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Cupcakes for Howie

by pome lover

The Enjoyment of Eating! Contest Winner 

Andi, Homer and I decided we’d make cupcakes for Homer’s twin brother, Howie who was in the hospital.  Homer and I had never made any, but Andi said she’d made them many times. We got everything together, mixed it up and put them in the oven.  Joy, my yellow lab sat patiently, wagging her tail, waiting for a taste.

 When the cupcakes were ready we let them cool and started on the chocolate icing.  Andi had the beater going, and Homer said he wanted a turn.  Andi let him and we were standing there watching when he said, “I think that’s enough,” and lifted the beaters out with them still going! Icing went everywhere, the ceiling, cabinets, us, Joy . 

“Turn it off!  Turn it off!” Andi yelled.  We stared at each other in shock, then burst out laughing.  Icing was all over our faces, clothes, hair.  Joy looked like a Dalmation.

“What going on down there?” called Andi’s mother from upstairs.

“Nothing!”  we hollered at the same time, followed by  shushes and more laughter.   It took us forever to clean up.  I didn’t know it was possible for icing to get in so many places.  We had to get the ladder to clean off the ceiling.  Some icing was all in the cabinet hinges and no telling where else.  I took Joy outside and hosed her off while Andi and Homer iced the cupcakes.

We went outside to eat ours and sat in the grass. One of us would burst out laughing and that would set us off again.  Picturing the shock on Homer’s face as the icing flew all over everywhere will crack me up for days.  It was truly awesome.  Cupcakes were good, too.


Writing Prompt
The enjoyment of eating! Yes, the contest entries can be about eating enjoyment, but they can also be about enjoyable times that happened while eating. Topic does not have to be addressed directly, but must be incorporated into piece. Readers should be able to laugh at the entries! Any type of submission, poetry, non-fiction, fiction, etc., is welcome. Works must be 300 words or less. Word count must be listed in author's notes.

The Enjoyment of Eating!
Contest Winner

thanks to Fran m for cupcake picture

293 words
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