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This is Nikita

Sixteen Dogs: Nikita

by CR Delport

A lot of people say a dog is just a dog, but in my house, they are family. I have a rather big family, so in this series, I'll introduce you to each furry member. In the previous posts, you met Angel, Chester, Snootie, Chappie, Ozzy, and, Elliot. Now it is time for the next.

Shortly after we got Elliot, we were looking at getting a second puppy to be raised as a guard dog. I wanted a Rottweiler or Alsatian. I found this add in the paper for a Rottweiler-Alsatian cross, and phoned immediately. I was informed there was only one puppy left, so we jumped into the car and headed to the address provided.

Once we arrived at the place, I saw the puppy. It looked nothing like an Alsatian or a Rottweiler. I asked to see the parents, but conveniently the parents were not on site. At first, I didn't want the puppy because it wasn't what I was looking for, but while I held her, she desperately clung to me.

She had several scars over her tiny body, including a big gash above her one eye. Her eyes pleaded with me and it broke my heart. I couldn't leave her there. In the car on the way back, she kept licking our faces, as if to say thank you for taking her away from a horrible place.

At first, she was scared of our other dogs, but she learned that she didn't have to fight for her food, and that nobody was going to take it away from her. Soon, she was accepted in the pack and became best friends with Elliot.

When Nikita was three months old, I stumbled over another dog that was lying in the hallway, and stepped on Nikita's leg as she ran underneath me as my foot came down. I heard the snap as her leg broke. I was so upset with myself and cried a bucket of tears. Later, after her leg was treated and splinted, she lay next to me and licked my face as if to say that she wasn't upset with me.

When Nikita was a year old, besides our efforts to keep her and Elliot apart, she fell pregnant. I was scared that she wouldn't look after the pups because she was so young, but she turned out to be a wonderful mother to four healthy puppies.

She is now four, and if you look very closely, you can see some traces of Alsatian in her, but there is still no sign of any Rottweiler. She is not even a second cousin twice removed, but we still love her.

Nikita turned out to be a good guard dog, and if someone strange is around, will bark and make sure I notice that there is an intruder. She loves to cuddle, and enjoys her marshmallow every evening. She will always have a special place in my heart.

Another of our family members :)
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