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Gender Identity Entry


by Amy Greta

     More than nine million children die every year,
with disease being the number one cause of death.
Lack of health care, proper nutrition, clean water,
adequate shelter, and sanitation facilities lead to
children losing their lives. 
     Parents of these children would not be able to
comprehend the depth of our concern about who
uses which restroom, as they don't have access to
toilets or sinks.

     They would be beyond appreciative for running
water and a means to properly cleanse and excrete.
I can imagine they would share those precious facilities
without considering gender identity.
     The most common causes of childhood death in the
U.S. are car accidents, injuries and suicides. Some of those
suicides are due to young people feeling trapped in a body in
which they don't identify. They feel unwanted and misunderstood.
They are slapped in the face with stigma, and tormented 
by scared and narrow minded bullies.
     People should be able to relieve themselves without
feeling confused, judged or shameful. It's excruciatingly
painful to feel trapped, and everyday can be a struggle
for someone who doesn't fit in.
     Let the restroom issue REST. Accompany your
children if you are worried. Teach your kids how to be safe.
Appreciate that you can rid of your waste with a simple
flush, as millions cannot. Above all, treat people with kindness
no matter their beliefs.

Are Genetics Pathetic? writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
You can write a short story or poem about why or why not a transgender can share the same restroom with a sex they were not born as and or why it is okay to change being male or female or why it isn't. The committee will not be monitoring as I have chose to do so. Please don't be scared to stand your ground either way as this is anonymous.

The fact that this issue is controversial seems ridiculous, and it's as if people didn't think it through.

1. I never let my kids go to a public restroom alone; anyone can violate someone in a closed space regardless of gender. AND anyone can be a Peeping Tom, drill holes through walls, put a mirror on the end of a cane and look up skirts. Gender identity has no correlation to invasion of privacy.

2. If my daughters (now teens) saw what they thought was a man walk into the female restroom because he was born female...THAT would scare them and make them feel unsafe.

3. My adult son has a friend born male and is now female via hormones but not via surgery. She went into the men's room and was literally threatened at knife point and was traumatized. She doesn't feel she's supposed to use the women's room (even though she looks female) so now she doesn't go out, which has triggered depression and a suicide attempt.

People's fear of diversity is fueling this issue, in my opinion.

With all that being said, THANK YOU for creating the prompt.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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