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Move Over Boys! New Girl In Town!

No Girls Allowed! You're Joking?

by country ranch writer

I remember.. Those days of no one but boys growing up were allowed to ride in any type of rodeo. Those days are gone forever!

Oh! Yeah, "You heard that announcement loud and clear!" No, mistaken that announcer.
Proud parent if I ever heard one. Lizzy was entered along with her cousins in the barrel racing this year. Also during the other competitions Lizzy was going to try her hand at a little cowboy roping tie down with her dad. Her dad was always so patient with her making sure she never got hurt if he could help it.

Lizzy was the only girl in the family of five boys. Her dad was always given her ego a boost. Never letting the boys take the limelight away from her. The boys had to admit she had it going on when it came to tie-down roping. They were so proud of their sister and no one got closer to her without going through them when it came to dating their sister. The boys got the old," I hope your plans are honorable towards my kid sister routine."

She has had her ups and down growing up, but she never shed a tear. At least when the guys were around anyways.
Lizzy was so little she was like the mascot of the family, she had a smile for everyone and encouraged all her friends to never give up.

Lizzy could ride since the age of two, her first horse was her rocking horse, then her stick horse, them by five she had her own horse. He was a palomino she got him from a horse auction.

Her uncle Mike doted on her and told her to pick out her own horse and that is the one she pointed out to him in the ring. Back then twenty five dollars was a lot of money. Lizzy promised uncle Mike she would feed his hunting dogs for two straight years while they stayed at the farm. True to her word she did just that.

When Lizzy hit high school, she had several accomplishments under her belt and everyone was very proud of her. She grew up and went on to college . That's when things began to change in Lizzy's life and where she ran into a dear friend of hers.

Slater got her interested in helping out in the summers at his camp for the handicapped children. They opened Slater's ranch up and had rodeos for regular weekends. They had special lessons for handicapped kids on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. The kids sure blossomed under his direction.
Lizzy was an inspiration all by herself. No one was aware; she herself was disabled. She was in a horrible accident caused by a drunk driver. She was just nineteen at the time, she was crossing the road to go to the café. As she was going across the street to get some coffee, and a bite to eat; the man ran the red light and hit her; he kept on driving.

He never once looked back or to stop to render aid. He was swerving all over the road reached then ran the next stop light and went through down the hill. Lost to ones vision after that. They were able to get the tag number and the make of the truck and description of the teen driver. He had an ugly scar on his drunken face and a sneer to match.

A man called the paramedics and ran to help her;all-while on the phone to them. He kept her alive. He was just going into the café himself, when he heard the screech of brakes and her cries for help. He couldn't believe the man didn't stop to render aide at all. Thank goodness for him. Being at the right time and the right place to save her life. He was an off duty cop and if he could have gotten hold of the guy he probably would have killed him on the spot. She lie there like a crumpled doll no signs life till she took his hand. Tears streaming down her face she said, to him, "don't let me die!" before she passed out.

Her determination to keep going saved her life. That and the love of her horse never leaving her side.

Uncle Mike built a stall just outside of Lizzy's window so the horse would be out of the weather. The horse watched over her night and day. It didn't matter if it was rain or shine he was there whinnying to her softly.
Lizzy had to learn to walk all over again and to use the muscles that were lying dormant while she was in a coma. It took her two years to get back up on her feet but she did it and it was the happiest day of everyone's life.

The man who saved her life kept tabs on her and was so happy she made it back to do what she loved to do. Especially when she rode across the arena after making her first barrel run in years. She caught him watching in the crowd and waved the ribbon at him showing it to him. She was back where she belonged.

Slater and Lizzy wed in the summer of 1962 and it is sad to say they have both passed on. Sadly they had no children to pass their legacy onto. Health issues took their toll on them from this they would not awake. She died in her sleep from complications. The doctors said," He died of a broken heart the next day".

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I remember brings back memories when I used to go to rodeos when I was younger.
Love works in mysterious ways also when one loves another. Whether it be all living things or each other.
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