten all the options on it necessary for this. Damn thing cost way too much, but, as Red danced naked around that fire moving like the evil temptress she was, I knew it would be worth every penny.

This video would go viral and I could not wait to get home, edit it and upload it. I'd be famous.

I zoomed in on the group.

Seeing all their faces and naked bodies up close for the very first time aroused me. I also noticed they weren't completely naked after all. Every girl wore a thick leather choker on her neck, each with a large medallion engraved with different symbols.

There were a few different kinds of pentacles, a crescent moon and some other symbols I couldn't recognize.

Red wore an Egyptian ankh on her choker. I zoomed in so close I could even see one side of her ankh symbol was worn with age, like on an old coin or artifact.

Seeing her face up close for the very first time, I fell even more in love with her. The enhanced video showed up like daylight, and she was beautiful. I kept the camera trained on her, waiting for her to come around so I could get a straight shot of her face again.

When she seemed to be looking straight at me, I used the still photo feature, and snapped a picture.

The damned flash on my camera lit up the forest.

The whole coven of witches stopped dancing and looked in my direction, as if my flash had knocked them out of a spell.

On my camera's view screen, the shock on their faces turned to rage. I closed the camera, stuffed it in my backpack, got up and headed into the forest.

That's when I heard their Mother Priestess scream, "He's filmed us! Hunt him down and drag him back alive!"

I hadn't expected such an ominous reaction, but I didn't move much faster despite her orders to the coven.

I think I actually chuckled.

Remember, this was nothing but a bunch of naked women. I sort of liked the idea of them catching me. Furthermore, I was moving downhill through a thick forest at night. Not an easy task.

And, since I wasn't afraid of them at all, I took my sweet time. I continued to slowly shuffle along the crude path I'd cut, back down the hill to where my car waited for me parked on the shoulder of the on-ramp.

Then I heard the dogs.

Where the hell they'd gotten dogs I didn't know, but it scared the crap out of me. From the howling and barking it sounded like a whole damn pack coming my way.

Slightly more than nervous, I used my flashlight, and scrambled down the hill as fast as I could go, the sound of dogs on the hunt getting closer every second.

When I broke from the trees, I heard a hideous growl speeding down the path behind me less than twenty yards back.

I sprinted to the car with that angry hound on my heels as incentive, but just as I opened my driver's door it caught me. Its jaws clamped down hard on my ass.

I shrieked in pain, kicked the dog and wrenched my ass out of its teeth, at least most of it. I'd prudently decided to leave a good-sized chunk of ass cheek with the dog.

Diving into the car, I slammed the door shut before it could bite off anything else.

The beast attacked, barely stopped by the car door's shatter-proof glass, fangs bared, snarling and barking less than a foot away from my face.

Its breath fogged the window, as bloody drool spattered the glass.

I sat there trying to breathe and staring at it. Its eyes were illuminated by the moonlight, and a leather collar on its neck bore a familiar medallion, an Egyptian ankh, one side of it worn with age.

The rest of the pack converged on my car, growling, barking and searching for a way inside.

With trembling hands, I found my keys and started the car. I put it in drive and floored it, screeching off and leaving the pack of howling wolves far behind me.

I haven't been back to spy on the witches. Hell, I haven't even gotten up the nerve to watch the video I made, never mind posting it online.

Even though Red looked like a beautiful woman, I can't get beyond the suspicion she may, in reality, be something else, something quite different.

As crazy as it sounds, I suspect Red is the same vicious bitch that bit off a huge chunk of my ass. I know I said I'd happily let her devour me, but give me a break. I never really thought that through.

Sometimes I get the urge to watch that video, but I'm afraid if I see her naked ass it might have a tail attached and that always spoils the mood.


If you liked this you really must read Joann R Romei's part two to this story. Just click on her name in the 'view ratings' section for this story and attack that sequel. You will not regret it. She wrote 'me' better than I can.... have fun.
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