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This is Ozzy

Sixteen Dogs: Ozzy

by CR Delport

A lot of people say a dog is just a dog, but in my house, they are family. I have a rather big family, so in this series, I’ll introduce you to each furry member. In the previous posts, you met Angel, Chester, Snootie, and Chappie. Now it is time for the next.
Like Chappie, Ozzy belonged to our previous landlord. We’ve been told that Chappie is Ozzy’s mother, but he looks nothing like her. He used to be a dirty, stringy thing that sat in the driveway next door, and barked at everything. I thought he was the most annoying dog in the world.
Whenever I came home from work, he always greeted me in the driveway. I would play with him for a few minutes, and then we both went our separate ways.
When the landlord moved, they left him behind. He sat outside our yard as he watched them drive away. I was standing at our gate at the time. He looked so sad and lost. When he turned around and gave me that sad look, I almost started to cry.
I opened the gate and called him. Without hesitation, he ran into our yard and jumped into my arms. He was very dirty, stringy, and was covered with ticks and fleas. We gave him a bath and brushed out his hair.
He looks something that resembles a Maltese, and I must admit, when he is groomed, he is a handsome guy. I was scared to introduce him to the rest of the pack. He was such a noise maker before, and always acted like the place belonged to him.
To my surprise, I found that he was actually a big chicken and a cry baby. He yelps when the other dogs just look at him. But he soon found his place in the pecking order, and seem quite happy with it.
At night, I give each dog a marshmallow as a treat. If I take too long, or forget, Ozzy is the one that will come and sit next to me, and then barks to get my attention. If I ask him what, he will proceed to tell me in no uncertain terms that it is marshmallow time.
He spend most of his day sleeping on my bed. Even when all the other dogs run outside to play, he wants no part of that. When I get home from work, he still demands his five minutes of play, and then he goes back to sleep, until it is time for his marshmallow.


Unfortunately Ozzy is very camera shy and I can't get a decent picture of him. This one will have to do.
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